Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff Relationship Ended but Now, They have Partnered Up Again for Work.

Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff, two of the stars of Bering Sea Gold, the reality TV show that documents the lives of gold dredgers at Nome, surprised fans with their new partnership.

Why? Well, the two used to work together and date in the earlier seasons of the show and both their relationship and co-working didn’t work out.

And therefore, although surprised, fans were excited to see what this new partnership had in store for the two. Would it remind them of their love days and rekindle an old flame?

Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff Relationship and Breakup

It is often said don’t mix your professional and personal life, but, Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff did just that. The two were friends long before Bering Sea Gold. In fact, Zeke was the one that introduced then-girlfriend Emily to gold mining and invited her to Nome to work together.

While it’s not clear when exactly their relationship began, it was ever full of drama and hot temper outbursts that made for good TV and diluted the seriousness that is gold dredging.

They were continually on and off but eventually stuck to off when their relationship problems worsened. Zeke went on from being a friend to boyfriend to an ex-boyfriend.

Emily Reidel and Zeke Tenhoff's relationship, dating life as boyfriend and girlfriend

Emily Reidel and Zeke Tenhoff’s relationship

How Has it been for Them Working Together? Did Things Get Serious?

Zeke and Emily were forced to partner with each other when at one point Emily found herself without mining equipment which Zeke had while Zeke lacked finances which Emily had. A lot of people didn’t expect their partnership to work and I don’t think they did either. But surprisingly enough, it ended up being quite profitable. For instance, they

Of course, there were disagreements and heated exchanges, I mean, this is Zeke and Emily we are talking about after all. However, unlike with their relationship, the two managed to make their partnership work. No better motivation than gold and money to make one stand an ex. When asked by John Soltes of Hollywood SOAPBOX what it was like working with Zeke again, Emily answered,

“Zeke is great. He’s utterly infuriating and impossible at times, and we have had some truly horrible times in the past together. But his approach to gold mining is interesting and creative, so I see the benefit of maintaining a partnership…”

They continued working together but only for a short while, but they currently own and manage separate mining operations individually. And no, working together didn’t bring them back together.

Zeke Tenhoff boyfriend of girlfriend Emily Reidel

Zeke Tenhoff and Emily Reidel, dating again?

Zeke Tenhoff is Dating New Girlfriend Sarah Dunn, What’s Emily’s Relationship Status?

Zeke lost his best friend, John Bunce, in 2012 and he had a hard time coping with the loss to the extent he had resulted in substance abuse. But things seemed to take a turn around for the better when he met his new love, Sarah Dunn in New Orleans. According to Zeek, Sarah helped him get back on track and find his way again.

Zeke Tenhoff's new girlfriend Sarah Dunn and their dating life

Zeke Tenhoff’s new girlfriend Sarah Dunn in the show ‘Bering Sea Gold.’

Zeke Tenhoff girlfriend Sarah Dunn relocated to Nome and opened a Southern-food truck. We assume they are still together as we’ve not heard any rumors suggesting otherwise.

And as for Emily, she’s still single since her breakup with Zeke and seems to be more focused on gold dredging and building her opera musical career at the moment.

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