Who Is Klay Thompson’s girlfriend, is he married to her? Know his dating affairs along with wiki showing stats.

Those who watch or keen on basketball don’t need an introduction on Klay Thompson. Klay Thompson is a well known and celebrated name in basketball. A god gifted athlete whose on court heroics is well-recognized and praised, even opposition fans don’t fall back to appreciate the game of this divine. No surprise Golden State shooting guard Klay Thompson makes headlines on regular basis. Likewise, he equally gets the attention regarding his personal life subject matters like dating affairs, girlfriend and relationship.

Let’s get more information on his life details like his wife, dating, and girlfriend. For those wondering if Klay is already married to a wife, we will serve your curiosity.

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson Married! or dating girlfriend?

This basketball hunk has many female captivated through his gorgeous looks and athletic structure. Further reputation proceeds through his flourishing basketball career and thrilling ability to take the games on hand. No surprise he has supreme dating resume amongst other NBA players.

Our person of interest Klay dating timeline unfolds the list of beauties which includes Oregon-based model Hannah Stocking, Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra and school basketball player Tiffany Suarez.

Klay Thompson girlfriend Chrise Sandra, Hannah Stocking and Tiffany Suarez
Caption: Cherise Sandra(L), Hannah Stocking(M), Tiffany Suarez(R)
Photo Credit: eceleb-gossip.com

More lately, 3 times NBA All-star, Klay has been super secretive about his personal life which has his huge fan base and followers excited. They even wonder if he finally found someone to bind into the marriage relationship. Let’s look into his past dating affair and girlfriends to see if he is married to any of them

Is Klay dating Cherise Sandra; has relation turned into a love affair or more?

The more recent name associated with Klay is Cherise Sandra. Last year, rumors of Klay dating La Rams ex-Cheerleader Cherise Sandra sparked after a photo shared by her went viral. Many of social media user and Klay’s fan were sent frenzy as they didn’t know how to react. Some were excited about Klay’s closeted new found relationship.

Klay Thompson and Cherise Sandra (1)
Caption: Klay Thompson(L) and rumored girlfriend Cherise Sandra(R)
Photo Source: nypost.com

Cherise took to Instagram to share a photo of herself at Klay’s patio beside a graffiti of her own name with a heart drawn alongside. But the real part that causes speculations is she came with the caption “You and Me child. Sorry, my names tagged on the patio” with basketball pro-Klay tagged on the post. Later Cherise removed the post, if you wonder what it looked like then well we have it covered.

Cherise Sandra
Caption: Cherise Sandra Klay Thompson rumored girlfriend
Photo Source: morningledger.com

Later, Klay’s representative falsified any rumor of pair dating as he told:”They aren’t dating at all. The first time they met was that day. She was a guest of a guest, that’s it.” As for graffiti, Klay was cool to tagging the patio because it was due for renovation. Moreover, Cherise was spotted together with her girlfriend in one amongst the Warriors game that gave the thought she was there to cheer for her sweetheart. Besides being friends the pair did not get past it. As for now, Cherise Sandra has found her happiness with another man and she is a mom of a lovely baby.

Married! Know about Klay Thompson dating affair with girlfriend Hannah Stocking

Klay Thompson and his model girlfriend Hannah Stocking stayed in the relationship for a year before heading for a bitter split. The pair started dating in 2014 but the relations between pair headed over hill a year later. Hannah publicly ranted on twitter accusing of Klay cheating on her with a groupie. The tweet read:“When you catch ur man naked in bed with a groupie…. lol@KlayThompson,”.The tweet that has been deleted was followed by another that said:“I told him I’d @ him if he didn’t stop harassing me… So I guess he really wanted that tag to get his number up.”

Klay Thompson and rumored wife Hannah Stocking
Caption: Klay Thompson and Rumored Wife Hannah Stocking
Photo Source: dailymail.com.uk

Though neither of them has confirmed separating from one another, since then, they are never noticed along or seen at any event. It’s obvious there’s nothing left between the pair. Unexpectedly, there are even rumors the pair see through the hard times and turned relation into marriage. Evidence talks and there is none so we clarify the pair never married or the relation got past a year.

More dating affairs in the line with Tiffany Suarez on the list

Hosts of names have been linked with this 27 years old basketball player. One more notable name is Tiffany Suarez. After the split with girlfriend Hannah Stocking Thompson was spotted on a romantic supper date with Fordham basketball player, Tiffany Suarez. Further, she shared a snap of pair having dinner in Instagram captioned: “Thank you for a stunning night @klaythompson”.

klay thompson and tiffany suarez
Caption: Tiffany Suarez and Klay Thompson date night snap
Photo Source:larrybrownsports.com

Well, besides this, the relationship between duo hasn’t proceeded further.

As of 2017 Klay Thomson hasn’t been noticed dating anyone or patched up with past girlfriends. So, he is presently single and isn’t married in the slightest degree.

Short wiki Like bio on Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson was born on born February 8, 1990. He is the son of former NBA player Mychal Thompson. Klay was included in two-time first-team all conference selection while playing college basketball at Washington State University. Further, he was selected in the 1st round by Golden State Warrior in 2011 NBA draft. Klay Thomson’s impressive stat followed his professional basketball career as he helped Golden State Warriors to win first NBA title in 42 years. He helped them reach NBA final for three consecutive years with winning two of them. He is one of most important player in Golden State Warriors team. A look at his professional career stats:

Klay thompson Stats
Caption: Klay Thompson basketball career stats after joining Golden State Warriors
Photo Source:basketball-reference.com

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