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Brandi Passante Husband, Married, Net Worth, Children, Age, Facts, and Wiki-bio

Image of Brandi Passante Husband, Jarrod Schulz, Married, Net Worth, Children, Age, and Wiki-bio

Brandi Passante is a renowned reality TV icon and a celebrity, who is infamous for being featured in Storage Wars reality show on A&E. The same show also featured Jarrod Schulz who was her longtime boyfriend cum “husband.” Consequently, the show catalyzed their fame. The storyline of the show was very interesting, and it impacted on their lives positively: to amplify them to where they are today.

Brandi Passante Wiki bio

Brandi Leigh Passante was born on 16th May 1980 in Harris County, Texas, USA. Her wiki is not comprehensive because she conceals a lot of information. She is an American actress, known for Storage Wars (2010), Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job (2014), and Rachael Ray (2006). Brandi Passante bio has Jarrod Schulz as her longtime boyfriend: whom she has dated for over 15 years, but they are not married as many people think. They have two children together called Camren Schulz and Payton Schulz. Brandi does not disclose any information about her background, education, parents, and family.

Brandi Passante married to husband, Jarrod Schulz, and Children

No one should talk about Brandi Passante husband because she and Jarrod Schulz are not married. The duo has just been two good lovebirds for a long time: perhaps over 15 years, but they are not married. The fact that they stay together, they love each other to death, and they have even sired two children together, makes many people perceive that they are a couple. They have never tied the knot, and thus they are not legally married.

Image of Brandi Passante with her husband and their kids

Brandi Passante with her husband and kids

They have never done a wedding, a preacher did not officiate the couple union, and they do not have a marriage certificate. Those factors prove beyond reasonable doubt that the duo is not married. Therefore, they cannot be called a couple. However, the two lovebirds have two fruits of their sexual relationship, and they sired Brandi Passante children called Camren Schulz and Payton Schulz. Jarrod Schulz met Brandi in 1999 at their workplace.

According to him, she is the one who made the first move and pursued him until she won him over. They have been together all along, and they have lived smoothly. She loves her partner and adores him very much. Not only is she fond of him, but also fancies him so much.

Brandi Passante Net Worth, Age, and TV career

According to The Richest Aside, Brandi Passante net worth is $975,000. Other than being the show’s resident star, she is also an entrepreneur. It is apparent that she earns handsomely from the show – which part of her wealth is attributed to. Brandi and Jarrold co-own a shop dubbed Then Second Hand Store that is situated in Long Beach, California.

Image of Brandi Passante net worth is $975,000

Brandi Passante net worth is $975,000

It is both a physical shop and it also operates on an online platform – where buyers can buy commodities through their portal. It is Initially, the duo was going through financial hardships, when their Now and Then Thrift Store proved futile, and consequently, it collapsed. That was during the days when they were starting the Storage Wars. However, when Brandi is juxtaposed with her other co-stars in the reality show, her net worth is lower than theirs.

Perhaps she will thrive in the coming days – so that she can catch up with them. Initially, Brandi was a carpet cleaner before she decided to open her business dubbed Now and Then in California. She debuted her TV career in the Storage Wars reality show in 2010, and then she climbed up the ladder to be the main star in the show. Afterward, in 2014, Brandi and Jarrod started their reality show dubbed Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job.

Brandi Passante Interesting Facts

The age of Jarrod Schulz wife is 38 years, and the following are some of Brandi Passante facts:-

  • Brandi won a case against a porn distributor

She won a defamation case against Hunter Moore: a porn distributor in 2013. He was behind a fabricated porn video called IsAnyoneUp.

  • Brandi and Jarrod are not married

The duo is not married, despite the fact that their lifestyle convinces many people to perceive that they are husband and wife.

  • She made the first move to Jarrod

Unlike the norm whereby, it is the man who usually advances against a woman, for these two lovebirds’ case, it is Brandi who approached Jarrod.

  • Brandi and Jarrod are a homogeneous item

These two lovebirds are an item. Brandi loves Jarrod to death, and she does not hide it. He is her best friend and lover in all capacities and perspectives.

  • Brandi never wears lipstick

Unlike most Hollywood stars and most celebrities who never appear without makeup, Brandi’s lips stay natural.

  • Brandi is both an entrepreneur and a TV personality

Brandi together with Jarrod has tried their chances both in business as well as in reality TV shows.

  • She is not a fan of golf

Most successful and wealthy people spend their time playing golf. This sport is categorically known and reserved for the upper class. However, Brandi is not a fan of golf.

  • She is a victim of motion sickness

Unlike many people who like running, walking, and jogging as a leisure activity or for physical fitness, Brandi suffers from motion sickness.

  • Brandi does not use escalators

She suffers from escalaphobia and therefore, she cannot use escalators, despite the fact that they make moving up or downstairs quite efficient and saves time.

  • Brandi is an excellent cook

Having a partner who has exceptional culinary skills is not a small thing. Brandi is well equipped with cooking skills, and she prepares scrumptious ambrosia.

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