Bering Sea Gold Emily Riedel Net Worth, Marriage, Husband, Boyfriend, and Age in Wiki Bio.

Emily Riedel stars in Bering Sea Gold, a reality TV show on Discovery Channel that documents the gold mining adventures of various crews on their dredgers in either shallow waters, seas, or oceans. She started off as a deckhand and diver in season 1 and 2 and moved up the ladder to include captain in her resume in season three.

Gold dredging involves harsh conditions, extremely strenuous activities, and is a male-dominated field, and it was, therefore, a dangerous and risky investment for Emily as a woman. However, with the help of Zeke Tenhoff, her partner, it paid off. Is Zeke her boyfriend or husband after their marriage? Find out along with her net worth, age, and wiki-bio.

Bering Sea Gold Stars Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff Relationship and Split. Is she Dating Anyone Now?

Emily’s friend, co-worker, and castmate, and former boyfriend Zeke Tenhoff introduced her and her father to gold dredging soon after she finished college. Emily Riedel and Zeke have in the past been in an on and off drama-filled relationship. Their breakups and reconciliations featured and livened Bering Sea Gold severally.

Emily Reidel and Zeke Tenhoff's relationship, dating life as boyfriend and girlfriend

Emily Reidel and Zeke Tenhoff’s relationship

However, they are no longer dating but remain somewhat friends. In fact, back in 2015, they put their differences aside and worked together again when Emily found herself without a dredge and Zeke without money. Their partnership proved profitable and continued until last year.

The Bering Sea Gold Emily Riedel is not married to anyone. She is single after a relationship with a fellow cast. It looks like Zeke is a better business partner than a boyfriend. Emily Riedel has moved on from Zeke but has yet not had another husband or committed to marriage.

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So, there could be a chance Zeke once again taking the title of the boyfriend for Emily and rekindling their dating life if only Zeke were not dating someone else already.

Emily Riedel’s Net Worth and Salary per Episode, and Sources of Income.

Emily Riedel from Bering Sea Gold is a full-time gold dredger and TV personality. She kicked off her television career on 27th January 2012, the day Bering Sea Gold first aired. And although her earnings from the show and mining operation are undisclosed, she’s estimated to have a combined net worth of $250,000.

Her considerable net worth mostly sources back to her involvement in the show ‘Bering Sea Gold.’ She also had had multiple other projects and ventures that had contributed to the growth of her net worth including the ones she did with partner Zeke Tenhoff both times when they were dating as well as when the time they were separated.

Emily REidel's boyfriend and dating life with marriage and husband status

Emily Reidel’s net worth and salary

Her Career

After Emily Riedel graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance, she was dead broke and in need of a job. And so when her friend, Zeek, told her she could make large sums of money in a short time through gold dredging, Emily didn’t need any further convincing.

So in 2011, with only $300, a sleeping bag, and a beach shack to call home, Emily began what unknown to her at the time, would become a long-term career in gold dredging at Nome, Alaska. While traveling back to Nome on another trip, she received a phone call from the producers of the Deadliest Catch saying they wanted to chronicle the lives of Bering Sea gold dredgers.

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Emily Riedel was already familiar with the show and had a deep respect for it so saying yes to the producers was easy. And as a result, her TV career was born.

She says the hardest part about having cameras all around her is when she needs to pee. But other than that, Emily is now used to the whole thing since fans have already seen it all including the time she almost drowned.

Her Love for Opera

Bearing Sea Gold’s Gold Miner Emily Riedel has had the passion for opera music for the longest time. She earned her own money for college through operatic gigs which finally paid off after she received a musical degree. In fact, part of the reason she began gold dredging was to make money to support her career as an opera singer.

She looks up to opera legends Marilyn Horne who she describes as a goddess, Ana Moffo who she calls perfection and of course, operatic tenor Luciano Pavarotti. Emily also admires and listens to opera singers from this age. She can be heard and seen singing in the show and hopes that one day she’ll live her dream of traveling the world to perform opera on international stages.

Emily Riedel’s Wiki Bio and Age

As America celebrates Independence Day, Emily also celebrates her birthday according to her wiki-bio. She is 29 years old and was born on the 4th of July 1988 in Alaska, USA. Although her mother’s identity is unknown, her father, Steve Riedel, has been on our screens in Bering Sea Gold as a deckhand, diver, and captain. Emily Riedel currently owns and captains Eroica Mining.

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