Elena Lyons Wiki-Bio: Facts about Grant Cardone Wife.

Image of Elena Lyons Wiki-Bio: Facts about Grant Cardone Wife.

This article will focus on a remarkable woman today. She has seemingly done it all: modeling, acting, investing, and business. Her exploits across these various ventures have been well documented, and make for an exciting read. So in this review, we will dive deep into her biography, drawing focus to her age, net worth, and husband. Who is he? Do they have any children?

Examining their relationship will help us understand this. Elena will make for a fascinating character, and her story is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Meet the multi-talented Elena Lyon. Learn more about her multiple careers. Find out what Elena Lyon net worth is. Know more about Elena Lyon spouse and her family.

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Elena Lyons Cardone was born on the 27th of June 1973 in Madrid, Spain. This makes her 46 years old as of 2019. She is 5ft7 in height. Elena’s father is Curtis Louis Cardone, and her mother’s name is Concetta Nell Cardone. We could not find any information about her early childhood apart from this, so we are unsure if she had any siblings or not.

We were also not able to find out which high school she went to, but we know she would eventually find her way to America to further her acting career. This proved to be one of the best choices she has ever made, as she went on to land starring roles on hit television shows.

Her beauty also enabled her to get into modeling, as she proved equally as successful in this venture. The former model is also a published author with a best seller to her name. There is nothing that this woman cannot do.

Who is Elena Lyons? Her career info.

Elena Lyons is a Spanish entrepreneur, investor, author, and actress. She loves cars and owns a beautiful collection like a yacht and a private jet. As we have mentioned before, the star has tried a hand at several different ventures. To begin with, she co-owns a real estate which is rumored to be worth $1 billion. Elena is also a beautiful and enchanting woman. Her smile has often been described as magical.

So it was not surprising to learn that the businesswoman also moonlights as a model and a successful one at that as she was ranked 76th on Maxim Magazines hot 100 lists in 2004. The former model is also a professional sportswoman as she takes martial arts and defense classes. This has helped contribute to her fabulous physique, further ensuring that she became a great model.

Modeling is a career that requires buckets loads of passion, dedication, mental endurance, and grace, not to mention beauty. Elena has all of this and more. This is one of the reasons she went on to thrive in the field. Besides killing it on the runway, she has also ventured onto our screens.

Image of Elena Lyons from TV series USA High

Elena Lyons from TV series USA High

The star’s first foray into acting came in 1993 when she featured on a show that went on to become a cult phenomenon, saved by the bell. Elena Lyons also starred on the TV series USA High, in which she played Lauren frontline until 1999. During this time, she modeled under elite models management and would also go on to appear in several other shows like Two and a Half Men, Days of Our Lives, Ally AllyMcBeal, Walker Texas Ranger and CSI Crime Scene Investigation.

When acting became too mundane, the former model took to the skies. She spent two months or so ground training, and getting all the experience required to become a certified pilot. Elena is also an expert markswoman, particularly adept at shooting rifles. Her passion has made her an outspoken defender of the second amendment, which is the right to bear arms.

Switching to print, Elena is also a published author. Elena Lyons has two best-selling books under her belt already: Building an Empire and How to Have it All. Surprisingly, there is more to the woman in regards to her career. It seems like go is the only gear the former model has, as her keenness to try new things transcends anything we have ever witnessed before. The actress went on to host two highly successful podcasts along with her husband:  Women in Power and The G&E Show.

Elena Lyons Net Worth. How much is Elena Lyons worth?

As we mentioned above, Elena has dipped her toes in several ventures: acting, modeling, writing, and business.

Each one of these career options is as lucrative as the next one. We witness every day how actors live lavish lifestyles, driving expensive cars, and owning large mansions. This is because depending on their popularity and success in Hollywood, they can earn millions on some of the projects they undertake.

Models also reportedly make an upwards of $40,000 on average, so this was an excellent way for her to build her wealth. Presently, Elena can make an average of $75,000 as a motivational speaker and guidance coach. The former model also charges an exact amount of $50,000 for her private speaking seminar.

Image of Actress, Elena Lyons net worth is $5 million

Actress, Elena Lyons net worth is $5 million

That said, Elena Lyons has an estimated net worth of $5 million. Her wealth has come from another of ventures as we have mentioned: acting, writing, and business. This is what has made her net worth what it is. Let’s not forget that she is also a published author whose book has hit the best seller’s list.

Elena’s husband Grant Cardone, on the other hand, has a reported net worth of $ 300 million. Like the former model, she is also an entrepreneur. He has made his wealth entirely from his business. As his wife, Elena is entitled to part of it, as marriage is a partnership. This means that they share all of their assets, which would make Elena even more productive than her net worth would suggest.

Is Elena Lyons Married? Meet Her Husband, Grant Cardone.

Yes, the former model is a married woman. Elena Lyons husband’s name is Grant Cardone. Like the previous model, the man is also a very successful entrepreneur. He was born on the 21st of March 1958 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. This makes him 61 years old presently. Elena and Grant would meet, and date for a prolonged period before eventually tying the knot on July 4th, 2004.

"Image of Elena Lyons, her husband, and her children

Actress, Elena Lyons with her husband and children

Elena Lyons and her husband Grant Cardone have been married for well over a decade now, and in the process, the two were blessed with two beautiful girls, namely Scarlet Cardone and Sabrina Cardone. The couple has seen both good and bad times in their marriage.

For instance, when they were guests at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, a man opened fire from the windows of the hotel onto a crowd gathered for a music festival down below. It was one of the most deadly mass shooting carried out by a single person in the history of the United States. Luckily Elena and her husbands were unharmed and survived this harrowing ordeal.

Elena Lyon Facts: Age, Wiki, Bio, Real Name

Full name Elena Lyons Cardone
Age 45 years old.
Date of Birth 27th June 1973
Place of Birth Madrid, Spain
Profession Former model, actor, television personality, author, Businesswoman and entrepreneur
Net worth $ 5 million
Husband Grant Cardone
Kids 2
Nationality Spanish
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Parents Curtis Louis Cardone and Concetta Nell Cardone.
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