All the reasons why series Alaskan Bush People is fake.

Over the years, television has seen an increase in reality TV shows documenting the lives and livelihoods of both celebrities and ordinary folks. But how much of what we call reality is real? Several of these shows have been rumored to be fake and the recent one to face these allegations is Alaskan Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People is a Discovery reality TV show that documents the lives of the Brown family who supposedly live off the land and away from civilization. The series premiered in 2014 and up to date has seven seasons. However, following the numerous allegations, it is uncertain if Alaskan Bush People will continue.

Let’s look at some of the evidence supporting these rumors.

The Browns are not from Alaska.

Although the Browns seem born and bred in Alaska, they are not Alaskan natives. The patriarch, Billy Brown was in fact born in Texas. Billy and his wife, Ami Brown, first moved to Alaska with their kids back in the 80s. They settled there for a while before going back to the contiguous United States.

But due to an autobiographical documentary they were filming, the Browns moved back to Alaska around 2009. However, Colorado and Texas remained the family’s legal residence. A decision that saw them land in legal problems with the Alaska state.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ is supposedly based on a book.

The story goes, Billy Bryan Brown wrote and published an autobiography titled One Wave at a Time. The family tried promoting the book and selling its rights to producers in futile. Eventually, they went back to Alaska to in a bid to make a film based on the autobiography. And what was initially meant to be a one-season documentary, ended up becoming a hit reality TV show.

Alaskan Bush People fake proof evidence

Caption:- Alaskan Bush People is based on a book.

The Browns committed Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) Fraud.

In 2014, The Alaska Department of Revenue charged six of the Brown family members with PFD fraud. The state believed they spent more than 180 days outside Alaska between 2009 and 2012 and lied about it in their applications. Billy and his second-oldest son, Bam Bam, pleaded guilty to the charges and were fined and given a 30-day jail sentence each. Now, if they are as self-sufficient as they claim, why steal from the Alaskan people?

The family probably doesn’t live that far from civilization.

The setting of the show creates an illusion that the Browns live in an isolated remote area, but do they? The eldest son, Matt, was arrested after fleeing the scene of an accident he caused while driving drunk. These events took place after a night of wild partying in Juneau.

Juneau is Alaska’s capital city and seems a little too urban for a ‘bush person’ don’t you think? There is also the incident where the family fled after hearing gunshots on their land. The ‘gunshots’ turned out to be neighbors who were lighting fireworks. Hmm, just how close are the said neighbors?

The Browns come from money and reportedly live in luxury off-screen.

Looks can be deceiving. The Browns may appear poor while, in fact, they come from a fortunate family. Billy’s father was a limousine company president who gave his son boats and cars for his birthday. And it would appear this is the lifestyle Billy and his family still live. Reports from locals suggest that the cast and crew of Alaskan Wild People stay at the Icy Strait Lodge resort when they aren’t shooting. What do you think, fishy or not?

Shane Kilcher wife and children

Some of the show’s participants are actual actors.

Noah Brown was at one time dating a lady named Karynna, who if you recall featured on the show. Well apparently, Karynna Kauffman is a professional actress!! Makes you wonder if she’s the only actor.

The Browns didn’t build their cabin.

Or so some sources claim. These sources suggest that while the Browns were relaxing somewhere in Hoonah, local got to work on their cabin. Maybe just maybe, the family isn’t as hardened as we’re made to believe.


Now, if you must fish or hunt to eat and build your own home to have shelter, would tattoos be a priority? Well, it is for the Brown kids as most of them have tattoos. And not just any tattoos, professionally done tattoos! Maybe it’s a way to sell that tough life, is it working?

Billy’s ‘secret’ family.

There are rumors Billy Brown has an ex-wife with whom he had two kids. And apparently, he has no relationship whatsoever with these two alleged children. If true, it contradicts Billy’s constant emphasis on the importance of family.

Well, they say there’s a truth behind every rumor. And it would appear the truth behind all these rumors is Alaskan Bush People is fake.


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