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Fuzz Townsend’s Net Worth. His Wife, Age in Wiki-Bio.

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Fuzz Townsend's Net Worth Facts Married Life

Fuzz Townshend is a TV presenter, a journalist and a musician but most famous for appearing as a presenter in ‘Cars SOS.’ He is a car enthusiast and has various automobile-related investments like garages and car restoration business.

Fuzz Townshend is undeniably one of the leading causes people love to watch Nat Geo’s ‘Car SOS.’  We can’t give all the credit to him however after all the important contribution from his show’s another presenter, Tim Shaw. His TV fame has given him a large sum of salary to form his incredible net worth. Learn all about with other facts from his wiki like his age, wife and married life. Also, learn about his co-star and presenter Tim Shaw.

Fuzz Townshend’s Net Worth.

Believe it or not, Fuzz Townshend began his career as a musician and joined the band known as ‘General Public and later shifted to the local Indie band ‘Pop will eat itself’ and played with them as a drummer for 4 and a half years. He was a great success over the UK and also toured over North America with Nine Inch Nails. The drummer released in solo ‘Hello Darlin’ in 1996. He became a college lecturer for music since 2004.

The ‘Car SOS’ star also has had a career in writing and journalism and has written for Practical Classics and Technical Editor. He moved on to doing freelance but again shifted career to automobiles like his recent find of Classic Friendly Ltd. a garage for classic cars. He has also invested in traditional cars restoration business and other garages. His diverse career and hard work must result in very impressive net worth.

Fuzz Townsend's Net Worth
Caption:- Fuzz Townsend’s Net Worth is $5 Million.

If we are to talk about his net worth, then we can’t leave out his TV career. He was invited for a screening of ‘Cars SOS’ and quickly got the job in the National Geographic Show. It is here he met fellow presenter Tim Shawn, and they show great chemistry on TV. Being associated with such ad namely network and show means that he must have a surprising amount of net worth. His net worth is accumulated to be of around $5 million.

Fuzz Townshend’s Wife and Married Life

Fuzz is a private man who likes to keep things like his married life away from the media, but still, he wasn’t persistent enough to hide the fact that he is married. His wife goes by the name Cressida Townshend, and though you can find her name in any Fuzz Townshend related article, there is not much written about his wife. That is because ‘Car SOS’ star has done a great job in keeping his wife’s details a secret.

He might not let out much on his married life, but it seems like that he can’t keep the part of his children out. He looks like a good husband just by looking at how good of a father he is with his three children, all sons; Honor, Oscar, and Johnny. He often puts pictures of his youngest son Johnny on his Twitter.

Fuzz Townshend’s Wiki-bio

Fuzz Townshend was born on 31st July 1964 which makes her 53 years of age. His wiki-bio tells that he was unique in his school for his afro and also got his name there as Fuzz. His real name is John Richard, Keith Townshend. His mother had bought him a drum kit with the prize money she received instead of a Vauxhall Chevette she won. He learned to play at a local jazz club called Al Reed and made his debut in March 1977.

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