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Boosted GT Wiki/Bio, New Car, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Wife, Married

Boosted GT is a well-known American racer. His name would appear among the top in the list. He is famous for his appearances in the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Street Outlaws.”

Find below key wiki information about the new car he is driving. We will also explore his net worth, girlfriend, wife and whether he is married or not.


Boosted GT birth name is Chris Hamilton. The racing celeb was born on the 17th of March. His exact year of birth has not been disclosed yet. That makes it difficult to tell his real age at the moment.

This is one of the celebs whose personal life is shrouded in secrecy. This is evident because there is no information in wiki sources about his place of birth. His upbringing and his education are also not known.  Even amazing is that there is no information about his parents or relatives.


Boosted GT career began in the Street Outlaws in its season three. According to wiki sources, he had a great desire to take his racing career to the next level. It’s this desire that led him to the reason as to relocate from Texas to Oklahoma City. More so, he wanted to add value to himself as a professional expert racer. He could only do this through the Street Outlaws platform.

The show involves races among all the 405 members. The racing star thus saw an opportunity in this. He decided to take up competitive challenges. He competed alongside other more experienced racers than himself.

Image of Street Outlaws cast Boosted GT
Street Outlaws cast Boosted GT

This aided greatly in sharpening his skills the more. Since then, he has never looked back. He has always competed in each race with a vision of getting to the top. He has always desired to become the king of the Street Outlaws show. His bigger dream is to become the number one American racer.

He is well known for his passion and hard work in his racing career. His passion has propelled him into winning almost every other race. This has gained him much respect and recognition among the American people.

He has also become a darling to his numerous fans all over the world.

Thanks to the continuous renovations he does on his Mustang, he has improved with each race.

Source: tomeighty

Caption: Boosted GT new car

Street Outlaw New Car and Net Worth

Boosted GT new car is a 1400 Horse Power single turbocharged 1995 Yellow Ford Mustang. It has small tires. He keeps on upgrading his new car from time to time to enhance performance. He has recently liaised with Team Z Motorsports. This team is planning to design his car in a way that he will have two options of tires in his car.

At the onset of his racing career, Boosted GT bought an SN 95 Mustang. This was what he used for some time in the competition. Later, he decided to switch to a different model of a race car. That is when he bought a new car, a New Edge Mustang. It was faster compared to the previous one.

The racer has a variety of Mustang race cars. This enables him to participate in almost all types of car races. However, the exact number of Mustang cars he owns and their descriptions have not been disclosed yet.

Image of Street Outlaws cast, Boosted GT net worth is $1 million
Street Outlaws cast, Boosted GT net worth is $1 million

Boosted GT has an estimated net worth of $1 million. This is from his car racing career where he has made quite a good fortune.  It is said he plans to buy more new cars to boost his chances of winning. This will, in turn, help him increase his net worth.

Boosted GT Girlfriend or Married to Kayla? Any Kids?

Boosted GT does not have a wife, but he has only one girlfriend. They are not yet married. His girlfriend is called Kayla Morton.

Image of Boosted GT with his girlfriend Kayla Morton
Boosted GT with his girlfriend, Kayla Morton

Kayla is also a professional racer too. She takes after her own father Stanley Morton who was a star racer. She has two kids; Austin and Cooper. Her first kid is from her previous relationship. The second born she got with Boosted GT.

They live together as a husband and wife although not officially married. Boosted GT and Kayla Morton currently reside in Texas with their two kids. They are portrayed as a happy family. There is no record of Boosted GT having another girlfriend apart from Kayla.

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