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Nicole Curtis Husband, Married, Divorce, Baby, Pregnant, Net Worth, Rehab Addict, Wiki

Image of Nicole Curtis Husband, Married, Steve Lane, Baby, Baby Daddy, Net Worth, Age, Rehab Addict, Wiki Bio

Nicole Curtis grew up in Lake Orion, Ontario. She graduated from the Lake Orion High School in 1994. Nicole then proceeded to college in Georgia. During her college days, she got a son, Ethan. At the moment, she has a house in Detroit.

It is an old renovated home. Before switching to education, Curtis has earlier on intended to study law. Nobody knows exactly pushed her to change her mind.

Details on¬†Nicole Curtis’s married life with her husband, children, net worth, career, Rehab Addict, and wiki.

Is Nicole Curtis Married? Who Is Her Husband?

At the moment, Nicole is not in a relationship with anyone. She recently got divorced from her husband, Steve Lane. However, she was dating someone immediately after the divorce.

Image of Nicole Curtis Ex-husband Steve Lane

Nicole Curtis Ex-husband, Steve Lane

The gentleman was Shane Maguire. Shane was a businessman. However, the relationship soon ended so nastily. They had to battle over a baby at the courts. With her pregnancy after the divorce, it was so obvious that she was seeing someone. Nicole, however, refuted the claims saying that she was just a surrogate mother.

Currently, Nicole has chosen to keep a very low profile with her love life. She spends most of her private times with her two sons. Nicole admits that she has never had a perfect life. Just like any other normal human being, she is prone to her flows.  The exact date of her marriage with the first husband, Steve Lane is yet to be known.

They had a son while Nicole was still in college. The boy was named Ethan. Unfortunately, their love story officially ended in 2009, after they divorced.

Nicole Curtis Baby, Baby Daddy, Pregnant

In as much as Nicole tried to suppress the news of her second pregnancy, it eventually came out that she was the mother of the unborn baby. She, later on, admitted that she feared the judgment that would come from the public. She was nearing 40 and was not so sure about how the news of her pregnancy would be received. Nicole had to lie! Her elder son was already 19 years old.

Image of Nicole Curtis pregnant with her baby. Who is her baby daddy?

Nicole Curtis pregnant with her baby

When the ex-boyfriend, Shane Maguire discovered that the baby, Harper was his son, a court battle ensued. The 54-year old business wanted custody of his boy. It must have been a very stressful moment for Nicole Curtis.

Nicole Curtis Net Worth, Age, Height

Nicole has a net worth of $5 million. Born in 1976, Nicole is presently 42 years old. Nicole is 5 ft 2 inch tall.

"Image of Nicole Curtis net worth is $5 million

Rehab Addict star, Nicole Curtis net worth is $5 million

Nicole Curtis Rehab Addict, Custody Battle

She is famous for her reality T.V show, Rehab Addict. This is a program that is popular for the preservation and restoration of the old architecture. Instead of demolishing the old structures, Nicole advised that they should be preserved for the future generation of humanity. Over the years, she has managed to secure rehab homes in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Minneapolis and Detroit.

Nicole focuses on those structures that were built before the Second World War. Instead of them getting demolished or modernized, she believes such houses should have their faces redeemed back to how they used to be.

Throughout the child custody battle, Nicole showed a lot of resilience. She is not in a hurry to surrender her baby so easily. Despite the tongue lashing she has had to deal with on the social media, Nicole has demonstrated strength. She says that she finds inspiration from other mothers.

Nicole admits that the experience has changed the direction of her life. She believes that there will always be good in every bad and that this unfortunate occurrence will soon pave the way for better days.

Nicole has received a large pool of support from other mothers who have had to deal with similar situations. She says that there are those women who keep writing to her. Others even stop her on the streets and just thank her for speaking on their behalf.

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