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Bert Kreischer Wife, Married, Net Worth, Weight Loss, Age, Family, The Machine, Career

Image of Bert Kreischer Net Worth, Wife, Weight Loss, The Machine, Stand-Up, Instagram, Married, Age, Family

Besides being one of the most popular America stand-up comedians, Bert Kreischer is also an actor and a reality television host. In 1997, Bert was featured in one of the magazines. By then, he was a student at Florida State University. The magazine featuring was the genesis of Bert’s rise to fame and endless success.

For the past twenty-one years that Bert Kreischer has been in this industry, his has been a story of small failures overshadowed by numerous successes. Currently, he lives in Los Angeles. He is married with two daughters, Georgia and Isla.

Learn about Bert Kreischer’s married life with wife, LeAnn Kreischer, family and children. Also get to know about this stand-up comedian’s net worth, career, age, weight loss, and wiki-bio.

Bert Kreischer married to Wife, LeAnn Kreischer, and Children

It is not so easy being the wife of a party animal. Berty Kreischer parties and drinks heavily both in the movies and in real life. For those who have interacted with her, LeAnn Kreischer seems to have been infected by the jokes of her husband. She is equally a good entertainer. She has a weekly podcast dubbed, Wife of the Party.

In this she, Bert Kreischer’s wife gives different people an opportunity to talk about issues such as marriage and children. The show is also used as a platform to gossip about the major events of the week. Of all the interviews held in her show, the most interesting one was when she hosted her husband.

Image of Bret Kreischer with his wife LeAnn Kreischer

Bret Kreischer with his wife, LeAnn Kreischer

Bert Kreischer’s wife had never imagined getting married to Bert. She had to encounter the comedian three times before actually getting to recognize him. Even after the third and successful meeting, LeAnn still thought that Bert was too crazy and comical to marry. When he gave Bert’s roommates her contact her contact to pass over to him, she expected Bert to call her and ask her out for a date. Well, Bert did not, and she had to call him and demand for it.

Bert Kreischer Net Worth, Career, Stand-up

From the latest estimates, Bert Kreischer net worth is estimated at $1 million. He has accumulated this wealth from years of comedy, television hosting and acting. It would be interesting to note that Bert did not have any initial plans of becoming a comedian. He just found himself in it.

Image of Bret Kreischer net worth is $1 million

Bret Kreischer net worth is $1 million

Bert earns his money by a combination of the regular activities he engages in. By 1998, he was already serving as a stand-up comedian at the Boston Comedy Club. Besides going on long trips, Bert visits comedy clubs and colleges just to entertain his audiences and boost his net worth. In the United States, Bert has specialized in making people laugh.

When he appeared in the article, ‘number one partier of the nation,’ most people thought that Bert was silly. Ironically, the incident ended up earning his a lot of fame and exposure. Bert Kreischer got so many opportunities, which greatly bolstered his career in comedy. Besides stand-up comedy, the comedian also hosts a popular reality show dubbed ‘Bert the Conqueror.’ He uses this show to discover the local skills and talents.

Moreover, Bert also organizes a series of competitions and thrilling adventures. With the growing love from his fans, Bert will inevitably get exposed to more career opportunities and consequently keep growing his net worth.

Bert Kreischer Weight Loss, Age, and Family

Besides his talking about his great comical skills, Bert’s fans have always talked about Bert Kreischer’s weight loss. To some, Bert can never get any slimmer because of the excess beer he takes. He seems to be gaining weight now and then. Perhaps, it could be in his gene.

Born in 1973, Bert is currently 43 years of age and is a family man. He has a wife, LeAnn Kreischer and two daughters, Georgia and Isla. Bert’s family in all respects appears to be a very happy one. With an equally comical wife and outgoing children, Bert is fortunate to have a family that gives him all the emotional support.

Image of Bert Kreischer with his wife and daughter

Bert Kreischer with his wife and daughter


Bert has been nicknamed the ‘Machine.’ Bert was born on the 3rd of November 1973. The comedian spent his childhood in Tampa, Florida. The father was a real estate lawyer while the mother worked in one of the early childhood development institutions. He is an American by nationality, a North American to be exact.

Bert is six feet in height. Bert’s hair is dark brown while the eyes are blue. Most of his fans, particularly the ladies, still find him physically very attractive despite his big body. Perhaps, they are blinded by his humorous and warm personality.

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