Everything about Erin Payne, Jake Johnson’s Wife and Children

Erin Payne is one of those people who came in the limelight due to their spouse. She has a family with Jake Johnson to whom she has been married for quite some time now. Since Jake seems to want to keep his personal life out of the limelight, there has been a lot of questions regarding his spouse Erin which have gone unanswered.

Today we will try to alleviate some of the shroud regarding Jake Johnson’s wife, Erin Payne.

Who is Erin Payne?

Erin Payne is from San Diego, where she was born and raised. Payne was born on 8th September 1971 and is currently 48 years of age. While any information about her childhood or her parents is unavailable, we know about her educational endeavors.

Erin attended the School of Art Institute of Chicago in 2002, graduating with BFA in paintings & drawings. Also, in the year 2009, Payne joined the Claremont Graduate University, where she graduated with a Master in Fine Arts in the year 2011.

With her educational background, you might have guessed, Erin is an artist. Primarily she is a painter who focuses on rhythmic painting, landscapes, and sculptures. Payne has displayed her arts in many galleries like OBJCT Gallery, L.A. Mart, Durden, and Ray, etc.

Image of Painter, Erin Payne

Painter, Erin Payne

Erin Payne and Jake Johnson

Erin and Jake both seem to like not making their relationship a media topic, so they haven’t revealed anything about their relationship so far. What we know is they Jake and Erin have been together since 2005. We hope they release information regarding how they met as it would be a fantastic story about the first meeting of a couple who have been together for nearly 15 years now.

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Erin and Jake are married, but even the details about their marriage have been kept a secret. A lot of magazines and even Jake’s Wikipedia page say that Jake and Erin got married in the year 2006. But New York Post has confirmed that the couple got married in July 2011 and not in 2006. So, Erin Payne became Jake Johnson’s wife legally in the year 2011.

Image of Erin Payne with her husband Jack Johnson

Erin Payne with her husband, Jack Johnson

Jake and Erin can occasionally be seen together at red carpet parties or Erin’s art exhibitions. But other than that, nothing regarding their dating life or marriage life has been revealed. Jake considers himself a lucky man, having found a partner like Erin. Erin has been with Jake since he just started out in Hollywood when he had nothing with him. She always supported him and loved him. Jake in an interview even said,

“I love my wife. Hopefully, I never get divorced.”

Erin and Jake’s relation seem to be going strong. With no rumors about infidelity or adultery in either part, the couple complements each other and looks really good together.

Erin Payne and Jake Johnson: Children

Jake and Erin decided to get married in 2011 after they were ready to have kids. So, in the year 2013, Erin gave birth to twins. While this hasn’t been confirmed, our speculation comes from an Interview where Jake said his daughter is three and a half years old, this interview was taken in 2017.

Again, from the same interview, we can say that Erin and Jake’s children are over five years of age right now. Also, the name of their children has been revealed as well in another interview by Jake Johnson. Erin and Jake have named their twin son and daughter Dan and Rachel Johnson, respectively.

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It is unknown if the couple is planning for another child any time soon, but what we will make sure to update you guys about any such news as soon as we get our hands on them.

Erin Payne Net Worth, Income and Profession

Erin is a professional artist and has quite successfully established her self through the years. Being the wife of a star probably helped her in gaining popularity as an artist, but it wouldn’t have helped had her works not been up to par.

So, we can say, Erin is a successful and talented painter. She has held exhibitions in many reputed venues like Groundspace Project, Durden and Ray, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, OBJCT Gallery, and L.A. Mart. The average yearly income of a painter in America is $41,439, but we can assume that Erin makes above average due to her fame in the field.

Erin’s husband, Jake Johnson, has a net worth of $8 million, according to The Richest and Celebrity Net Worth. While Erin’s net worth does not amount as much as her husband, she has a net worth of $700k, which is pretty reputable and above average for a painter in America.

In her career as a painter, Payne won the New American Painting Reader’s Choice award in 2012.

Erin Payne Wiki

Name Erin Payne
Date of Birth 8th September 1971
Profession Painter, Artist
Relationship status Married
Spouse(s) Jake Johnson
Children Two (Both with Jake Johnson (Twins))
Son – Dan Johnson
Daughter – Rachel Johnson
Net Worth $700,000
Height 1.75m (5ft 9 inches)
Zodiac sign Virgo

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