All Girls Garage Faye Hadley Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Married, Parents, Harvard

Image of All Girls Garage Faye Hadley wiki, age, husband, married, parents, Harvard

Faye Hadley is an American TV personality who stars in the Velocity network’s ‘All Girls Garage.’ It is all-female cast show about a group of women who are involved in the automobile repairing industry.

The show, above entertainment, also aims to challenge the male dominance and gender stereotypes of the society and an individual like Faye Hadley is perfect considering that she is a talented mechanic and even an inspiring teacher.

Learn more about All Girls Garage star Faye Hadley married life with husband, Brandon Hadley, and children. Also, get to know about this TV personality bio, net worth, and parents.

Who is Faye Hadley? 

Faye Hadley is a TV star and teacher and also the owner of ‘Piston and PixieDust,’ an automobile store which repairs vehicles of all sorts. It is not just a repair store but also a place where Hadley provides education and training to young women by women. It is mostly Hadley herself and her all-female crew who offer the knowledge to young women in need of proper inspiration.

Image of Faye Hadley from TV show, All Girls Garage

Faye Hadley from the TV show, All Girls Garage

All Girls Garage cast, Faye Hadley is a famous personality in the world of automobiles, but still, there is a lack of comprehensive information on her wiki and bio. We are still researching necessary information on her wiki and bio, but in the meantime, we yet do not have essential details like her age or birthdate. We do know she is America in terms of nationality but nothing much.

Faye Hadley Net Worth and Salary

She is estimated to be approximately 65,000 dollars in terms of net worth. Faye Hadley’s net worth is still under review, but for the time being, we can consider 65k to be her fulfilling net worth. The source of her earnings is divided between her large undisclosed salary from the show and her actual earnings as a mechanic and owner of ‘Piston and PixieDust.’

Image of TV Personality, Faye Hadley net worth is $65,000

TV Personality, Faye Hadley net worth is $65,000

Faye Hadley is exceptional when it comes to repairing engines, and it all began when she ran into trouble with a broken engine in her car, which was a Volkswagen GTI. Her car broke down when she was taking a road trip in 2007, and she didn’t have the money to repair it. But instead of eventually having her car engine fixed and moving on in life, the future mechanic instead fixated on that problem.

Maybe that was even the reason she took up an unpaid internship at a Volkswagen garage. She swept floors and emptied oil drain containers, which are typical trivial tasks assigned to interns. However, she also got her first experience in repairing engines there.

Despite graduating from college, Hadley had her mind set on automobiles, so she took classes at local community college and worked at a Toyota dealership and another garage which specialized in fixing older cars. She received a ton of experience and knowledge, and only then did she start her garage.

So her way to the top with such huge net worth and salary was a long and hard one. Hadley however too understands of the struggle for women in this line of business which is why she teaches and runs a workshop for young women about a wide range of subject from repairing engines to buying and selling cars.

Faye Hadley Affairs: Husband, Married, Children

She may not be very oversharing when it comes to her personal married life, but you can’t contain yourself from sharing a little about it when you are married to your best friend. Faye Hadley is happily married to her husband, Brandon Hadley. ‘TV trend now’ has reported that the couple haven’t been married that long tying the knot on September 25, 2016, which is oddly also the day of her birthday but we are not so sure about that

Image of Faye Hadley with her husband Brandon Hadley

Faye Hadley with her husband, Brandon Hadley

Not much is known about Faye Hadley’s husband Brandon other than that he is a wood artist and a Finish carpenter but looking at the few pictures of them on the internet we can tell that they seem to lead a very fulfilling married life together. We do not know if they have any kids, but since Faye is active in social media like Instagram, we doubt we wouldn’t hear from her about her children if she had any. So Faye Hadley does not have any children.

Faye Hadley Parents: Father and Mother

Faye Hadley like we have mentioned many times has a vacant bio despite being a celebrity. The information about her parents is not present, but her father had a Ph.D. from MIT. Her father’s mental status is what prompted her as well to academically excel in her high school and continue it through college.

Faye Hadley Harvard

Like father, like daughter, Faye Hadley must have made her proud when she got into Harvard University. There she graduated with Bachelors in Psychology degree in 2010.

Personal life

Much of Faye Hadley’s own life has already been captured in the information above, which is all the information she has given out. We have also found out her joint account with husband Brandon Hadley in In there, we have learned that both Faye Hadley and her husband Brandon love to travel and look for new adventures, and they also frequently do it through couch-surfing.

We even knew through there that either or both Faye and Brandon are learning German and they love the outdoors. Faye has also used couch surfing to travel nationally and internationally to Paris and Germany.

Faye Hadley Facts: Age, Bio, Wiki, Real Name

Full Name Faye Hadley
Age N/A
Birthdate N/A
Birth Place N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity North American (White)
Profession The TV star, mechanic, educator
Spouse Brandon Hadley
Net Worth 65,000 USD
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Marital Status Married
Children N/A
Social Media Instagram:


Faye Hadley is an American TV star and mechanic from the show ‘All Girls Garage’ in Velocity Network. She has a splendid net worth from her career and a loving husband in her married life. Learn all there is to about her here from her professional to personal experience here.

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