Edd China Net Worth 2018. See How Much Garage Revival Star Worth after Leaving Wheeler Dealers.

When you talk about cars and all things mechanical, Wheeler Dealers Edd China takes it to a whole other level. Edd specializes in motors and is a professional mechanic and inventor. From an early age Edd China, who was born Edward John China in London on 9 May 1971, was always intrigued by cars and machines. Let’s Find out Edd China Net Worth in 2018.

While at the London South Bank University, where he studied product design engineering, Edd created a driving sofa. The sofa which he named Casual Lofa broke the Guinness World Record for fastest furniture in 1998. Some of Edd’s other inventions hold Guinness World Records for fastest office, mobile bed, toilet, and garden shed.

Edd China Leaves Wheeler Dealers

Other than his ludicrous inventions, Edd China also gained considerable popularity for fixing cars on Wheeler Dealers for over a decade. Wheeler Dealers is a British TV series that was released in 2003 on Discovery Real Time but currently airs on Velocity. In a nutshell, the show illustrates how to fix a car yourself on a budget.

Posted by Edd China on Saturday, September 16, 2017

Edd China was the show’s mechanic from 2003 to 2017 (season 1-13). He repaired, restored, and serviced hundreds of cars. During which time he also shared tips on how to deal with various car problems. However, after 14 years on the show, Velocity announced that Edd China was leaving Wheeler Dealers to pursue other projects.

The statement was issued on March 21, 2017, and was contradicted on the same day by Edd on a YouTube video. In the video, Edd explains he wasn’t engaged in other projects and only left Wheeler Dealers due to work disagreements. These said disagreements concerned cutting back Edd’s fixes at the workshop. And as you’d imagine, he wasn’t exactly ecstatic about that. Although Edd China is no more working in Wheeler Dealers, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of Edd China Net Worth is attributed to Wheeler Dealers.

Edd China new show Garage Revival

Fortunately, it would seem we have not seen the last of Edd China. Edd is back on our screens, sort off. But this time, instead of TV, he is starring in a YouTube series called Edd China’s Garage Revival. Here’s what the show’s promo reads,

“Your favorite mechanic, Edd China from Wheeler Dealers, is back with what we hope will be a new program series. In Edd China’s Garage Revival, Edd will work with car owners, whose restoration projects have got the better of them, to get their plans back on track.”

The pilot episode which is titled ‘The Golf (GT) I’ was released on May 1st. And a week later, the 40-minute show has over 688k views!! In the episode, Edd goes to Norway to repair a Golf MK1 GTI belonging to Volkswagen enthusiast, Stian Jørgensen.

Edd’s fans are super excited to have him back as evident in the video’s comments section. One fan wrote “Brilliant episode, plenty of ‘how to’s’… Looking forward to seeing the next episode.” While another said, ” I see a Bright Future for this Program Great Work Edd.”

Edd China’s net worth, cars

Owing to his invention of the driving sofa, Edd China got his first job in the TV industry in 1994, a special effects technician for Father Ted. In 1999, Edd started Cummfy Banana Limited, a sort of museum for his car inventions and world record attempts. The collection saw him interviewed and appear in many TV shows like Top Gear, Scrapheap Challenge, Fifth Gear, Pulling Power, The Culture Show among others.

Edd China Net worth

Caption:- Edd China’s Net worth is $1.5 Million.

In 2003 Edd started co-presenting Wheeler Dealers with Mike Brewer. He left the show in 2017 citing work disagreements. A year later, on 1 May 2018, Edd released a new YouTube show called Edd China’s Garage Revival. Although his salary over the years is undisclosed, Edd China net worth is estimated to be of at least $1.5 million.

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