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Everything about Rena Sofer’s Bio from her Net Worth to Husband

Rena Sofer is someone anyone can recognize as Quinn Fuller from the American TV soap opera, The Bold and The Beautiful. While she portrays a scheming, devilish role in the drama, Rena is actually a sweetheart. Sofer credits her rise to fame to her role as Lios Cerullo, in America’s one of the longest-running Opera, General Hospital. This beauty has also made guest appearances in a lot of other shows, which are too many to start listing here.

It is only natural to want to know more about this beautiful lady. So, stay with us as we familiarize you with everything about Rene Sofer.

Who is Rena Sofer?

From the above paragraph, you already know, Rena is an actress who has portrayed many roles. But that definitely isn’t enough to satisfy you, our dear reader.

Childhood and Education

Born on the second of December, 1968 Rena Sofer is an American actress. She is currently 51 years of age, but her age hardly shows on her face. Sofer grew up in a conservative Jewish family in the ’70s, so we can assume that she didn’t have a carefree childhood. Born to the parents Susan Sofer and Martin Sofer, Rena has opened up about her childhood in a podcast.

Rena’s mother, Susan Sofer, is a psychology professor and her father, Martin Sofer, a conservative Jewish Rabbi. While sofer’s mother is a psychology professor, Rena has revealed that her mother abandoned her at the age of two. Also, she was stoned with drugs by her mother at the age of nine. Her father being the conservative type, also added to the hardship of her childhood.

Rena’s parents divorced before she got into high school. Following the divorce, Sofer moved to Pittsburgh with her father. Later the father-daughter moved to New Jersey, where she joined Frisch School, a Jewish high school. But Rena didn’t graduate from that school as she moved to North Borgen from Paramus and joined the North Borgen high school where she graduated high school.

Rena later joined the Montclair State College for her higher education, but it is unclear what she studied in the college or even if she graduated or not.

Career Transition into Acting

Yup, before. Because before Rena started her career in acting with TV soap opera Another World in 1987, she was modeling. Discovered by a talent agency in New York, Rena began modeling at the age of 15. But after some time modeling, she turned to acting where she didn’t get a chance till 1987. At the age of 19, Rena got her first chance in acting.

Image of American actress, Rena Sofer
American actress, Rena Sofer

Following her role in the soap, Rena was cast in another daytime soap as well. Portraying the character of Rocky McKenzie in the TV soap Loving from the years 1988 to 1991 is her first significant role. But the part which set her career on speed track came in the year 1993. On December 15 of 1993, Rena joined the cast of General Hospital as Lois Cerullo. Sofer even received the Daytime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Lois Cerullo in the soap General Hospital.

Besides daytime soap, Rena has played in multiple primetime shows as well as made guest appearances in a ton of such shows. To name a few, Friends, Two and a Half Men, Spin City, Ghost Whisperers, NCIS, Blind Justice, etc. would be the shows Rena has appeared in.

Also, Sofer has played in many movies like A Stranger Among Us, Keeping Faith, and The Secret of Hidden Lake. Her repertoire also includes TV films like Carrie, Always and Forever, and Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style.

Rena Sofer Married Life, Husband, and Children

Already 51 years of age, Rena has been married twice previously. She is planning to get married for the third time, but her third marriage is just going to be an extension of her second marriage. Because Rena has announced her engagement with her ex-husband Sanford Bookstaver back in April of 2019. But let’s get into the history of dating and marriage before getting into her third marriage.

First Marriage

Rena got married for the first time in the year 1995. Marrying her co-cast, Wally Kurth, in the show General Hospital, the couple had chemistry in th show, which came to real life. They have a daughter together, and her name is Rosabel Rosalind Kurth. But after just two years into the marriage, Wally and Rene divorced in 1997. After this short marriage, there was no news of Rena being involved with anyone.

Image of Rena Sofer with her first husband Wally Kurth
Rena Sofer with her first husband Wally Kurth

Second Marriage

But while Rena was playing a guest role in the SyFy channel show The Chronicle, she met her husband to be Sanford Bookstaver. Sanford is a producer and director in the industry, and he was directing The Chronicle at the time they met in 2002. Sanford and Rena hit it off good and start dating, which turned into marriage in the year 2003.

Image of Rena Sofer with her husband Sanford Bookstaver
Rena Sofer with her husband Sanford Bookstaver

Rena gave birth to their first child on August 5, 2005. The couple named their first child together, Avalon Leone Bookstaver. But after 17 years of marriage and 18 years of being together, Rena and Sanford divorced. While there wasn’t any external factor causing the divorce, the couple wanted some time apart. Both of them tried to date after the divorce but without any success.

Image of Rena Sofer with her daughter Avalon Leone Bookstaver
Rena Sofer with her daughter Avalon Leone Bookstaver

Third Marriage to be

For Rena’s third marriage to be, her fiancee is Sanford Bookstaver, her ex-husband. Even after the divorce, Bookstaver and Sofer stayed in friendly terms. But what set the nail in the coffin for Rena was when Sanford flew over 5 hours from New York to LA to celebrate her birthday on Decembre 2 of 2018. Sanford was in NY for the shoot of a show.

Rena has even made an Instagram post about the day, hugging Sanford from behind. The couple announced their engagement in April of 2019 after their announcement of reconciliation in early 2019.

Rena Sofer Net Worth & Salary

Sofer is one of the most successful TV and film actress. Playing mostly in supporting roles, she has portrayed many characters. It has been over 30 years since her career as an actress began, so she might have accumulated some wealth to show for it.

Through her career so far, Rena has amassed a net worth of $3 million. She started from nothing, and her hard work has given her the riches. While we know what her net worth is, anything regarding her income has never been mentioned anywhere by any credible sources.

Besides being an amazing actress, Rene is a mother of two and a hopeless dog lover. She has four dogs, Iggy, Alpha, Mega, and Marceline. Among the pooches, Marceline is the smallest and a rescue dog. Sofer advocates adopting rescue dogs instead of buying.

Quick Facts about Rena Sofer

Name Rena Sofer
Date of birth December 2, 1968
Profession Actress
Relationship Status Engaged
Spouse(s) Wally Kurth (m.1995 – div.1997)
Sanford Bookstaver (m.2003 – div.2017)(engaged 2019)
Children One with Wally Kurth
Rosabel Rosalind Kurth (b.1996)
One with Sanford Bookstaver
Avalon Leone Bookstaver (b.2005)
Net worth $3 million
Height 1.68m (5ft 6inches)
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

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