Jay McGraw Net Worth, Wife, Married, Erica Dahm, Children, Age, House, Cars

It is not easy for people to grow up as a child of someone incredibly famous and renowned in any field. It’s even harder to pursue a career in the same area as the celebrity parents. The pressure of upholding the legacy is a significant pressure and while many try to sustain it only a few succeed. One of them is undoubtedly Jay McGraw whose father is perhaps the most famous psychologist in Television history, Dr. Phil McGraw.

Jay McGraw also has interest in a career conjoining to that of his father in TV and books writing. Learn more facts about his life like his net worth and salary along with introductions to his wife, kids, and married life. Find out all about his age, birthdate, house, cars and much more from his wiki-bio.

Jay McGraw is married to Wife, Erica Dahm, and Children

Jay McGraw is undoubtedly a lucky man, not only does he have an inspirational dad but also having an incredibly beautiful wife. Yes, Jay McGraw is a married man, and he is fully committed to his wife, Erica Dahm. Jay and his wife Erica have three lovely children together as well. They gave birth to their first daughter named Avery in March 2010.

Image of Jay Mcgraw with his wife Erica Dahm

Jay Mcgraw with his wife, Erica Dahm

They also broke the news of the upcoming arrival of their second child; it later turned out to be a son that they named London who was born on 31st of August in 2011.

His wife, Erica certainly does not seem like a mother of two. She even used to be a Playboy model who is native to Minnesota. The two had met, fell in love and gotten married at Jay’s parent’s house in Beverly Hills on 12th August 2002. They have been married for more than 16 years. The couple currently resides in their family home in The Oakes Estates of Calabasas, California.

They moved there the same year they got married in 2011 because of the good schools in the region. But ultimately also learned that the environment was very similar to the home environment of both the husband and wife with good people and neighborhood.

Jay McGraw Net Worth, Salary, House, Cars

Jay McGraw is a very successful person in his way. He has been an executive producer for his dad’s show ‘Dr. Phil‘ and also appeared on the show many times. He also became the host of the show ‘Renovate My Family‘ which was run by the FOX network. Jay McGraw is also the CEO and President of his own TV production company called Stage 29 Productions in Los Angeles.

He is also the co-founder of the same production company with his father, Phil McGraw. It is no mystery to gain an idea about his incredibly large net worth. The prospects of his career do not just end there; he is an accomplished writer or author as well. Following his father’s footsteps, he came into writing by publishing his very own book on self-care for teenagers when he was just 19 years old.

About his upstanding he only had to say this, “A 19-year-old knows what another 19-year-old is going through,” Jay said.

“And this particular 19-year-old had gotten a lot of answers from his parents.”

He also has gone on to write other favorite books like ‘Life Strategies for Teens’ in 2000. He added ‘Daily Strategies for Teens’ and ‘Closing the Gap.’ Jay McGraw net worth is estimated to be a stupendously large amount of 12.5 million dollars.

Image of Jay Mcgraw net worth is $12.5 million

Jay McGraw net worth is $12.5 million

Age, Birth Date

Jay McGraw was born on 12th September 1979 in Wichita Country Texas. It means Jay is currently 38 years old but will turn 39 years old on September 12.

Jay McGraw is the son of psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw famous for the show ‘Dr. Phil’ and his mother is Robin McGraw who is also a best-selling author. He is an author who has written many books about self-help targeting teenagers. Jay McGraw is also an executive producer in his father’s show and CEO, President and Co-founder of Stage 29 Productions Company. He has one sibling brother named Jordan who is seven years younger than him regarding age.

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