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Iconic Dr. Nowzaradan: Net Worth, Marriage Life, Wife, Children, and Age

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  • January 25, 2023January 25, 2023
Iconic Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth, Marriage Life, Wife, Children, Age


Born on October 11, 1944, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan is a real force to reckon with, and an outstanding iconic figure in the medical circles. He is of Iranian descent, and he relocated to the USA in his youthful years in the 1970s. His medical prowess is quite impressive owing to his impeccable medical training in the University of Tehran – which is one of the best and renowned universities in Iran, not to mention his a vast experience.

Nowzaradan net worth, salary, and sources of income

Though Dr. Nowzaradan keeps a lot about his finances to himself, reliable sources have it that the doctor has a net worth of $4 million. Moreover, information about his monthly salary is scanty.

His main source of income is attributed to his medical career. He earns some good bucks from the surgeries that he performs: including highly risky ones that even other surgeons turn down. His sharp skills out of his over three decades of active surgical practice have earned him great success both in his career and even financially.

Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth, Marriage Life, Wife, Children, Age

Caption:- Dr. Nowzaradan has a Net Worth of $4 Million.

Career info

Dr. Nowzaradan’s medical career kick-started in 1970 when he graduated from the University of Tehran – School of Medical Sciences. He specializes in gastric bypass surgery which he is highly renowned for, and he has even been featured in a health program called “My 600 Lb Life.” This program is broadcasted far and wide, and it has garnered a huge following. It also attracts many patients to him and consequently increases his income.

His domineering medical knowledge has highly transformed the health, wellness and surgical spheres. He has maneuvered many high-risk surgical cases that seemed impracticable, and also invented many other surgical procedures. He is so enterprising because he is never afraid of complicated surgeries and patients are confident in him.

Dr. Nowzaradan Net Worth

CAption:- Dr. Nowzaradan with his patient

Marriage life, wife, and kids

Dr. Nowzaradan got married to Delores Nowzaradan in 1975. Before getting married to him, Delores was working as a secretary, and she decided to quit her job to assume the roles of a housewife. She was supportive to him, she raised her children and also took care of Dr. Nowzaradan’s mother who was living with them. The couple remained together and they were blessed with three children among them is Jonathan Nowzaradan. The identity of the other two children has remained scanty because they are not in the public limelight.

Dr. Nowzaradan wife Delores Nowzaradan

Cation:- Dr. Nowzaradan with his ex-wife Delores Nowzaradan

However, their marriage hit a hard rock in 2002, and they divorced. The reason for their divorce might be that his busy life as a surgeon could have propagated it. After divorcing his former wife, Dr. Nowzaradan has remained single.

Wiki-bio, Age

This 74-year-old veteran doctor is both a doctor and a surgeon who has helped many overweight and obese patients. His main area of specialization is gastric surgery. He has gone a notch higher by investing in television programs whereby he discusses weight challenges. Age has caught up with him when still in his medical career. He has performed many gastric surgeries successfully without hiccups due to his vast experience – which has helped him to master everything. Furthermore, his prowess gives him confidence, and he is one of the most sought-after gastric surgeons.

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