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Jordan Bone Biography, Net Worth, Dating, Parents, Height, NBA, Stats

Image of Jordan Bone Biography, Net worth, Dating, Parents, Height, NBA, Stats

Having a career in Basketball is very rewarding, and as for Jordan Bone, he is no exception. Since he was drafted in the 2019 NBA to play for the Detroit Pistons, his rankings have gone up. In the coming years, he could rise to the epitome of the best players globally. Aside from Basketball, Jordan Bone has an incredible personal life which this article will break down today. Read below to know more about Jordan Bone’s family, net worth, age, and relationship life.

Who is Jordan Bone?

Jordan Latham Bone was born on 5 November 1997 in Nashville, Tennessee. He carries an American nationality, and his ethnicity is black. Jordan Bone’s father is a Sheriff’s deputy in Davidson County. Surprisingly, he also played Basketball in Berry College. Her mother’s name is Rhonda, and there is minimal information about her.

He has two brothers named Josh Bone and Jaryn. Jordan attended Ensworth High School and later on joined College where he majored in Recreation and Sport management. The name of the institution is still unknown by our online sources.

Image of Basketball Player, Jordan Bone
Basketball Player, Jordan Bone

Jordan Bone Net Worth and Salary

Jordan began his career after High School, but his passion for Basketball was so immense since his childhood. He started his basketball career by playing for the Tennessee Volunteers. As a freshman, his points clocked at 7.2, 1.7 rebounds and 2.9 assists in every game.  Also in his second year at College, Bones averaged at 2.1 rebounds, 3.5 assists per game and 7.3 points.

After College and successful career in the basketball pitch, Jordan was declared for the 2019 NBA draft. While there, he was selected by the New Orleans Pelicans and immediately sold to Detroit Piston. Since then, Jordan has been shining in many of the games he plays, bringing about an increase in his net worth.

Image of American Basketball player, Jordan Bone net worth is currently not available
American Basketball player, Jordan Bone net worth is currently not available

Since Bone began his career, he has been living quite a luxurious life owing to the considerable salary he gets. As a result, he enjoys all the benefits like vacations, a huge house, and lavish cars. However, we do not know the accurate details of what he owns. Jordan Bone’s net worth is also still under review.

Is Jordan Bone Dating Girlfriend or Single?

There have been no rumours or controversies against Jordan Bone dating someone. Currently, he seems to be more focused on playing Basketball and gaining more income. No girlfriend name has come up in our search so far. No reports link him to having past relationships, needless to say; his record is sparkling clean.

"Image Jordan Bone is dating no any girlfriend currently
Basketball player, Jordan Bone is currently single

Jordan Bone Parents

Jordan Bone is the son to Sheriff’s deputy in Davidson County although his name is not known by our online sources. His mother is Rhonda. More information on her life and career is still under review.

Jordan Bone NBA, Stats

Since he began his career, Jordan Bone has had a successful journey in the basketball world. His points rose highly and reached a good point when he was a sophomore. Even before that, while he was a freshman, Jordan appeared in 23 games during his freshman campaign and sadly missed nine games due to a knee injury. He also owned the team’s best 1.77 assists and turnover ratio.

While a sophomore, Jordan Bone turnover ratio stood at 2.5 while his season ratio was 2.8, making him be ranked second in the SEC and 16th in the country. He had the highest career assists in the game against Kentucky back in 2018. Jordan has also received awards like the one for Bob Cousy National Point Guard of the year where he was ranked top 10.  He also set the Tennessee single-record for having an assist-turnover ratio at 2.9.

As of 2019, we cannot give accurate stats of his game in Detroit Pistons, but as time goes by, his record may be clear enough.

Measurements: Height and Weight

Jordan Bone has massive 35.9k followers on Instagram. There he actively interacts with his fans through his videos and in the comments section. Aside from the media life, Jordan has been spotted several times with his family and seems to be very happy around them. Also, his family has been spotted in his games, showing substantial moral support to him hence his exemplary career record.

He is also a motivator to many people through his videos on Instagram, and even in some of the interviews, he has been to. If you wish to become a professional Basketball player, then he could be the next best person to look up to. His height is 1.9m tall.

Image of Jordan Bone height is 6 feet 2 inches
Jordan Bone height is 6 feet 2 inches

Jordan Bone Age, Birth Name, Wiki-Bio

Birth name Jordan Latham Bone
Date of Birth 5 November 1997
Place of Birth Nashville, Tennessee
Age 21
Net worth Under review
Profession Basketball player
Height 1.9m
Weight 82kg
Relationship Status Single
Children None
Death-O-meter Alive


Jordan Bone’s net worth and salary are currently under review. Also, there are no reports about him dating a girlfriend or in a relationship. No sources reveal whether he has children or not.



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