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Is Peter Gadiot Married to Wife or Dating to Girlfriend? Know His Net Worth and Bio.

Peter Gadiot is a British television actor who has starred in several films. Some of the films he has starred in include “The Forbidden Girl” (2013), “My Spy Family,” a British series and “Hot Mess” on MTV. Apart from his life on TV screens, I’m sure you are interested in knowing more about this TV personality, whether he is married or dating a girlfriend.

Let’s learn about whether Peter Gadiot is married or dating to girlfriend. Also, know more about Peter Gadiot’s net worth and bio.

Who is Peter Gadiot?

Peter Gadiot was born on 2nd January 1986 in Sussex, England, United Kingdom. He is 34 years old with the birth sign Capricorn. His descent is Mexican and Dutch having been born to a Mexican mother and Dutch father. His mother’s name is Aurora Gabriella Nava Quiroz while his father’s name is Jules Maria Johannes Ignatius Gadiot.

He was raised in London and speaks fluent Spanish and English. Peter trained drama at the London Drama Centre. In 2010, he featured in the comedy-drama “My Spy Family.” Peter Gadiot is also featured in Crime Drama series Queen of the South besides Alice Braga, Hemky Madera, Jon-Michael Ecker, and more. He has two siblings, a brother, and a sister.

Peter Gadiot Net Worth  

Being the stage actor he is, Peter Gadiot must be living large. Averagely, an actor gets to earn a salary of $ 50,000 per year. Peter could be making more or less a similar amount. Peter has featured in several films, something that must have increased her net worth substantially. As of 2019, Peter Gadiot net worth is still under review. He has not disclosed his salary yet.

Image of Film actor, Peter Gadiot net worth is currently not available
Film actor, Peter Gadiot net worth is currently not available

Is Peter Gadiot Married to Wife or Dating Girlfriend? Any Children?

Peter Gadiot’s fans are concerned about his love life. However, Peter seems focused on building his career rather than reveal the details of his love life. Peter Gadiot is married to no wife. On screens, Peter portrays an adorable love life. However, this does not reflect in real life. His fans cherish his screen romances but long to see him dating in real life. As far as getting married goes, Peter is now a 34-year-old bachelor. He has dated no girlfriend before.

Image of Peter Gadiot neither married nor dating
Peter Gadiot neither married nor dating.

In 2013, Peter traveled to England for a holiday romance to get married to a girl he could not speak to for the reason that he couldn’t speak English. While this sounds good to have been right, Peter was only doing it at the behest of the UK sitcom – “Fresh Meat.”

Interestingly, Peter seems unperturbed by the concerns about his lack of a girlfriend and goes about acting. At one point. Peter responded to one of his Twitter followers who wanted to know whether he has a girlfriend or not. Peter confessed to not having one but hopefully looks forward to getting one.

Gossip tabloids went on a frenzy when he posted a picture on Instagram of a rainbow at the background with a lady facing away from the camera. Speculations were rife Peter Gadiot could have found the love of his life. The pic was more suggestive by the fact that it had only captured the one lady and nobody else.

Peter Gadiot Measurements: Height and Weight

Peter Gadiot is 5 feet 11 inches. No sources provide details about his body measurements. However, his eye color is brown with black hair color.

Image of Peter Gadiot height is 5 feet 11 inches
Peter Gadiot height is 5 feet 11 inches

Personal life

Peter Gadiot is a famous personality on our television screens. Before joining the TV, he trained drama at the Drama Centre in London for four years. When it comes to acting, Peter pays more attention to the script and imagination. According to him, acting that is rooted in the desire to transform is the best.

After his schooling in drama, Peter Gadiot starred as Troy Falconi in the film “My Spy Family” an English comedy-drama. Later on, he also featured in the US TV debut “Once upon a time in Wonderland” where he starred as Cyrus. Other films he has starred in are “Fresh meat where he starred as Javier and “Tut” In 2016; he featured in the television series Queen of the South and “Supergirl.”

Image of Peter Gadiot from TV series, Queen of the South
Peter Gadiot from TV series, Queen of the South

Peter also has an exciting life beyond TV screens. He is involved in philanthropy and passionately campaigns against human trafficking and slavery that he once rowed across the Atlantic Ocean for 39 days to support this cause. He has also participated in a 250-kilometer race dubbed a “self-sufficient 250 kilometers ultra-marathon in the Sahara Desert that was capped with a climb at Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Towards this cause, Peter Gadiot has given talks to school children, including raising money for organizations such as Save the Children and Anti-Slavery International.

Peter Gadiot Age, Birth Name, Net Worth, Wiki-summary

Birth name Alan Peter Gadiot
Place of Birth Sussex, England, UK
Date of Birth 2nd January 1986
Age 34
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Ethnicity Mexican-American
Occupation Actor
Net worth and salary Unknown
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Body measurements Unknown
Marital status Single
Parents Aurora Gabriella, Jules Gadiot
Death-O-Meter Alive


Peter Gadiot net worth is still under review. Concerning her social life, he has no girlfriend and is married to no wife. Peter does not have children, as well.

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