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Tyler Wood “Moonshiners” Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Dead

Moonshiners Tyler Wood is a reality TV personality. Tyler is mostly known for is his appearance in the Discovery’s show Moonshiners. He is also a great country music recording artist. He has thus far produced three great albums.

The star has come a long way to claim his position among the great. We will explore his net worth, wife and also stories on whether he is dead or not.


Moonshiners Tyler Wood’s wiki-bio shows he was born on 6th May 1970. Very little is known about his family. There is nothing recorded about his parents.  It is also not recorded whether he had siblings.

Image of Tyler Wood from Discovery show Moonshiners
Tyler Wood from Discovery show, Moonshiners

His wiki does not also say anything about his education. However, the reality TV star is a 5th generation moonshiner. He comes from a lineage of Kentucky moonshiners and bootleggers.

The famous singer is also very close to his mum and dad. He frequently shares their pictures on the internet.


Moonshiners Tyler Wood’s career comprises many fields that he is involved in.

One of the things he is well known for is being a reality TV personality. He appears as part of the cast on the Discovery Channel’s reality show Moonshiners.

Moonshiners Tyler Wood is also a famous musician. He is a songwriter as well as a singer. Tyler Wood from Moonshiners is mostly known as a professional country music record artist. He has three albums so far. These include Outlaw Souls, Road to Redemption, and his latest Who I Am.

His first music video which is called Still Ridin’ Shotgun ended up becoming a great hit. It has received over 15 million views on YouTube to date.

He has also used his music to express his love for his parents. A classic example of this is his latest album, who I am. He has dedicated one of its songs to his dad. The song has become very popular among his fans, receiving much love online.

Another video which depicted his attachment to his family was released in November 2017. It was a video of his single home, and it featured his dad, wife, and daughter.

Moonshiners Tyler Wood’s career does not only revolve around singing and acting. He also designs and manufactures custom copper still. Moreover, he owns a commercial food concession business.

Besides all these ventures, he is an avid fisherman and a hunter.

Before he became a celebrity, he worked as a civilian contractor in Ballad, Iraq.

Tyler Wood Moonshiners Net Worth

Tyler Wood’s net worth stands high above that of other Moonshiners cast members. This can mostly be attributed to his ability to diversify. His singing career has also earned him both fame and wealth.

Image of Moonshiners cast Tyler Wood net worth is $1.7 million
Moonshiners cast Tyler Wood net worth is $1.7 million

Tyler Wood’s net worth in 2017 was estimated at $1.7 million.

Moonshiners Tyler Wood Married, Wife, Children

Tyler Wood is a married man. However, there is no information in his wiki on when he married his wife. Moonshiners cast, Tyler Wood wife’s name has also remained a great secret.

About children, the country music singer has a three-year-old daughter called Addison.

Image of Tyler Wood with his daughter Addison
Tyler Wood with his daughter, Addison

Is Tyler Wood from Moonshiners Dead?

Moonshiners Tyler Wood is not dead. Just like many other celebrities, he has become a victim of fake news on the internet. Many other stars have also been rumored to have been dead. The news eventually turns out to be a hoax.

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