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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi Net Worth, Husband, Married, Children, Parents, Height, Wiki

Image of Nicole Polizzi net worth, relationship status, age, wiki bio

Nicole Polizzi is a famous reality show celebrity. She is a multi-talented person who is not only a television personality but also a professional wrestler, writer, and a dancer. She gained popularity from the reality shows – Jersey Shore and Snooki and JWoww. Her real name is Nicole Elizabeth LaValle. She was nicknamed as Snooki by her middle school friends. Nicole Polizzi is a mother of two children and has appeared in the WWE women’s edition. She has been active in the television world since 2009.

Learn more about Nicole Polizzi’s married life with husband, children, parents, and wiki.


Nicole’s birthplace is Santiago, Chile. When she was as young as a six-month-old baby, she was adopted by a couple. She underwent a DNA test to know her genetic details. When she got the report, it stated that she had a mixed number of genetic backgrounds. She is a part of Romanian, Iberian American, South Asian, East Asian, Middle Eastern, Jewish and she had roots in Spain, Russia, Macedonia. She was surprised to know the fact that though she was born in Chile, she was not Chilean. This made her confused.

From the details known about her, her father was a volunteer fighter, and her mother was an office manager. Her father also served as an auto salvage supervisor.

Nicole Polizzi Married to Husband and Children

Nicole got engaged with Jionni LaValle in March 2012. Post their engagement the couple was blessed with their first kid on August 26, 2012. They named their first child as Lorenzo Dominic LaValle. The couple was again blessed with their second kid on September 26, 2014. They called their kid as Giovanna Marie LaValle.

Image of Nicole Polizzi with her husband Jionni LaValle
Nicole Polizzi with her husband, Jionni LaValle

Later, Nicole and her husband, Jionni tied the knot on November 29, 2014. It was a private ceremony.  She was also noticed and appeared in the first page of US Weekly for reducing 42 pounds post her delivery. She claimed of losing 42 pounds in 2013 after giving birth to her first child in the mid of 2012.

Nicole Polizzi Net Worth

The net worth of Nicole Polizzi is 4 million dollar. There is no doubt in her having such colossal net worth. A multi-talented person like her deserves it.

Image of TV Personality Nicole Polizzi net worth is $4 million
Jersey Shore cast, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi net worth is $4 million

House and Cars in Nicole Polizzi  Net Worth

Nicole Polizzi resides in Florham Park, New Jersey, United States of America. She owns a three-row SUV. She is fond of SUV cars and purchases it. A person with such a vast net worth will have a luxurious and healthy lifestyle.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Nicole Polizzi is short and slim. She is very short, and her height is just 142 cm that is 4 feet 8 inches. Though she is short, she is thin and maintains her body correctly. She is only 48 kg and sets an example for the perfect and slim mom.

How old is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

Nicole was born on November 23, 1980, in Santiago, Chile. Nicole Polizzi is currently 30 years old. She did her schooling in New York and joined a community college later called the Marlboro High School. She underwent coaching in the high school to become a veterinary technician.

Career, Early Life

Nicole Polizzi was born in Chile, but she does not have a part of her having ethnicity as ChileanNicole Polizzi was adopted by a couple when she was just six-months-old. Her middle school friends gave her the nickname Snooki. Snooki is the male character in Save the last dance. Her friends did so because she was the first among her friends’ gang to kiss a boy. This happened when she was in her middle school.

She got engaged and gave birth to her two children in 2012 and 2014 respectively. Later in 2014 the couple took their relationship to the next stage and got married. When she was in high school, she suddenly had an eating disorder, and she gained more reaching up to 80 pounds that is 36 kgs. 36 kg may look less but compared to her height, it was not suggested and might lead to obesity also.

Wiki Bio

NAME Nicole Polizzi
DATE OF BIRTH November 23, 1987
AGE 30 years old
BIRTHPLACE Santiago, Chile
PARENTS Not known
HEIGHT 4 feet 8 inches
WEIGHT 36 kgs
NET WORTH 4 Million Dollars
SPOUSE Jionni LaValle
HOUSE Florham Park, New Jersey, United States of America
CHILDREN Lorenzo Dominic LaValle

Giovanna Marie LaValle

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