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Is Hilary Farr Married? Know Her Husband, Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, Wiki/Bio

Image of Is Hilary Farr Married. Know Her Husband, Net Worth, Plastic Surgery, Wiki/Bio

Hilary Farr is a Television Personality, famous Canadian home designer. She came to the limelight for co-hosting the Love It or List It show on the HGTV and W Network.

She was the very first designer in history to stage assets for sale in her hometown, Toronto. At her age, it is most likely that Hilary Farr is married. The question is who her husband is?

It is alleged that the secret behind her beauty is plastic surgery. Learn about this celebrity, her wiki-bio,  and her net worth.


Hilary Farr was born in 1952 in Toronto, Canada. She will be turning 67 on 31st August 2019. Her upbringing was in London, England in the United Kingdom.

She holds a British-Canadian nationality, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Her birth name is Hilary Labow. It was only after having gotten married that she changed her name to Hilary Farr.

Her wiki-bio has not disclosed any information about her family background.

Concerning her education, she studied at Ryerson University.


Hilary Farr’s career began to rise in the 1970s. She relocated to Los Angeles where she started a business in renovating properties. She grew up with this passion, which turned out to be her very best career. Hilary Farr took after her mother who was very passionate about decorating their home.

At first, she bought people’s homes and TV show sets and could professionally renovate them. With time, she started getting contracts to renovate other people’s properties.

She was contracted by high profiled personalities in Australia, California, New York, Toronto and in the U.K. Some of the homes she renovated belonged to Jenna Elfman and also Jennifer Hudson.

At the same time, the celebrity was also pursuing her career in acting. She made appearances in movies like Sex Farm, Layout for 5 Models and Never Mind. Also, in the Quality, Feel the Width, Legend of the Werewolf City on Fire and The Return. 

From 2008, she has been co-hosting on the show Love It or List It together with David VisentinIn 2010, she appeared as a judge in Search for the Next W Expert. This was a show that was aired on the W Network.

Image of Hilary Farr cast from Love It or List It  show
Hilary Farr cast from Love It or List It  show

She has since then appeared in several other shows. These include The Canadian International Interior Design Show.  She also appeared in The Marilyn Denis Show and the Huffington Post (HuffPo).

Her appearance on television has not only given her fame but also much wealth. Her net worth has since then increased greatly.

Hilary Farr is also the President of Hilary Farr’s Designs based in Toronto and New York City.

Is Hilary Farr Married? Meet Her Husband and Children

Hilary Farr was previously married to Gordon Farr. Hilary Farr’s husband was a Canadian screenwriter and a television producer. The couple got married on September 12, 1982.

They were blessed with a boy child. However, she has kept her son away from the spotlight. Not his name or any details about him have been disclosed to the public.

Image of Hilary Farr with her ex-husband Gordon Farr
Hilary Farr with her ex-husband Gordon Farr

After some years together, they started having differences in their marriage. This was what finally led to their divorce in 2008. In their 26 years of marriage, they are no records in wiki-bio about them having other children.

After divorcing her husband, Hilary Farr was linked to David Visentin. He is her co-star in the Love It or List It show. However, David Visentin is married to his beloved wife, Krista Visentin. Furthermore, neither of them has publicly confirmed this rumor.

As per the available wiki-bio information, the interior designer is not currently married to a husband.

Hilary Farr Net Worth

Hilary Farr’s net worth is estimated at $8 million. She has acquired this fortune from her excellent interior designer career and acting.

Image of Television Presenter, Hilary Farr net worth is $8 million
Television Presenter, Hilary Farr net worth is $8 million

The demand for her expertise is increasing as she gets wide publicity through her television show. This, therefore, brings a prospection that her net worth is shooting even higher in the coming years.

Hilary Farr Plastic Surgery and Measurements

Hilary Farr’s body measurements are 35-25-36 inches. She has an amazing height of 5 feet 9 inches and a weight of 58.5 kg.

Image of Hilary Farr height is 5 Feet 9 Inches
Hilary Farr height is 5 Feet 9 Inches

From the look, you can tell that Hilary Farr has had a few facelifts. Her face gives a picture of a younger person than she is. The plastic surgery is also more evident on her nose. There is a great difference between her current nose appearances compared to her earlier appearance.

It is also evident she has done some Botox injections. There are no wrinkles on her face. Hilary Farr looks 20 as at now. She has completely lost her natural look. However, she seems comfortable with the numerous plastic surgeries she has done on her body.

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