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George Santo Pietro Wiki-Biography; Net Worth and Children of Vanna White’s Ex-Husband

George Santo Pietro rose to the scene as a real estate mogul, restauranter, and film director. Remember those old shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood? Well, he had a role to play in their camera and electrical department as well. So what has he been up to these days? Well for one, he had three wives to keep him company and start a life with. For more on George Santo Pietro’s net worth, and wiki-bio, be sure to read all of it.

Who is George Santo Pietro? Wiki, Bio

George Santo Pietro came into this world in 1946 December 14th, making him 72 this year. He was a restaurateur, film director, and currently a real estate developer. Pietro worked on lots of TV shows like Buffy the vampire slayer, the X-files, L.A. doctors, Alias, True blood and Pushing Daisies. His fame also grew after he married his ex-wife a famous TV personality and actress, Vanna White. 

The real estate developer also owns a well-known Italian restaurant in Bel-Air, California, His restaurant was initially situated in a hidden Hollywood strip mall at around Mulholland Drive named “Santopietro’s. Later, he started a sushi restaurant called Sushi-ko, which became so popular and that it lasted over a decade. 

Similarly, George Santo Pietro became popular after marrying TV personality Vanna White his wife. George had become one of the most searched celebrities, due to his former married life with Vanna White. Learn about their children and also focus on George’s solo career and net worth

George Santo Pietro’s Net Worth

As a real estate developer, George Santo Pietro has gained a significant net worth and a lot of assets and fortune as a restaurateur and real estate developer. In 2007, George sold his Beverly Hills Italian Villa at $50 million. Again, another mansion of 30,000 sq. Ft. With lots of luxuries was sold for $23.5 million. His real estate sales give us a faint idea of his immense net worth.

Image of Vanna White's ex-husband George Santo Pietro net worth is $14 million

Film director, George Santo Pietro net worth is $14 million

We’ve found out that George Santo Pietro’s has $14 million value of net worth with lots of assets and properties. Most of the money he earned was because of his career as a real estate developer, but he also gained lots of money with Hollywood presence and as a restaurateur. As long as he continues his career, his assets, properties, and net worth will continue to increase.  

George Santo Pietro Married Life with Wife

George Santo Pietro married Vanna White in 1990. Before marrying Vanna, he had another marriage up his sleeves. He was married to Linda Evans in 1981. The marriage did not last very long as the couple divorced in 1985. Linda gave birth to a baby girl in 1882, and they had named her Andrea Santo Pietro.

After this first divorce in 1990, the restauranter fell in love with Vanna White and married her. In 1992, shortly after their marriage, Vanna announced her pregnancy in a TV program. But unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. However, Pietro was always supportive of Vanna, and he stayed by her side all the time. 

The couple did not lose hope of getting pregnant. And after five years of their marriage, they had Niko Santo Pietro, their son. And again in 1997, five years before their divorce, Vanna gave birth to another baby girl, Gigi Santo Pietro.  

Image of Vanna White with her kids Giovanna (Gigi) and Nicholas (Nikko) with ex-husband George Santo Pietro

Vanna White with her kids’ daughter Giovanna (Gigi) and son Nicholas (Nikko)

After the 12 years, the couple ended their marriage and had a divorce on 12th May 2002. George Santo Pietro does not seem to be good at long term relationships.

George married his ex-wife Vanna White in 1990 after getting a divorce with his first wife. The wedding took place after Vanna’s fiancé died in a plane crash the same year. But as George and Vanna had a very pleasing marriage and both of them were happy with each other, the mystery of why they got divorced remains unsolved.  

George Santo Pietro and Melissa Mascari Relationship

In 2004, George Santo Pietro started dating a TV presenter Melissa Mascari for a year from 2004 to 2005. After three years of the divorce with Vanna White, in 8th October, the couple married and are still married till this date. George and his current wife Melissa are parents to a daughter named Chiara Santo Pietro, who was born after two years of their marriage, in 2007. 

Image of Vanna White's ex-husband George Santo Pietro and wife Melissa Mascari

George Santo Pietro and his wife, Melissa Mascari

Who is George Santo Pietro’s Ex-wife, Vanna White?

Vanna White was born on February 18, 1957, is an American TV personality and film actress. Vanna’s parents divorced while she was still an infant. As a result, the surname White is from her stepdad Herbert Stackley White Jr., a former real estate broker.  

Image of TV Personality and George Santo Pietro's ex-wife Vanna White

TV Personality, Vanna White

Vanna debuted in a game show called “The prince is right” on 20th June 1980. The people first criticized Vanna for having lousy acting skills. But later in 2006, she was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

 Vanna had dated John Gibson and was engaged to him too. But, sometimes good times don’t last for long as Gibson died in a plane crash. After his death, Vanna married George Santo Pietro which also did not turn out fruitful as they divorced soon.  

After the divorce, Vanna had been engaged to a businessman Michael Kaye between 2004 to 2006, but in the end, the engaged couple never ended up marrying each other.

Quick facts about George Santro Pietro

Name George Santo Pietro
Age 72
Birthdate 1946
Birthplace America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Real estate developer
Spouse Vanna White
Net Worth $14 million
Height  Average
Weight Average
Marital Status Married
Children One
Social Media N/A
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