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christie Brimberry

Car enthusiasts are well familiar to Aaron Kaufman and Richard Rawlings two big names associated with ‘Gas Monkey Garage’. Another person who is able caught attention from the garage is Christie Brimberry. She is an office manager and assistant to the owner of the garage Richard Rawlings.

Many know Christie as the pixie cut golden haired cool and sexy woman from the garage but few are familiar with her personal life details like her husband, children or family. As for the fact she is happily married to one of the staffs from the garage. We will bring you more information on her including cancer battle she has to go through.

Christie Brimberry married, husband

Christie Brimberry is happily married to a husband Daren Brimberry and has six children in the family.Daren is a talented hair stylist who lives with her and children in Texas. Further, Daren works in a Dallas based salon called “Muse The Salon

Christie Brimberry Husband Darren Brimberry
Caption: Christie Brimberry and her husband Daren Brimberry

What more a husband could wish than a loving wife and family. Christie shares an impressive relationship with Daren. Further, her love for Daren is well evident as she constantly talks about him and kids in social media. Also, she gets to work along with her husband as she revealed he is Richard’s hair dresser.“Fun fact. My husband is @RRRawlings hair dresser! #fastnloud.”Just like their relationship the duo are a perfectly matched couple which we can see in their photos together.

Daren Brimberry with wife Christie Brimberry

The pair hasn’t shared when or where they met, however, the duo has a love affair before they turn it into a marriage relationship. Also, they haven’t shared about their wedding day but a throwback picture from Christie shows how beautiful she looks in a wedding gown.

Christie Brimberry wedding
Caption: Beautiful Christie Brimberry looks astonishing in her wedding gown

The pair has been married for a long time and the relationship doesn’t seem to be fazed at all. It’s unlikely seeing this loving couple getting divorced anytime soon.

Christie was a divorcee before she married Daren, however, she is successful to conceal all the information regarding her previous husband.

Christie Brimberry Children

It is hard to believe this beautiful person is already a mother of six children. Her eldest son is Malik Grinage (born July of 1997) who is 20 years of age now. In 2014, Malik joined Birdville High School in Texas which he completed in 2016.

I am so proud @malikg_10 !! We made it!! I love you to the moon! #happytears

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Christie became a mom for the second time when she welcomed daughter Jordan Grinage (born 1999) two years after Malik was born. Jordan is all grown up now and has turned herself into a fine dancer. She also completed her high school from Birdville where she won “MA National Dance Championships 2016/17” as a part of a dance team.

So proud of my girls!!! We made it! I love you to the moon! #classof2017

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Jordan Grinage with her sister and mother while wearing a winners medal on her graduation day. According to Jordan’s Facebook page, she is sister to Abigale Grinage and Billie Modon.

I wouldn’t trade Saturday donuts with my baby for anything!!! Love this girl to the moon!!!

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Caption: Christie’s youngest daughter Marleigh Brimberry 

Christie Brimberry Tattoos

She is an Immense Tattoo lover and has inked her body with numbers of them. Her first Tattoo is drawn a little over right ankle which is her favorite one too. The Tattoo reminds her how stupid she was during her 18 which she told in Q&A.

“My favorite tattoo is my very first one. It is a constant reminder of how stupid I was when I was 18 years old. So it has to be my favorite. Not super smart, it’s probably the worst tattoo I’ve had, but it’s a constant reminder so I love it.”

Christie Brimberry tattoos
Caption: Christie shows her love for ink with several tattoos all over body

She has got a tattoo on her Right Sleeve which starts over her wrist covering whole right arms. Also, she has a tattoo surrounding her Belly Button and she has got more tattoos on her body. Likewise her right leg, she has got a tattoo on left too which starts little over the ankle and extends to the knee.

Christie Brimberry and cancer battle

In September of 2016, Christie was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. By the time it was detected it had already spread to at least one of the lymph node. Later in October, she had to go through the surgical procedure in which her thyroid, cluster of Lymph nodes and part of trachea was removed. In the process, nerve responsible for the voice was also cut with leaving her voiceless for months. After going through several surgeries she finally recovered from cancer and became able to speak.

She calls her final stage of treatment and recovery as the hardest part as she had to go through difficult treatment procedures at the same time being away from family.

“The last week has been one of the hardest so far, having to take radioactive treatment for my cancer and being isolated from my family for the week. However, it gave me a lot of time to reflect, which is something I don’t have time to do most of the time between kids, husband, work and life.”

Since then she has been an active advocate of thyroid cancer, raising awareness, asking other to check on time and constantly reminding others about this disease.

Salary And Net Worth

Being the cast of super famous discovery series “Fast N Loud” has helped her accumulate a certain amount of net worth. Her income isn’t limited to show only. She is office manager of ‘Gas Monkey Garage’. Also, she acts as an assistant to Richard Rawlings.  Her earning may not be like Aaron Kaufman or Richard Rawlings but she is also an impressive earner from the garage.There is not any official information on her salary and net worth. We estimate she has a net worth containing five to six figures.

Short Wiki Like Bio

Christie Brimberry was Born on  25, 1972, which makes her 45 years of age. She lives in Dallas, Texas where she also works. Christie refers herself as a “Zookeeper” of Gas Monkey Garage which she joined in the year 2012. She is happily married to Daren Brimberry and has six children in the family.

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