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Meet the Late Neil Peart’s Daughters; Olivia Louise Peart and Selena Taylor

Image of Learn about Late Neil Peart daughters; Olivia Louise Peart and Selena Taylor

Sometimes, no matter how healthy a family looks from the inside, their happiness must come to an end with tragics. The same goes for Neil Peart. Today let’s learn about the tragedies Neil had to go through with his family.

Moreover, from Neil Peart’s daughters’ tragedies to his wife and himself, things sure have been pretty tough. Let’s explore late Neil Peart’s net worth/salary, and more things that come in revelation with his life. Similarly, we will also be learning what happened to Neil Peart’s daughters Selena Taylor and Olivia Louise Peart. 

Let’s get started with his bio and profession.

Who is Neil Peart? His Early Life and Profession

Neil Ellwood Peart, Famous Drummer, was born on September 12, 1952, in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and died on January 7, 2020, in Santa Monica, California, the US due to Glioblastoma. Peart was mostly recognized as a legendary drummer of the rock band Rush. Likewise, at the starting of his career, he was deeply rooted in hard rock. He slowly began enveloping Jazz, that’s when he developed his musical talent.

Moving on, Peart holds Canadian citizenship as his parents were Glen Peart and Betty Peart. He grew up in Port Dalhousie, Ontario. He also had two sisters and one brother, namely Nancy Peart and Judy Peart, and Danny Peart, who made his childhood more exciting. 

Image of Caption: Drummer, Neil Peart
Caption: Drummer, Neil Peart

Neil Peart’s Net Worth 

In 1997, Peart’s daughter Selena Taylor died in a car accident, and just months later, his wife, Jacqueline Taylor, died of cancer. This was Peart’s life-changing incident; he left the group and rode his bike around the world. Later in 2001, he came back to Rush, and he started writing. One of his famous works includes “Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road,” where he discussed his journey after the deaths of his family members. 

Caption: Neil famous song Rush

Peart restarted his life and married Carrie Nuttall, who became life support for him. Peart was able to gather a net worth of $42 million from during his lifetime. 2015 was the year when Peart announced his retirement from music, and everyone, including great music artists, thanked his contribution in music. Afterward, he started living with his wife and daughter, Olivia Louise Peart. 

Neil Peart Daughters 

Though Neil Peart is not with us today, he is survived by his wife Carrie Nuttall and his 11-year-old daughter, Olivia Louise Peart who was born in 2009.

Neil Peart post on his official site that his daughter Olivia is due
Neil Peart post on his official site that his daughter Olivia Louise Peart is due
Neil Peart post on his official website after his daughter birth in 2009
Neil Peart post on his official website after Olivia Louise Peart birth on 2009

Now, this might be a shocker when we say that Neil’s only daughter before Olivia did not end very well either. 

Image of Caption: Neil daughter Olivia
Caption: Neil daughter Olivia

Selena Taylor was well known back in the days for being the beautiful daughter of the famous rock drummer Neil Peart. In August of 1997, the 19-year-old died in a car accident. It was a single-car accident, and the accident was taken place when Selena was driving to her university in Toronto. Neil’s common-law wife also died shortly after, but we will get into that in the next topic. 

Image of Caption: Neil Peart daughter Selena Taylor
Caption: Neil Peart daughter Selena Taylor

Neil Peart Wife, Married Life Before His Death

Before getting married to Carrie, Nuttall, Neil was married to his common-law wife Jacqueline Taylor, but sadly shortly after Jacqueline and Neil, daughter Selena passed away, Jacqueline too passed away after a tough war with cancer. 

Image of Caption: Neil Peart with his wife Carrie Nuttall
Caption: Neil Peart with his wife, Carrie Nuttall

Similarly, after two years of heartbreak with no daughter and a partner Neil yet again found a person to fill the void named Carrie Nutall, who is an American photographer. Carrie and Neil shared a really happy moment when they were together. Moreover, as mentioned above, the legendary drummer died due to Glioblastoma, but he is survived by his wife Carrie and daughter Olivia. 

Likewise, We give our heartfelt condolence to Neil’s family and friends in this hard time. Though we do not have this amazing talent with us anymore, we wish that he will forever be survived by his talents and name in our hearts as a legend.

Caption: Remembering Neil Peart The Legend Drummer

Let’s take a look at Neil Peart’s wiki table, which consists of some detailed and minor information that will be easy to follow up. 

Neil Peart Wiki Table Including His Cause of Death

Full Name Neil Peart
Age 67 years old
Birth Date September 12, 1952
Birth Place Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Death January 7, 2020
Cause of Death Glioblastoma
Net Worth $42 million
Nationality Canadian 
Ethnicity White
Children 2
Spouse Carrie Nuttall
Profession Drummer/Musician
Zodiac Virgo

Therefore, this concludes the article about Neil Peart, his daughters, and wife. We hope that the article came in handy for you guys. Don’t forget to check some of the other articles by us.

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