O.J. Simpson’s Son: Justin Ryan Simpson Wiki, Net Worth, Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts

Justin Ryan Simpson is one of the celebrated real estate developers and business personalities. At a tender, he managed to successfully set up Coldwell Banker Homes. In spite of all the achievements that the young man may have made, he can only be best known as the son of the footballer, actor and advertising spokesman, Orenthal James Simpson. Justin Ryan has a very interesting life history. For instance, he had to be brought up by his grandparents after his father had been charged with murder.

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Justin Ryan Simpson Dating Girlfriend Or Married To Wife?

At the moment, it is not possible to tell the dating life of Justin Ryan Simpson. However, what is for sure is that he is not yet married. Justin prefers to keep his private life away from the knowledge of the public. All in all, he is a man of character. He is yet to be involved in any known love scandal.

O.J. Simpson’s Son, Justin Ryan Simpson Net Worth

The Real Estate business has over the time constantly earned Justin good amounts of money. From an objective assessment, Justin has achieved so much for a young man of his age. Unfortunately, Justin’s decision to keep his life on a very low profile makes it hard to know his exact net worth. Funnily, most of the media houses have come to sincerely believe that Justin is worth millions of dollars.

Image of Justin Ryan Simpson net worth is not available

Justin Ryan Simpson net worth is not available

Currently, Justin lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. He owns some good size of the property there. Besides the property in Florida, it is said that Justin also has other property amounting to $250,000. Furthermore, Justin loves cars so much. He has a good number of them in his compound.

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Justin Ryan Simpson Parents, Grandparents

Justin’s parents parted ways when he was still very young. Sadly, the divorce ended up taking away his mother’s life. It is alleged that it was his father, O.J Simpson, who killed his mum. However, after a long period of trial, his father was found innocent and eventually acquitted. Unfortunately for O.J, he was found guilty in two other suits that eventually saw him jailed. He got released on parole last year. It is difficult to imagine how Justin has all these years managed to live with the glaring possibility that it is the father who killed the mother. Justin’s mother was an actress and a model.

Image of Justin Ryan Simpson grandmother Eunice Simpson

Justin Ryan Simpson grandmother, Eunice Simpson

Justin’s paternal grandparents were Jimmy Lee Simpson and Eunice Simpson. The maternal grandparents were Louis Hezekiel Brown and Juditha Ann Brown. Justin has an elder sister called Sydney. The two were raised by their maternal grandparents after the death of their mother and imprisonment of their father.

Justin Ryan Simpson Aunts, Siblings

Justin has one elder sister called Sydney Simpson. The two enjoy a very close relationship. Apart from his blood sister, Justin also has other siblings from his stepmother. They are Marguerite Whitley, Aaren, and Jason Simpson. Unfortunately, Aaren drowned in the swimming pool and died on her 2nd birthday.

Image of Justin Ryan with his father O. J. Simpson and his sister Sydney Brooke Simpson

Justin Ryan with his father, O. J. Simpson, and his sister Sydney Brooke Simpson

How old is Justin Ryan Simpson? Know his Age, Wiki, Bio

Born on the 6th of August 1988, Justin Simpson is currently 30 years old. Justin is a very quiet character who rarely appears in public. The last time Justin was spotted in public was during the funeral of his maternal grandfather, Louis Brown. That was way back in 2014. However, he was again recently seen attending a cousin’s wedding. Justin and his elder sister were seated at the front row. Justine is a graduate of the Florida State University.

O.J. Simpson's Daughter: Arnelle Simpson Wiki, Net Worth, Married, Siblings, Parents, Grandparents

Justin Ryan Simpson Social Media. What Is He Doing Now?

In spite of Justin’s dislike for public attention, he is a very heavy user of the social media. He is active both on Facebook and Twitter. On his Twitter account, Justin commands more than 600 followers. For now, Justin has dedicated his life to having fun with his family and siblings.

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