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Everything about Fred Couples Wife Thais Baker; How did She Die?

Image of Everything about Fred Couples wife Thais Baker; how did she die

Thais Baker is an American model who gained fame as the wife of famous Stev Bren and Fred Couples. Former President Ronald Reagan was invited to Thais and Steve’s wedding celebration in 1988. While she and Stev were married for only two years, they had two kids together.

After the short marriage with Stev, Thais met Fred while she was a single mother. This was when Thais gained most of her fame, more than when she was a model, as the girlfriend of Fred Couples and later as Fred Couples’ wife. There is a lot more to know about Thais Baker than this, stay with us as we share what we know.

Who is Thais Baker?

Thais Baker’s family is the direct descendant of the founding families of  Santa Barbara. She was born in the year 1962 on February 26. Hence, she would have been 57 years of age at the time of writing this article. But, she passed away in the year 2009 on February 17.

Born to father LaVern and motherArvilla (Covell) Creger in Santa Barbara, Thais grew up in Malibu. Thais graduated from a local high school and didn’t pursue any higher education. Instead, she had started her modeling career and moved to new york after high school. But later, she moved back to Malibu to live with her parents.

Image of Model, Thais Baker
Model, Thais Baker

Thais Baker Wedding and Husband

Baker met Stev for the first time in Malibu after moving back from New York. Two of them fell in love and decided to get married. Therefore, in the year 1988, Stev and Thais married, and within the next two years, they had two children.  Stev and Thais realized they were no longer happy with each other. Hence, they got divorced in the year 1990 after Thais was a mother of two.

Later as Thais was raising her childrens as a single mother, she met Fred, and they fell in love. As time went on, they wanted to officiate their relationship and decided to get married. In the year 1998, Fred Couples and Thais Baker got married. Furthermore, Fred treated Thais’ children from a previous marriage as his own and helped raise them with love and care.

Image of Thais Baker and her husband Fred Couple
Thais Baker and her husband, Fred Couple

Thais was diagnosed with cancer right after she got married to Fred. Though Fred was with her and vowed to be with her throughout the whole ordeal, their relationship kept on degrading. After fighting for some time against cancer and beating it for the time, Thais realized that she didn’t want to be with Fred. She then filed for divorce.

Thais Baker Children

Baker only has two children, and she had both of them during her marriage with Stev Bran. Their names are Gigi and Oliver, Gigi was born in 1988 and Oliver was born in 1990. Gigi is currently 31 years old, and Oliver is 29 years old.

Thais doesn’t have any other children. She never had children with Fred as their relationship started degrading after their marriage and cancer diagnosis. When Thais died in 2009, Fred was concerned for the kids and wanted to take care of Oliver as Oliver wasn’t yet ready to face society.

Thais Baker Death and It’s Cause

Thais was diagnosed with breast cancer the same year she got married to Fred, 1998. She fought against cancer, and Fred was by her side for most of it. After Baker was able to recover from breast cancer, she decided to divorce Fred. As Thais felt that  Fred wasn’t by her side during her treatment.

Fred also blames the divorce on his busy schedule and Thais’s getting sick, as he couldn’t contribute as much time for her. Couples and Baker were no longer in talking term because of the filed divorce. Thais went back to Santa Barbara to live in her childhood home.

But her cancer relapsed, and she got bedridden, but this time she wasn’t able to defeat cancer and succumbed to it. Thais Baker died of breast cancer on February 17, 2009, in her childhood house in Santa Barbara. The divorce proceedings were never finalized as she passed away before it got processed.

Thais Baker Net Worth and Income

Baker used to work as a model in the early 80s. Though she stopped working shortly after some time, she got married to a racecar driver Stev and shared his net worth until they were married. But after getting divorced from Stev, she was on her own.

Thais later got married to Fred Couples and shared his net worth with him. Though she had filed for divorce, it never got through, and she died before they got divorced. So, it is fair to say that Bakers shares her husband’s net worth. Her husband, Fred Couples, has a net worth of $120 million, which he earned throughout his career as a professional golfer.

No financial details about Thais Baker have been released, and hence, her annual income is unknown. Similarly, Thais Baker’s net worth is under review, and her death has made it next to impossible to trace her net worth.

Wiki Facts about Thais Baker

Name Thais Baker
Date of Birth February 26, 1962
Parents LaVern
Arvilla Creger
Profession Model
Relationship status Married
Spouse(s) Stev Bren (m.1988 – div.1990)
Fred Couples (m. 1998 – died.2009)
Children Two (Both with Stev Bren)
Daughter – Gigi (b.1988)
Son – Oliver (b.1990)
Net Worth Under Review
Zodiac Sign Pisces

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