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Chris Duncan Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Death Cause, Amy Duncan, Parents

Image of Chris Duncan Net Worth, Wife, Wiki, Death Cause, Amy Duncan, Parents

Untimely demise is perhaps the worst scenario to witness by a close and loving members of the person. It has been sad and unfortunate to know about the issue related to the death of Chris Duncan. He was the former Cardinals Outfielder and ESPN radio host who is quite for his talents in the American baseball history.

Today we engulf our knowings to summarise biography and the death details on the popular baseman. In this article, we shall also cover his recent brain cancer issue trending all over the internet.

Here we will concern requiring topics relative to Chris Duncan’s net worth, death cause comprising some inside details on Amy Duncan and Parents.

Buckle up your seat belts as we contemplate the most intriguing topic on the sensational death story of Chris Duncan. So stick with us!

Who was Chris Duncan? Wiki, Bio

Chris was born as Christopher Edwin Duncan on the date of May 5, 1981, in Tucson, Arizona.

Duncan was a professional baseball player who played as the left fielder baseman for the ST. Louis Cardinals in MLB between the year of 2005 to 2009.

The name of his father is Dave Duncan, and his mother name is not known. His dad was a former professional coach for the Cardinals and mainly used to be a retired catcher and pitching coach.

Image of Professional baseball player, Chris Duncan

Professional baseball player, Chris Duncan

His elder brother is Shelley Duncan who was also the outfielder and first baseman in the MLB and later a radio host on the affiliate of ST. Louis ESPN Radio,  WXOS.

Highlighting Duncan’s childhood details, there is not much information to share. Moreover, he has yet to disclose additional info on his mother, origins, family background, and many more to name a few.

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Talking about his educational background, Duncan went to Canyon del Oro High School located at the suburbs of Tucson in Oro Valley, Arizona. Later on, he was selected as a 46th overall pick in the 1999 MLB draft by St. Louis Cardinals.

Chris Duncan Net Worth

Following his draft, he spent an incredible initial career at St, Louis and saw some of the significant upbringings in his baseball career. Afterwards, he was traded to Pawtucket Red Sox, and in the year 2009, he signed a minor league contract with the Washington Nationals.

His radio career began on the date of October 2, 2011, Duncan became the host for WXOS which was the ESPN Radio affiliate in ST. Louis. Additionally, he was also the co-host of “The Turn” along with Anthony Stalter.

Image of Professional baseball player, Chris Duncan net worth is currently not available

Professional baseball player, Chris Duncan net worth is currently not available

From his fantastic career as a baseball player and as a radio host, Chris Duncan has accumulated a hefty amount of fortune to add up in his net worth. However, he never mentioned any details regarding his actual net worth, income, and payrolls info.

Chris Duncan Married to Wife Amy Duncan. Any Children?

Giving an insight into Chris Duncan’s married life, he shared his vows with his beloved wife, Amy Duncan. It has been allegedly reported that Amy and Chris’s first encounter was a part when they were gathered for a line dancing.

Image of Chris Duncan with his wife Amy Duncan

Chris Duncan with his wife, Amy Duncan

The couple wedded on the year of 2011 in St. Louis, in Westlin ballpark hotel which is located beside the Cardinal’s Buch Stadium.

Furthermore, the couple never had any children of their own. Together, the duo lived a happy and meaningful life.

Who is Chris Duncan’s Wife, Amy Duncan?

Amy Duncan is now trending for being the former wife of late American professional baseball player, Chris Duncan. Apart from this, she has not been able to share any related information regarding her parents and birth details.

Image of Businesswomen, Amy Duncan

Businesswomen, Amy Duncan

Well, by looking at her pictures, we can conclude that her age is around 30 years old.

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Moreover, she has her own business named “Mowellens” since the date of January 2017. The company is based on cannabis which extracts hemp oil to enhance the status of people’s life and health.

How did Chris Duncan Die? Cause of Death

It was the year in October 2012, Chris Duncan came to find out of his illness of a brain tumour and went under chemotherapy. This illness was initially also what his mother was suffering before she died due to brain cancer, and supposedly, this became the issue with Chris as well.

Image of Professional Baseball player, Chris Duncan died due to brain cancer

Professional Baseball player, Chris Duncan died due to brain cancer

Over the past years, Chris Duncan has seen some major upheavals in his life. And subsequently, on the date of January 9, 2019, he announced his retirement from ESPN because of his severe illness glioblastoma.

On the course of battling with brain cancer, Chris Duncan, at the age of 38 years old, died recently on September 6, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fun Facts

  • Chris, along with his wife, Amy, shifted to Arizona to be closer to the family.
  • His loving wife used to give regular updates on his health via her Instagram account.
  • Chris secretly learned to play the piano on his wedding day to surprise Amy.
  • Together, the Duncans managed to open their own business in late 2016.
  • His wife Amy launched a company that ensures people’s health benefits.

Quick Facts about Chris Duncan

Full Name: Chris Duncan
Age: 38 years
Birth Date: May 5, 1981
Horoscope: Taurus
Birth Place: Tucson, Arizona
Death Date: September 6, 2019
Profession: Former Baseball player and Radio Host
Height / How tall : not available
Net Worth: not known
Spouse: Amy Duncan
Children: none
Social Media Presence: Twitter

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