Jarrod Schulz Wife, Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Height, House, Wiki-Bio

Jarrod Schulz is an infamous American TV personality – particularly distinguished for being a cast member of A&E’S Storage Wars. Furthermore, he is a renowned Now and Then Thrift Store’s co-owner, not to mention that he is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, and a storage unit buyer. He is nicknamed The Young Gun.

Jarrod Schulz Wiki bio

Jarrod Charles M. Schulz was born on October 15, 1977, in Long Beach, California, USA. His parents were of white ethnicity, and he has American nationality. Before his fame, Jarrod worked as a sales manager in Tustin, California for a carpet cleaning company. Jarrod Schulz bio cannot be complete without saying that he was once arrested in 1997, and charged with trafficking narcotics. Consequently, he was imprisoned for 16 months. Jarrod and his family now reside in Lake Forest, California.

Married to wife, Brandi Passante, and Children

Jarrod Schulz is a family man, and he is married to Jarrod Schulz wife – Brandi Passante. The duo jointly run their business, and they met in 1999: when they were both working for the carpet cleaning company. Jarrod and Brandi fell in love and dated for a long time. After reaching the climax of their love, the duo decided to take their relationship a notch higher by getting married and settling down. They later got married and proudly sired Jarrod Schulz children:

Image of Jarrod Schulz with his wife (Brandi Passante) and their kids ( Payton Schulz and Camren Schulz )

Jarrod Schulz with his wife (Brandi Passante) and their kids ( Payton Schulz and Camren Schulz)

Camren Schulz and Payton Schulz. Contrary to many celebrity couples, they are good to each other, and they are not followed up and down by bad reports. They have done their best to retain the best rapport and cohesion, which is not the norm of celebrity couples. Jarrod and his wife rhyme very well, and they support and back up one another in the best way possible. You can say that the couple is made up of simpatico, and that is why they merged and became one inseparable item. Not much is known about their children because they have concealed it.

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth, Age, Salary, TV career

Jarrod Schulz net worth is approximated to be around $2 million – which he has amassed from his TV career and personal businesses. He and his wife Brandi Passante is a celebrity couple, and they appear together on Reality TV shows that give them good returns.

Image of Jarrod Schulz net worth is $2 million

Jarrod Schulz net worth is $2 million

He owns his store, not to mention that he also owns a clothing company dubbed Outlaw Apparel. The TV shows give him good returns which have added to what he has regarding wealth and savings. Jarrod’s annual salary on TV is around $700,000, which is quite impressive. The couple jointly hosts Brandi & Jarrod: Married to a Job Reality TV show. Brandi Passante husband, Jarrod Schulz age is 40 years, and he celebrates his wealth on October 15 of every year.

Jarrod Schulz House, Shop, Height

Jarrod Schulz height is 6 feet 2 inches which makes him very handsome like how many ladies desire. He has been actively involved in business and entrepreneurship ever since his youth. Consequently, he has made a lot of money that has added up to his net worth.

Image of Jarrod Schulz height

Jarrod Schulz height is 6 ft 2

His business investments include his stores, his clothing outlet, not to mention that he is a storage unit buyer. Jarrod Schulz is a factotum- a real jack of all trades, and surely his ambitiousness has not disappointed him. Jarrod Schulz is an entrepreneur, a fashion designer, and a Reality TV show host. All these give him good returns – particularly his TV career. He has soared both in his career as well as in making money. Jarrod Schulz house is located in Lake Forest, and they began their mortgage business from there. However, it did not sustain long, because they later changed their minds and decided to invest in TV production.

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