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Who is Daniel Tosh mysterious wife causing gay concern;Is he really married or hiding sexual detail? What about his girlfriend?

Daniel Tosh girlfriend

We can’t identify if a person is gay or not just by looking at his/her face, it depends on their nature and sexual preference. Further, we have been seeing several celebrities once engaged in a relationship with opposite sex partner coming out as a gay person. Well, in this mad world anything is possible.

Daniel Tosh
Caption: Daniel Tosh Jokes a lot about his Ballerina wife
Photo Source: CNN

Today our subject of interest comedian Daniel Tosh holds similar situation. Tosh who is known for intentional offensive and dark comedy has himself surrounded by gay speculation because of his secret wife. Tosh is used to mentioning his Ballerina wife in past but recently he has been more vocal about her. So, who is she, is he really married to her?Or trying to keep his sexual detail under the closet by throwing his relationship to the world. What about having a girlfriend?

Is Daniel Tosh married to Ballerina wife or he is a gay person?

These days social media comes in handy to know closely and personally about our favorite celebrities. But our funny man Tosh is a mysterious person who likes to keep personal affair cryptic.

When Tosh first came up being married he also let the world know his wife is a ballerina. Many fans and followers were into frenzy zone due to his surprising and secret married life.

Well, we are hearing from a funny man right, this could be one of his sarcastic jokes. Also, many thought this is a one-time joke. But, More recently, Tosh is frequent about his wife and creating more suspicion among fans.

Though Tosh has mentioned many times about his wife it is hard to conclude if he is married. There is not a single available photo of her.Further, it’s a doubt if she is even a real person.

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Daniel Tosh Ballerina Wife
Caption: No one has seen Tosh Ballerina wife unless she is invisible.
Photo Source:

Tosh imaginary relationship has caught the attention of many, they even wonder if Tosh is trying to hide his sexual detail by throwing talks about his unknown wife. We can see in above tweets how fans and followers reacted as they were suspicious if the person is a husband instead of a wife. Questions still remain, if Tosh is secretly married to Bellarina wife?

Daniel Tosh and Gay rumors

Making jokes on gay, bisexual or a transgender is not unknown to Tosh. It’s like part of his food chain. Unexpectedly, Tosh is a firm supporter of gay rights. Though he may be from strong Christian family he is evident talking about gay issues. Also, he is a supporter of gay marriage.

Daniel Tosh gay
Caption: Daniel Tosh will make a fine gay if he ever wish to come out
Photo Source: Youtube

Furthermore, in 2014, Tosh defended gender-bending dance troupe Prancing Elites as the group caused controversy during a parade dance. Several parents didn’t take it lightly as they were outraged and horrified when their kids were exposed to gay men dancing.

What does this mean; Tosh maybe a gay person trying to help folks like him or he is a firm believer of human rights who is equivocally supporting gender rights. We will never know unless Tosh makes it clear about his sexuality.

Daniel Tosh dating affair and girlfriend

German-born American jokester, Daniel Tosh dated Model, and Actress Megan Abrigo from Feb 2009. News about his relationship with Megan came floating after he ranted about her on his show’s special “Happy Thoughts.” Megan who is mostly known as briefcase lady for her work in first four seasons in  American game show Deal or No Deal was seen with Tosh in several places. At times the pair were inseparable.

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Daniel Tosh girlfriend
The comedian Daniel Tosh(R) and his girlfriend, Megan Abrigo(L) leaving a party at the Gansevoort South hotel in Miami Beach
Photo Source:

It is normal to have some minor issue between the couple in the relationship but publicly showing dissatisfaction won’t do any favor. Well, Daniel Tosh couldn’t help himself joking about his girlfriend as he made her subject of a laugh during several circumstances. No wonder, his other half didn’t take it lightly with girlfriend Abrigo coming with similar circumstances.

More lately, the pair is never seen together or reported together by any website or tabloids. It seems they part their ways due to change in behavior toward each other. Our cryptic man Tosh is very good at keeping away personal life affair from the profession so it is quite unknown if they ever got married or even engaged.

As for now, Tosh seems to be content with his imaginary Ballerina wife so not a hint of dating any girl or having a girlfriend.

More on Daniel Tosh

Born on May 29, 1975, Daniel Tosh is German born American comedian. Tosh grew up in  Titusville, Florida with religious parents as his father is a Presbyterian minister. After graduation from the University of Central Florida in 1996 with the degree in marketing, he found out being more prominent with a natural sense of humor and clever talks which led him to be a comedian. Further, he is an actor, writer, television host and executive producer.

Tosh is best-known as a stand-up comedian and host of comedy show “Tosh.0” that airs through Central Comedy since 2009.  Tosh intentional offensive and black comedy has helped him gain huge popularity and lots of fans and followers. Now wonder his stand up comedy and tours are always packed with audiences.

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Updated: August 19, 2017


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