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Celeste Ackelson wiki biography; net worth and children of Brian Baumgartner’s wife

Image of Celeste Ackelson wiki biography; net worth and children of Brian Baumgartner's wife

Celeste Ackelson is one of the many peoples who rose to fame thanks to affiliation or relation. Her husband, Brian Baumgartner, is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. The iconic accountant Kevin Malone from the popular TV series, The Office, is Brian Baumgartner. Besides acting, Brian is also a director, and he has worked in a lot of movies.

To know more about this iconic actor, Brian Baumgartner’s wife, Celeste Ackelson, stick with us.

Early Life and Introduction

Born in 1982, Celeste Ackelson is currently 37 years of age. She was born and raised in the US so she is automatically an American in terms of nationality. No details about her parents or primary education are available on the internet.

But, what we do know is that Celeste graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Though she has a degree in communication, she didn’t pursue a career in communication. It is unknown what her profession is.

Ackelson came into fame after her relationship with Brian Baumgartner came into light.

Celeste Ackelson Career

Celeste Ackelson is the wife of a successful actor and director. Though Brian is now a successful actor and director, he started as an Artistic Director for a theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota, called Hidden Theatre. He even received several awards there for his acting and artistic excellence.

Furthermore, Baumgartner has starred on several TV serials, and movies, and even some music videos. He has also bagged a Daytime Emmy award for his role in a spinoff of The Office. Above all, Brian’s iconic character and the one from which most peoples recognize him is the accountant in The Office, Kevin Malone.

Finally, Celeste Ackelson, despite having a bachelor’s degree in communication, doesn’t seem to be actively pursuing any career. She is entirely focused on being a stay at home wife and taking care of her child, which she had with Baumgartner.

Celeste Ackelson and Brian Baumgartner Dating life

Speculations have it that Brian and Celeste met in the late 2000s and eventually started dating around the same time. We don’t actually know how long the now-married couple was dating for, but their dating period probably wasn’t short is what we can say.

Image of Celeste Ackelson with her husband Brian Baumgartner
Celeste Ackelson with her husband, Brian Baumgartner

Because when Celeste and Brian got married on April 28, 2014, they were ready to have a child already. Just a year after their marriage, their first child was born on March 24, 2015. The couple has a  daughter together, and her name is Brylee Bea Baumgartner.

Image of Brian Baumgartner with his baby Brylee Bea Baumgartner
Brian Baumgartner with his baby Brylee Bea Baumgartner

After becoming a mother just a year after her marriage, Celeste probably did not have much time to pursue a career as she needed to take care of the child. Brian is a successful actor and director, so; it probably feels right for Celeste to focus on raising the child properly than building a career.

There has been no kind of rumors of a spat between the couple or cheating, so we can say that they are going strong together. Despite the ten year age gap, their love is strong, and the age does not seem to bother them. We wish the couple a happy married life and a happy family for the coming future.

Celeste Ackelson Net Worth

With fame comes wealth, and this couple certainly is reasonably wealthy. Brian Baumgartner has a staggering net worth of over $8 million as of 2019. While most of Brian’s earnings come from the show The Office, which also gave him fame, he has also played in other shows. We can assume he receives a reasonable payment from those shows as well for his net worth to be quiet hefty.

Celeste, on the other hand, hasn’t revealed any kind of financial information about herself. With no financial information and without a career, we cannot just assume her ner worth so, this is going to be under review, and we will update you as soon as we get any information.

In contrast, what we know is that the couple owns a house in Los Angeles, which is allegedly worth $2.8 million, and that is one expensive property. Either way, whatever Celeste’s net worth might be, she can relax and live a life of luxury with her husband and his vast net worth.

Celeste Ackelson Wiki

Name Celeste Ackelson
Date of Birth 1982
Relationship status Married
Spouse Brian Baumgartner
Children One daughter
Brylee Bea Baumgartner
Net Worth Under review
Height 1.8m (5ft 11 inches)
Ethnicity Caucasian White

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