Heather Storm’s Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Salary, Age, Husband, Boyfriend

Intelligent, beautiful and witty are the three words that define Heather Storm in her bio and trust us that it’s an understatement if not the truth. She is an exuberant American personality who is recognized mostly for her work as the host of ‘Garage Squad.’ She is a multitalented woman who reflects in her large net worth and salary. Find out her source of income behind her net worth and also learn about her marriage and dating life while you’re at it. Find out if the beautiful and charming host of ‘Garage Squad’ has a boyfriend or husband displayed in her wiki and bio.

Heather Storm’s Net Worth, Salary

Heather Storm is not all just beauty but diligent and smart as well. The reason why she chose a career in racing tracks rather than a modeling track.

Heather Storm besides hosting for ‘Garage Squad’ she is famous for a traveling based podcast called ‘Man seeks Adventure’ which is another source of her net worth. Her estimated net worth is unclear, but as reported by some sites it is as much as an approximately 1.7 million USD.

The Amazing Heather Storm's Wiki and Bio Net Worth

Caption:- Heather Storm’s Net Worth is $1.7 Million.

You may find it surprising but knowing Heather you will feel different. Her talent and experience out measure her career. She is interested in cooking as well, but one of her many skills is mixology having even appeared as a recurring guest in the highly popular Playboy Morning show, ‘The MixDown’ as a mixologist. Her talents and source of income do not end there. She is also an environmental scientist, advocate, SCUBA rescue diver, and spokesperson. Another source of income for her salary and net worth is her work as a Sommelier which she achieved due to her keen interest in wine tasting.

As a social influencer and spokesperson as well she has starred in more than 50 national commercials and advertisements. The only female member of the hit show ‘Garage Squad’ also has her lifestyle blog related to cars, traveling and cooking and several other multimedia concepts.

Heather Storm’s Husband or Dating Life and Boyfriend:

Heather Storm is a dime of a woman, so it is only natural for her fans and followers to be interested in her dating or married life. Well bother of her married, and dating life is non-existent. There is not much explained about her married life on the whole web which leads us to believe that she probably does not have a husband. It would be pretty difficult to hide a husband for a woman of her stature. So she does not have a husband but what of her boyfriend and dating life?

Her dating life is also equally missing information, and there are no tabs on her dating any boyfriend currently. However, she did promote a music video titled ‘Same Disease’ by musician David Hause and said that he was her first boyfriend.

Heather Storm’s Age

There is a big deal of confusion regarding the age of Heather Storm. There are no official sources where we can obtain her age or birthday from however many unofficial sources have displayed a somewhat sketchy looking information that her birthday is in 13th June 1962 making her 56-years-old in age. The info is preposterous as she seems only in her early 30s and her Twitter activity denotes her birthday is on 24th May.

Heather Storm’s Wiki-Bio:

Heather Storm’s bio states that she grew up in Montana. Her DIY Maverick father taught her many important things like the use of tools, shoot guns and everything that made her an independent woman. That is probably the reason she grew up to be somewhat like a tomboy. She also grew up to be an adventure seeking nature lover which has driven her to travel to 20 countries. As per her wiki, she is American by nationality and has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

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