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Blac Youngsta Net Worth, Girlfriend, Dating, Real Name, Family, Height, Wiki

Image of Blac Youngsta Net Worth and Career, His Wiki-Bio, Age, Real Name, Dating, Daughter, Family, Height

Sammie Marquez Benson, popularly known by his stage name Blac Youngsta, is an award-winning American rapper. The talented music artist gained national wide attention for his famed rap song, Heavy. Despite his immense success in the rap world, Youngsta has had his fair share of controversies as well. He was once arrested for shooting a colleague named Young Dolph. In this article, we will look at Blac Youngsta net worth, bio, wiki, family, daughter, height, and dating life.

Blac Youngsta Wiki Bio

Blac Youngsta graced this world on the 8th of April 1990. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. Information about his parents and family is unavailable. We only know about his brother who passed on at a young age. That death of his sibling made the rapper to start examining his life.

According to the rapper, he had a very difficult childhood, characterized by poverty. Blac and his late brother were raised by their grandparents. Blac started working at a young age to make ends meet.

Image of Rapper Blac Youngsta
Rapper, Blac Youngsta

Blac was fired several times from his job at a local store after being caught severally placing fake orders. He took the leftovers home to feed his family. Nevertheless, this didn’t help the situation at home. His grandparents continue to struggle to put food on the table.

The rapper was eventually arrested and sent to jail for illegal possession of weapons and marijuana. After his release from jail, Youngsta realized that he had a rapping talent. Hence, he decided to use it to build himself economically.

Blac Youngsta Net Worth, Songs, Career

Blac Youngsta started his music career in his local town, Memphis. His debut mixtape titled Fast Brick was released in 2012. His second mixtape titled Fast Brick II was released later the same year. Even so, these two mixtapes did not make as much money as he had expected. His breakthrough came in 2014 after releasing his third mixtape titled Fast Brick III. His single titled heavy from his third mixtape became quite popular and helped the rapper garner international attention.

After Blac rose to fame following the release of his third mixtape, the young rapper caught the attention of another famous American rapper, Yo Gotti. Yo Gotti met Youngsta and offered a chance to accompany him on a music tour for two months. Youngsta accepted the offer.  After they completed their tour, Blac Youngsta was signed to Gotti’s record label.

Youngsta released his first album titled “Young and Reckless” on March 2016. On the 8th of September 2016, he released another mixtape “Fuck Everybody.” It was followed by another mixtape titled “I am Innocent” on June 9, 2017. “Heavy Camp” was released on September the same year.

His second album titled “223” was released on the 23rd of January 2018. The album contains twelve songs and features big names in the music industry like Chris Brown, French Montana, and Travis Scott.

Also, the rapper has released several singles like Hip Hopper, Booty, Venting, Who Run It, I Swear to God and Bedroom House.

Blac Youngsta net worth is estimated at $2 million. His debut mixtape, Fast Brick, allegedly earned him a mere $50 000. He lives in a luxury home and owns a Lamborghini worth an eye-watering $500,000.

Image of Rapper Blac Youngsta net worth is $2 million
Rapper Blac Youngsta net worth is $2 million

Blac Youngsta Girlfriend, Dating, Daughter

The rapper is not married. However, rumor had it that the rapper has a girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name is Bell Williams, and she is a transgender. The girl once posted a picture of them together on her FB page. With that said, the rapper has no daughter or a child with any woman.

Image of Blac Youngsta with his girlfriend Bell Williams
Blac Youngsta with his girlfriend, Bell Williams

How old is Blac Youngsta? Age, Height, Family, Real Name

Blac Youngsta is 28 years of age, and his real name is Sammie Benson Marquez. Little is known about his family though he claims he was raised by his grandparents. The rapper’s height is 5 feet and 7 inches.

Image of Rapper, Blac Youngsta height is 5 feet and 7 inches.
Rapper, Blac Youngsta height is 5 feet and 7 inches

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