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Julianna Farrait Married Life & Biography of Frank Lucas Wife

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  • November 29, 2022November 29, 2022
Image of Julianna Farrait wiki biography; facts about frank lucas wife

Julianna Farrait is the former wife of infamous drug lord Frank Lucas. Frank was one of the most significant drug traffickers and smugglers in America. His infamy was so big that it even brought people associated with him to spotlight. But, Julianna isn’t one of those, she got into spotlight of her own right. While Lucas might have had a hand behind Julianna, she is also a drug dealer.

To know more about Frank Lucas’ wife, Julianna Farrait, stay with us.

Who is Julianna Farrait?

Wife of the most infamous drug dealer of America, Frank Lucas is Julianna Farrait. Julianna was born in the year 1941, in a wealthy Puerto-Rican family. She graduated from a local high school in Puerto-Rico, where she was the homecoming queen in her prom night.

With a vibrant and happy life under her wealthy parents, Julianna was living a happy life. She had a nickname, Jullie, which people used to refer to her lovingly. It is unknown if Jullie went to any college after completing high school.

But what we know is, Jullie met Frank Lucas while she was still in Puerto Rico. Even more, Julianna and Frank came into contact with each other while Frank was visiting Puerto-Rico. Lucas and Farrait fell in love really quick and were dating soon after meeting.

Julianna Farrait and Frank Lucas

Frank was already an infamous drug dealer when he met Julianna, and he got her to his side as well. Julianna started getting involved in different illegal activities. Participating in drug deals with her boyfriend, helping in smuggling and trafficking drugs.

While the couple was already involved in illegal activities, they were living a lavish life while on the run. Around 1951, Julianna and Frank Lucas got married.  They felt more comfortable together and doing big illegal tasks together. Julianna and Frank even have some children together, three to be exact.

Image of Julianna Farrait and her husband Frank Lucas

Julianna Farrait and her husband, Frank Lucas

Besides the ones with Julianna, Frank has four other children from different relations. Farrait stuck by his side despite his actions and the majority of their earnings being illegal. Even after heaving the children, they were living a luxurious and lavish life. It was all thanks to the vast amount of money earned from dealing drugs.

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Julianna Farrait Trouble with the Law

Not exactly the law-abiding kind, Julianna is a full-fledged drug dealer on her own as well. She probably learned the ropes from her husband from being with him for such a long time. Farrait has been arrested several times and charged as well.

Jullie got arrested for hiding the cash earned from dealing drugs in their New Jersey home. Also, she was accused of throwing a duffle bag full of money while the police were searching, in order to hide it. Likewise, the latest case against her would be where she tried to sell 2 kg drugs to an informant in a hotel. Julianna was arrested in the Hotel and was later sentenced to five years in prison for her crimes in 2012.

Farrait is now out of jail and living in a low profile. After getting out of prison, she split from her husband Lucas, but after some time, they started living together again.

Her husband, Frank, has been arrested several times as well. In 1975 he was arrested with over $500k cash in his home. Julianna was with him when that happened. Frank was sentenced for 70 years in prison for the crime but got out in 1981 after serving a sentence for five years. Later in 1984, Lucas was once again arrested but only served a sentence of another 70 years for seven years and got out in 1991.

Since 1991 Frank has been living a low profile life in his home in New Jersey with his wife and childrens.

Julianna Farrait Children

Julianna gave birth to three childrens, fathered by Frank Lucas. Except for the three children she gave birth to, she is the stepmother to four of Frank’s children, which he had from other relations.

Image of Julianna Farrait daughter France Lucas-Sinclair

Julianna Farrait daughter France Lucas-Sinclair

Children’s Julianna gave birth to are named France Lucas-Sinclair, which is her one and only daughter. Similarly, her other two offsprings are sons, named Frank Lucas Jr., who is a renowned actor, and Ray Lucas.

Image of Julianna Farrait son Frank Lucas Jr

Julianna Farrait son Frank Lucas Jr

The children whom she didn’t give birth to, but mothers are named Tony Walters, Betty, Candace, and Ruby Lucas. Above all, Julianna loves all her children, whether she gave birth or not, equally.

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Julianna Farrait Net Worth and Income

Julianna Farrait definitely has a fortune of wealth stashed from her time of drug dealing. But it is something which can not be revealed. Moreover, there have been no financial details about Julianna released to public knowledge. So, whatever we know about her financial status is what is known to all, released by IRS after investigating the whole of Frank Lucas’ family.

Since Julianna doesn’t have a net worth of her own that is known, she shares the net worth of her husband, Frank Lucas. But her husband Frank Lucas has recently passed away on May 30, 2019, so her husband’s net worth can be considered hers. Hence, Julianna Farrait’s net worth is $30 billion, which is a really huge number. That is more money than the seconds left in her life and even ours or any living person, even a newborn baby.

From her past, Julianna has learned that it is hard for the children whose parents are in prison; for that cause, she launched ‘Yellow Brick Road.‘ It is a website that provides support for children whose parents are in jail. Hence, saving the fate of the childrens without parents.

Quick Facts about Julianna Farrait

Name Julianna Farrait
Birth Year 1941
Nationality Puerto-Rican American
Relationship status Married
Spouse(s) Frank Lucas (m.1959ish)
Children Three (All with Frank Lucas)
Francine Lucas-Sinclair (Daughter)
Frank Lucas, Jr.
Ray Lucas
Net Worth $30 billion
Height 1.64m (5ft 4inches)

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