Dr. Emily Thomas married to a husband. New baby 2018.

Dr. Emily Thomas is a renowned actor. She recently joined Nat Geo Wild’s TV series “Dr. Jan Pol,” where she works as a veterinary service provider. She has a very relationship with flora and fauna, and more so horses. In this article, you are about to learn more about her life, husband, kids, net worth, and career.

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Her passion for animals

There is not so much about her childhood. There is no information about her parents either. She was born in 1984, and at 33 years of age, she has already accomplished a lot. She hails from Warner Robins, Georgia. Since at a tender age, Emily had a huge interest in animals as well as their habitats. She was adventurous and spend most of her early years in Georgia. This is the reason why she chose to do a veterinary course in college. In 2010, Dr. Pol’s cast Dr. Eimly graduated from the University of Georgia College of veterinary medicine.

Her married life and husband. New baby in 2018. Now she is a mother of three kids.

Emily has a husband, Tony. The couple met in 2007 back in high school. However, little is known about her husband. He has never been seen in any of her shows or the public life. The couple is blessed with two children. They love dogs, and even keep one with three legs. They also own domestic animals such as mules, horses, and cats.

Happy Family: Dr Emily Thomas, with her husband and children

Dr. Emily Thomas with her husband and children

Source: Twitter

The couple welcomed a third child on February 2018. The two who have been together for a decade are enjoying their union. Sources say that Emily is heavily paged and her delivery day is almost near. She is a mother of three since 2018 February. And because of her condition, Emily still appears on her show, but she does minute tasks in the office. Her co-worker Brenda goes to the filed alone.

However, she will soon leave the show for her maternity leave. She has missed a couple of episodes, a move that made her fans wonder if she left the show. But everyone hopes that she will be back as soon as she delivers.

Her career

Dr. Emily is a gifted veterinarian who loves animals to death. After graduating from the university, she worked as an intern in her school majoring in large animal field services, and she also learned more about equine production animals.

She also practiced little expertise in animal husbandry in Newberry South Carolina. Here she honed her skills and knowledge employing most of what she learned in college in real situations. This prepared her for her current show, “Dr. Pol’s.”

She currently lives in Weidman Michigan with her program and others.  Many of her avid followers and fans say that she is doing an incredible job at “Dr. Pol’s, and she is such a darling. Her hard work, dedication, and courage have been praised by many people who always support her.

Net worth

Dr. Emily has made some good money, especially from her show “Dr. Pol.” She has appeared in many episodes, and this has also made her name great, not forgetting the good fortune. Typically, her net worth details are still scanty. However, reliable sources have estimated her net worth to be somewhere around $500,000.

She has made a fortune over time through nothing but hard work. Sources also say that she gets a whopping $18000 per episode. That is some good money, isn’t it?

The Incredible Doctor Pol Cast Dr. Emily Thomas and Jan Pol

The Incredible Doctor Pol Cast Dr. Emily Thomas and Jan Pol

Source: Twitter

However, she is still young, and the future looks promising for her, her net worth is going to shoot up shortly.

Wiki bio

Name Emily Thomas
Nationality American
Residence Weidman, Michigan
Marital status Yes
Husband Tony
Kids 3, expecting the third one
Profession Veterinarian
Net Worth $500k
Salary $18,000
Age 33

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