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Andy Bassich

The beauty of Alaska is appealing and we certainly would like to live and settle there. However, surviving in the winter when the temperature goes below minus 60 degrees and equally challenging summer is a tough task to ask. Andy Bassich lives like this in the far corner of Alaska. He lives an isolated life as his neighbors are cold creatures like Bears and Wolves. Thanks to his 37 sled dogs who are his truest friends and helps him survive along by Yukon River in Eagle, Alaska.

Andy Bassich is a TV personality known as the cast of documentary series Life Below Zero. Andy is a hard worker who chose Alaska and its lifestyle initially having a more comfortable life in Washington. Also, Andy is very good at making money out of living. He earns an impressive sum from National Geography TV show Life Below Zero. At the same time, he gets to keep earning from his real-life work.

If you wonder what it’s like living in Alaska then here is the picture of Andy Bassich Cabin.

Andy Bassich cabin Alska

As for Andy’s personal life, he is a divorcee after more than 10 years of marriage with fellow series cast Kate Bassich. Kate and Andy left the show, later Andy rejoined other casts. Get more information about this Alaskan in a wiki-like-bio beginning with his net worth.

Andy Bassich Net Worth

Andy Bassich has an estimated net worth around $200,000. He earns a yearly salary of $100,000 from the TV series LBZ. His other significant source of income is earning from survival and dog mushing school “Alaska Yukon Adventures“ which is nearby Yukon river. In past, Andy and his wife used to run the institution. Kate left Alaska for more fulfilled life so he alone takes care of the place. Customers are charged $2500.00 per person, per week, or couples $2000.00 per week where they can go for mushing expedition, learn about dog sledding and Alaskan adventure.

Andy Bassich married life with wife Kate Bassich & divorce

Like Andy, his wife Kate Rorke is not an Alaskan native. The pair met back in 2003 in Dawson City, Alaska. At the time, Andy worked as a Yukon riverboat captain while Kate came there as a tourist. The pair fell in love before getting married sometime later. They had a relationship which was going smoothly. The couple even intended living together for a very long time in Alaska.

Kate Bassich and Andy BassichCaption: Andy Bassich and his wife Kate Bassich

However, the relationship was not meant to last forever. In 2015, the couple publicly announced split in the episode of TV series Life Below Zero. After long and exhausting divorce hearing and settlement pair finally separated in 2016.

Andy and Kate stayed together fighting cold bone-chilling winters for more than 10 years.The relationship was never what it looked to be. She suffered mental and physical abuse from her husband for years. Despite constant never changing attitude she stood by Andy only to be disappointed. This is the sole reason for the pair to separate and eventually getting divorced.

Kate left her Alaskan home in Jan of 2015 since then she never returned. While Andy never set a foot away from his dream place and continue same hard-working lifestyle in Alaska.

Andy Bassich Family, Children

Andy is an educated man, he graduated from John F. Kennedy High. Juggling between family and dream Andy stuck with the family. Having a matured sister of marriage age, he halted his dream of moving to Alaska in order to continue the work as a carpenter, the job in which he excels, and saved money for the sister marriage. Andy’s grandmother encouraged him to live his dream in Alaska. Though Andy mentions about his family in rare interviews, he is yet to publicly share the name details. Similarly, there is no available information on his children too.

His Lifestyle

When Andy first arrived in Alaska he set foot on bare lands with his dreams and carpenter skills. Since then he is able to build a fine shelter and lifestyle from a scratch. Andy is a full package required for survival. During summer and fall, he prepares and collects food so that he will not have to set foot outside during hibernating days in winter. His survival skills include hunting, growing, and harvesting foods, brewing drinks.

Andy Bassich

Andy has to look after and feed his sled dogs. He basically feeds them with Salmon fish. During fall every year he catches thousand of those Salmons and prepares them and reserve as dog food. Also, he gathers garden supply which he cultivates in Summer season. Fall is his busiest period as this is his hunting season too.

Very short wiki like bio showing age

Andy Bassich is American reality TV series Life Below Zero main cast alongside fellow cast member Sue Aikens. Andy was born in the year 1958. Based on his birth year, makes him 59 years of age now.He grew up with his parents and sister in Wheaton, Maryland, USA.  Andy Bassich is an old school as he barely or never uses social media sites like facebook or twitter. After completing high school from John F. Kennedy High in 1976 he moved to Alaska four years later in 1980. As for now, he is living a dream life in his favorite place Alaska.

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