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Who is Keisha Chambers? Wiki-Bio Justin Chambers Wife with her Married Life

Image of Who is Keisha Chambers. Justin Chambers wife bio, age, children

Keisha Chambers is not an actress or singer and writer, she is just a normal housewife. However many people around the world become famous for being married to someone famous. Keisha Chambers just happens to be so as she is married to the Justin Chambers as his wife. Keisha was once a model agency broker, but she stopped after marrying Justin.

Who is Keisha? Background and Education

Keisha was born in 1970 in London, Ohio, USA, into a middle-class family of African-American ethnicity. Her family struggled to make sure that Keisha would complete her education. She got through High-School and University with the help of her parents and her big brothers who paid for her education and other bills. Keisha was the youngest in the family of five and we can see that she was the favorite, the only daughter.

After completing her studies, Keisha wanted to get into the fashion society and become a model. She had everything going on for her, but racism was still prominent in the 80-90s. Keisha was ridiculed for wanting to be a model with her dark complexion by her peers. But she stayed strong and even if she couldn’t become a model worked in the field of fashion.

Image of Housewife, Keisha Chambers
Housewife, Keisha Chambers

Keisha became a  model agency broker, she would pair models to clients and recruit new models. She made sure that no other dreams were crushed like hers. After working for some time in the modeling agency as a broker, she became the public relations rep for the modeling agency.

How did She meet Justin?

In the early 90’s she met Justin Chambers. Justin was modeling for Calvin Klein and Keisha was working at the modeling agency. They eventually fell in love and dated secretly for some time.

Justin and Keisha Married Life

After dating for some time in secret, Justin Chambers and Keisha decided to make the relationship public, they decided to marry. Justin and Keisha married in the Year 1993 and are still going strong in 2019 after 26 years. They had a small ceremony and only a few select people to attend their marriage. There was a fair share of people who were against the marriage due to the difference in race, but neither Justin nor Keisha’s family believed in racism. After Keisha became Justin Chambers’s wife, she stopped working at the modeling agency. She devoted herself to become a housewife.

Image of Keisha Chambers with her husband Justin Chambers
Keisha Chambers with her husband Justin Chambers

Keisha was and is on really good terms with her in-laws family. Just goes into showing how good of a person Keisha and her in-laws.

Justin and Keisha’s Children

Just one year after marrying, the couple had a beautiful baby girl in December 1994. The baby was named Isabella and she is currently 25 years old. After three years, on 1997 June 22, Keisha gave birth to twins Kaila and Maya Chambers who are now 22 years of age. Eva was born two years later on March 31, 1999, Making her 20 years of age this year. And the youngest of the family is Jackson, born in 2002, he is currently 17 years old.


Justin and Keisha currently have 5 children and are living together happily. Keisha is now Justin Chambers’s wife and mother of five. The couple has also adopted two rescue dogs recently.

Keisha Chambers’ Net Worth

Keisha is a family person through and through. While her net worth is approximately $1 million to $4 million, it has not been confirmed. Keisha’s Husband’s net worth though is $18 million according to celebrity net worth and we can say she shares her net worth with her husband.

The couple has a house in LA worth of above $1.5 million. There is also a house in East Village, Ageloff Tower which is in Keisha’s name.

Keisha Chambers Height, Weight, Wiki

Keisha is a dedicated wife and fulltime mother of five, she has a good relationship with her inlaws and there is no news about any kind of infidelity about her husband or herself. She likes to live away from the limelight but people want to know more about Justin Chambers’s wife.

Keisha has brown eyes and black hair which seems to be common knowledge for those who have seen her pictures or herself. But, what a lot of peoples don’t notice is that she is rocking some kind of black dress in almost every party she attends with her husband. So, we can assume that she likes the color black.

Keisha’s exact height is unknown as she is pretty private about such things but we can say she is about 1.6m tall. Standing next to her 1.8m husband she seems a bit shorter, so she is probably around that height.

Keisha and Justin are doing great even after 26 years of marriage and are very happy together as Justin said, “Every relationship has its ups and downs, but I’m glad I get to go through the ups and downs with her. I just feel really fortunate to have found someone who will be my partner on this journey.”

We wish this couple to always stay happy and together.

Quick Info about Keisha Chambers

Name Keisha Chambers
Birthdate 1970
Age 49 years old
Profession Housewife.
Used to be a model agency broker before marriage.
Ethnicity African-American
Spouse Justin Chambers (m. 1993)
Children/s Isabella(1994), Kaila & Maya twin(1997), Eva(1999), Jackson(2002)
Net Worth Between $1 million – $4 million
Residence Los Angeles, California

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