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Charlotte Kilcher
Nature never seize to amaze human with its beauty that is why people move from place to place seeking for adventure. Likewise, TV series Alaska: The Last Frontier cast Charlotte Kilcher moved to Alaska in late 70’s. Since then she never looked back.

Charlotte lives on a homestead in Homer, Alaska. She has seamlessly adopted a lifestyle of Kilcher despite not being an Alaskan native. She performs household works like gardening, raising chickens & ducks for eggs, beekeeping and milking the cow. Charlotte is a natural biologist, no wonder, she takes care of animals and plants so well.

Fans of Alaska: The Last Frontier would be well familiar with her lifestyle but many don’t seem to have information on her personal life details. We will address information like her family, children, husband, net worth, and facts on this nature-loving woman.

Charlotte Kilcher Love affair turned into married life with Otto Kilcher

Charlotte Kilcher first came to Alaska in 1978 to work as a wildlife biologist. At that time she was already married and had a son, Torrey with her first husband. Charlotte hasn’t shared anything about him or how long they’ve been married. However, the marriage between pair ended.

After some years of separation from the first husband, Charlotte met Otto Kircher in South-central Alaska in 1989. The pair were there in an effort to clean up Exxon Valdez oil spill disaster. The human-caused major disaster spilled 10.8 million US gallons crude oil over kilometers in  Prince William Sound, Alaska and in the large area of the ocean too.

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The spark between the pair was instant and the pair eventually fell in love. After five years Otto and Charlotte Kilcher turned love affair into a marriage. Since then the pair has an impressive married life. They are like two cool couple who always jokes around.Otto Kilcher even calls Charlotte a  “hippy chick from Berkeley.” Well, the pair has been happily married for 23 years and living on a homestead in Homer, Alaska. They have a son August Kilcher together.

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Charlotte Kilcher Family and Children

Charlotte and Otto have four children Torrey, August Kilcher, Eivin Kilcher and Levi Kilcher. Eivin and Levi Kilcher are from Otto’s second marriage. Torrey is Charlotte’s son from first marriage. August Kilcher is the only son between the pair.

Charlotte Kilcher sons
Caption: Torrey (L), Otto Kilcher, Eivin Kilcher, Levi Kilcher(R-3), Charlotte Kilcher

Charlotte Kilcher sons Torrey, Eivin, and Levi are married and has their own family which can be seen in above picture.

Caption: Charlotte Kilcher with her youngest son August Kilcher

August hasn’t shared anything regarding his girlfriend or wife. Most of the information on August suggest he isn’t married yet. According to information on his Facebook page, he studied at Oregon State University.

Charlotte Kilcher Net Worth

Charlotte Kilcher and her husband Otto Kilcher has an estimated net worth over $5M. The couple earns a significant amount of sum from Discovery TV series Alaska: The Last Frontier. While her husband also operates boat transportation services. His significant sum of earning comes from maintenance job. The large chunk of net worth is due to property Kilcher family owns.

Charlotte Kilcher Wiki-Like Bio and Age

Charlotte is born to mother Frances who passed away in May of 2016. She came to Alaska from Berkeley, California where she grew up and possibly was born. Charlotte hasn’t shared about her actual age but she is a few years younger than her husband. As for her age, she must be in some years in 50’s. Charlotte is a biologist married to Otto Kilcher. She lives in Homer, Alaska.

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