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Actress Carol Jones Bio, Parents, Husband, Married, Car Accident, Obituary

Carol Ann Jones is an American actress and playwright who is known nationally for her exceptional works and career. She is not a very big international star, so we doubt many people may not know about her and those who do know very less about her career and bio.

In this post, learn not just about Carol Jones career and net worth but also about her married life, husband, and children. Also, find out if the news of her car accident is real and her health condition.

Who is Carol Jones? Wiki, Bio, Age

Carol Jones is a nationally trendy actress, playwright, and director. She is an acclaimed local talent who has worked in many good movies like her most recent one ‘There’s Gotta be Something.’ Carol Jones in 64 years of age as calculated from her birth date of May 1, 1955. She was born in Red Wood City, California, USA.

Image of Director, Carol Jones

Director, Carol Jones

Carol Jones Net Worth

Carol Jones may not be a very well-established name for many people who are not interested in watching low-budget, short, local and critically relevant movies but in that specific genre of film, Carol Jones is a notable figure. She has done some astounding works both as an actress and playwright like her most recent role of a grieving widow in the movie ‘There’s Gotta be Something’ earned her the title of the Best Actress in a Short Film by the Golden State Film Festival.

Image of Actress, Carol Jones net worth is $400,000

Actress, Carol Jones net worth is $400,000

You might understand her status, even more, when you discover that she is estimated at an approximate net worth of about 400,000 dollars. As surprising as Carol Jones’ net worth may sound, the viewers of her work will agree that it is well deserved. Carol Jones massive net worth is the result of her equally surprising salary, which remains still under review.

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Apart from that Carol Jones has also worked in Knots Landing in 1979 and The Waltons in 1971. She was also the director of the 1984 film ‘The Best Man’ starring Academy Award nominee David Paymer.

Who is Carol Jones Married to? Meet Her Husband and Children

Carol Jones has been happily married to her husband Tony Potter since February 14, 1989. Jones’ Husband Tony Potter also makes many short films which you can watch on his Youtube Channel. Some of his movies are ‘La vie de pantomime,’ ‘The Monster,’ and ‘The Beastmaster.’

Image of Carol Jones with her husband Tony Potter

Carol Jones with her husband, Tony Potter

The couple through more than 30 years of their married life has kept their love secure probably because of their mutual interests and passion for films and acting. Carol Jones’ married life can be seen blossoming in her Facebook, where she frequently posts of all the different activities she and her husband, do together.

Recently they went to see the ‘Mean Girls’ play in New York featuring Tina Fey in April, and they joined the march for better education in LA in December last year. The couple together has five children, including William Porter.

William Porter seems to be the only one among their children who pursued the same career as his parents. Carol Jones is an actor and composer known for working in projects like Philosophical Punk, Jackie and Lori Sheedy, F*** You. He has also worked either as an actor or composer in his father’s short films ‘The Monster,’ and ‘La vie de pantomime.’ This is all we know about Carol Jones’ husband and children.

Carol Jones Parents: Father and Mother

Carol Jones was born to father James Jones and mother, Mary Jean Cunningham. Among her parents, her father was an Army Air Corps pilot in World War 2, and her mother was a teacher.

Carol Jones Car Accident: What happened to her and where is she now?

Carol Jones’ car accident is a widespread search result that appears when we search for Carol Jones. However, the internet is a high ground of a lot of rumors, especially about celebrity deaths. We looked into it and can confirm that the actress Carol Jones has nothing to do with a car accident of any sorts.

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She is alive and well but sadly the rumor was caused by the similar identity of another 50-year-old by the same. The Carol Jones, who passed away, was a Gardner resident from Chicago who died following a collision of her 2005 Dodge Durango with a 2016 GMC pickup truck. The crash claimed the poor woman’s soul while left three other hospitalized in May this year.

We pray for the departed Carol Jones but are glad that the actress Carol Jones is okay. She is currently enjoying life to the fullest with her husband, Tony, her successful career, and the rest of her friends and family.

Personal Life

Carol Jones leads a happy married life with Tony Potter now. However, she was previously engaged to another man Steve Paymer. Steve was the brother David Paymer who starred in ‘The Best Man,’ wrote it together with Steve. The film, of course, was directed by Carol, and while not much is known about their relationship, they were engaged in 1984, the same year of the film’s release.

A fascinating story of Carol’s personal life is when she was in the film ‘Maneaters are Loose’ in 1978. The film featuring Tigers had a scene where Carol herself was atop a tree while a tiger leaped at her feet and tried to grab it.

Facts about Carol Jones: Age, Bio, Birthdate, Family

Full Name Carol Ann Jones
Age 64 years old
Birthdate May 1, 1955
Birth Place Redwood City, California, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American (White)
Profession Actress, playwright, director
Spouse Tony Potter (married since 1989)
Net Worth 400,000
Height 5 feet 2 inches (1.57m)
Weight 58 Kg
Marital Status Married
Children Five; William Potter
Social Media Facebook



Carol Jones is an American actress, director, and playwright from critically acclaimed local and small budget movies like ‘There’s Gotta Be Something’ and ‘The Waltons.’ Not many people know about her great net worth and her married life. Learn all about it along with reports of her car accident.


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