‘Fire Up Garage’ Jordan Butler Net Worth, Wife, Age, Wiki Bio

Jordan Butler is a famous car mechanic and a co-founder of the popular TV show, “Fire Up Garage.” Also, he is one of the major casts of Discovery Channel TV series Misfit Garage.  The show depicts the daily activities of Dallas automotive restoration shop. Throughout his career, Butler has made quite a decent fortune. Here we are going to talk more about his career, net worth, salary, wife, kids, and a sneak pic of his wiki bio.

Career progression

Car engines, bikes,    motors, and dirt are some of the things that excite Jordan Butler. At a tender age, Butler used to follow his father to the old man’s garage to work: breaking dirt bikes and other machines and then to reassemble them later. He was completely hooked.

With time, he got interested in cars and got more involved in them. After coming from school, he would drag race at local events and made cash for himself, and he has never lost in any race. Once he finished high school, he enrolled in Wild Tech and qualified for street rodding, fabrication, as well as auto body collision. From this point, he went on to pursue his destiny.

He joined John Force’s pit crew, and together with the group he traveled from one state to another and participated in various drag strips for some time, in a quest to find his true passion. He later went back home and built race cars and shows for people for about five years. He made his name for as an outstanding solid race car chassis builder and became marketable in the automobile community.

His car won many track competitions in every kind of race tracks in Texas. Jordan later met Thomas, whom he was hired by to build race cars for. While racing the machine Jordan built for him, while at 100mph, Thomas hit the wall, but Jordan fixed the automobile, and the next week he won a race with the same car. The two have been tight ever since.

Misfit Garage Jordan Butler

Jordan later joined Gas Monkey Garage while his other job was running well. He met Aaron and Richard and was given a job on the spot. He appreciated the fact that he could do something different at Gas Monkey. However, he does not own a garage yet, but he has to the workstation, and his father has a garage as well, a few blocks from Thomas.

Jordan Butler Net Worth and Salary

Butler is one of the main casts for the Discovery Channel’s show. As aforementioned, he is an avid lover of cars. Apart from being good at drag racing, Jordan Butler is a very skilled and experienced car mechanic that is capable of restoring different types of client’s in any design, depending on the clients preferences and needs. Thanks, to his shows, he has amassed a lot of wealth for himself. According to reliable sources, his salary is estimated to be $22000 per episode for the show. He has gathered the net worth around $600,000 and is expected to grow as his career continues to advance.

Misfit Garage Jordan Butler net worth and salary

Jordan Butler wife

As for his wife, there is no information regarding his love life, marriage or wife. Also, there are no details about his children. He seems like a private person.

Facts about him

Jordan loves football, and he says he was very good at it while in high school, but he never used to meet his coaches eye to eye. He is short-tempered one of the reasons his football career did not do well.

Wiki bio

Name Jordan Butler
Residence Texas
Marital status Unknown
Profession Drag Racer, TV Personality
Salary $220,000
Net worth $600,000


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