Alaskan Bush People Billy Brown Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Family, Children, Married, Ami Brown

If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel, most probably you have come across Billy Brown. Billy Brown family forms the cast of Alaskan Bush People, and he is the main character. That show is aired on Discovery Channel, and it revolves around Billy’s family. He is a quite interesting character predominantly when you look at the kind of life that he lives in the 21st century.

Let’s take a look on Alaskan Bush People cast Billy Brown’s family, net worth, wife, Ami Brown, children, and wiki-bio.

Billy Brown Wiki bio

Billy Bryan Brown, Alaskan Bush People cast, was born on December 3, 1953, in Fort Worth, Texas, USA. He is the son of Billy Joe Brown and Kathryn Brown, but they are both deceased. Billy had only one sister Kathy Jean Brown, but she is also deceased. Both Billy parents and his sister died in a plane crash in 1969, and he was left alone at the age of 16. Billy was born in a rich family but after their demise, he plunged into poverty, and he started doing low profile jobs for upkeep. Joe Brown was a successful businessman and a tycoon, and he raised his son Billy Brown in luxury.

However, an unscrupulous conman tricked him, and he unknowingly signed emancipation documents, and he was defrauded of his father’s wealth. He lost everything, and he began totally from scratch. Out of his loneliness and doing odd jobs for survival: contrary to the luxuries that he was enjoying before, he decided to marry. He married his first wife Brenda at the age of 16, and both of them were teens. He begot two children from that marriage, but they later divorced.

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Image of Alaskan Bush People Cast Billy Brown

Alaskan Bush People Cast Billy Brown

Ten years after that, he met his second wife Amora Lee Branson popularly known as Ami Brown, and he married her. He was 26 years by then. He is also an author, and he has published two books, namely One Wave at a Time and another one called The Lost Years. Both of them talk about Billy’s life in Alaska and before. He had remained in the shadow for a long time until Billy Brown family started appearing in Alaskan Bush People. In his show, he is the main character, and he appears more than any member of his family. He has learned extensive survival skills in the Alaskan forest for the time that he has lived there.

Billy Brown Married to Wife, Ami Brown, and Children

Amora Lee Branson popularly known as Ami Brown is the wife of Billy Brown. The duo met when Ami was a teen of 15 years while Billy was 26. To add salt to the injury, Billy was a divorcee and a father of two children that he begot with his former wife, Brenda. Billy Brown wife Ami Brown has seven children with him. The couple had remained together through thick and thin ever since when they got married on June 16, 1969.

Image of Alaskan Bush People Cast Billy Brown with his wife Ami Brown

Alaskan Bush People Cast Billy Brown with his wife, Ami Brown

Billy Brown Net Worth and Age

Though he is a published author, he was not popular. From the look of things, it seems that his books were not selling so well: if you look at Billy Brown net worth. He is a lover of nature likewise to his wife. There is a time that Billy Brown family survived in the forest for nine months in seclusion. They never had any contact with the world and even braved the winter without modern technology or means of heating. Since the means of spending out there in the wild is minimal, Billy Brown net worth has accumulated to $500,000. It is continuing to increase day after day because the more that his reality TV show is garnering more viewership, his pay also increases.

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Image of Alaskan Bush People Cast Billy Brown net worth is $500,000

Alaskan Bush People Cast Billy Brown net worth is $500,000

Billy Brown age is 65, but he is still strong and doing well. Billy Brown wife Ami Brown and her husband fell in love with the wild, and it seems that they are comfortable with it. Furthermore, they do not even seem to plan to relocate from their current hood together with Billy Brown children.

Billy Brown Family and Children

Billy Brown family has lived in the Alaskan forest for the better of its life. Five of Billy Brown children have been born there, and that is where they call home. They are a peculiar family because not many people can cope with that stone age lifestyle that they live. Particularly in the 21st century when everyone is civilized, and the world is undergoing a major revolution, only very special people can manage. That is why when the Discovery Channel found them; it decided to make a reality show just for them.

Image of Alaskan Bush People Cast Billy Brown with his wife and their children

Billy Brown with his wife, Ami Brown and his children

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