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Micol Merriman Biography: Facts about Ryan Merriman’s ex-wife

Image of Micol Merriman biography: Facts about Ryan Merriman’s ex-wife

Micol Merriman is known to be the ex-wife to famous actor Ryan Merriman. Over the years, Micol has gone through several changes with regards to her net worth, relationship life, and also her personal life. Also, she loves to keep away from the media, but this article will brief you on what she does and what she is up to in 2019.

Who is Micol Merriman?

Micol Merriman was born in the United States of America, but the exact date is not known. However, judging by her photos, she might be in the middle ’30s. Micol’s parents and siblings are also not identified by our online sources. Despite this, Micol Merriman holds, an American nationality, and her ethnicity is Caucasian.

Micol Merriman Net Worth. How much is Ryan Merriman ex-wife’s worth?

Micol Merriman’s net worth is currently unknown by our online sources. To add to that, her career details have not been disclosed to the public by any means. She seems to enjoy privacy very well, which is quite the opposite with regards to her husband, Ryan Merriman.

Image of Ryan Merriman ex-wife Micol Merriman net worth is currently not available
Ryan Merriman ex-wife Micol Merriman net worth is currently not available

Ryan’s ex-wife, Micol Merriman seems to live a very lavish life. This is because of her posts on various social media platforms. However, details of her current location are not known by anyone as of 2019. She has also been spotted driving lavish cars judging from this; she seems to have a significant amount of money with her.

Is Micol Merriman Married? Who is her Husband?

Micol Merriman is currently living a single life. She was previously married to TV enthusiast husband, Ryan Merriman. The two got married in 2004, and after seven years of marriage, they officially got divorced in 2011. Ever since there have been no rumors or controversies regarding her being in another affair.

Image of Micol Merriman with her ex-husband Ryan Merriman
Micol Merriman with her ex-husband Ryan Merriman

As for Ryan Merriman, he is currently married to Kristen McMullen. Micol and Ryan tied the knot in 2014, but they began dating in 2011. There are no reports of Micol and Ryan of having children in their marriage life.

Image of Ryan Merriman currently married to Kristen McMullen
Ryan Merriman currently married to Kristen McMullen

Who is Micol Merriman’s ex-husband, Ryan Merriman?

Ryan Merriman is a renowned American actor who was born in Choctaw, Oklahoma, United States. He was born on 10 April 1983. Ryan has a sibling named Monica, and he is the son of Earl and Nonalyn Merriman. Ryan started his career at a tender age whereby he made appearances in some commercials, vocal performances, and several local theaters.

He officially started his career by making an appearance in the TV series, The Mommies which aired from 1993 to 1995 ever since he gained an excellent reputation to make him appear in other TV shows and movies like Smart House, The Luck of the Irish and The Deep end of the Ocean.

Image of Ryan Merriman from TV series, The Mommies
Ryan Merriman from TV series, The Mommies

Ryan is also famous for making an appearance in several TV shows based on Disney channels which have also boosted his fame in the TV industry. In 2002, He appeared in A Ring of Endless Light, Dangerous child, Taken and Smallville.  Ever since Ryan has made an appearance in several low budget films which tend to target a specific audience, he made his last appearance in the TV show A Sunday Horse.  Since then, there are no traces of Ryan appearing in  TV shows as of 2019.

Merriman has made a tremendous amount of income from the TV industry. With about two decades in the show biz, Ryan lives a lavish life with his $2 million net worth in 2019. He makes an appearance in several red carpet events but rarely is he spotted by the cameras.

As for his body measurements, Ryan Merriman weighs 6Kg, and his height is 1.85m. Also, he has dark brown hair, and his eyes are blue. Ryan also loves to keep his followers posted on events or shows he may be working on in social media. He has 70,000 followers on Twitter, 36000 on Instagram, and about 2000 on Facebook. Lastly, details of the cars and house he owns are not known by our online sources.

Micol Merriman Family

Micol Merriman’s family is not known to the public. She enjoys living a private life, and due to that, it may be hard for several online sources to have full details of her siblings, relatives, and parents.

Personal life

Micol Merriman lives a very private personal life. Ever since she got divorced from Ryan, she has gone undercover. There have also been no rumors or controversies against her as of 2019.

Quick Facts about Micol Merriman

Birth name Micol Merriman
Birth Place America
Date of Birth Under review
Age Under review
Net worth Unknown
Nationality American
Hair color Brown
Children None
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Relationship Status Divorced
Death-O-meter Alive

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