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Sherri Shepherd Married, Husband Jeff Tarpley, Children, Divorce Reason

Image of Sherri Shepherd Married, Husband Jeff Tarpley, Children, Divorce Reason

Sherri Shepherd was born on April 22, 1967, Chicago, Illinois. She grew alongside her three younger sisters. Shepherd’s father Lawrence A. Shepherd was a church deacon. 

You might have heard lots of things and rumors about her right? Rumors about her late husband, and more. We will be clearing out all your doubts about the beautiful Sherri Shepherd here. 

Sherri’s full birth name is Sherri Evonne Shepherd. Till the date, she has participated in lots of television programs. She started her career and became known after her repeating appearance in the sitcoms like Suddenly Susan, The Jamie Foxx Show and Everybody Loves Raymond

Now, let’s get to know about her children, husband, married life, husband’s death and more. 

Is Sherri Shepherd Married? Meet her Husband

Sherri is not only a TV host and actress but also a comedian, author and TV personality. Sherri has had two marriages till now but sadly both of the marriage broke. 

Image of Sherri Shepherd with her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley

Sherri Shepherd with her ex-husband Jeff Tarpley

Her first husband Jeff Tarpley who she had been married to in 2001 did not last long. The couple divorced in 2010. Jeff and Sherri shared one son together whom they named Jeffrey Tarpley. During the fight for the custody for their child, Sherri won the custody. Sherr’s ex-husband Jeff tried to rip off the custody of the child through a TV show but failed.

Similarly, the same year in 2010, after the divorce, Sherri was proposed by the Lamar Sally, a TV writer. Two of them married in Chicago in 2011 but sadly divorced in 2014. In 2012, they had confirmed that they were trying to get children through surrogacy as Sherri had diabetes and couldn’t bear a child.

Image of Sherri Shepherd with her husband Lamar Sally

Sherri Shepherd with her husband Lamar Sally

The cycle repeated in 2014 when the duo had their divorce. Fighting for the custody of her child that was born through surrogacy was hard. This couple had named their son Lamar Sally Jr. But despite the hardship, Sherri won this custody too. 

Image of Lamar Sally with his son Lamar Sally Jr

Lamar Sally with his son Lamar Sally Jr

How did Sherri Sheperd and Husband Jeff Tarpley meet? 

We have a lot of information about Sally and Sherri’s meet, wedding ad married life. But I bet, you all want to know how did Sherri Shepherd and Jeff Tarpley met right? But sadly we do not have any information about the ex couplet’s meet. They married quite early and shared no information about their meeting and love. 

But don’t you want to know what Sherri earns through her TV journey? I bed you do so let us tell you her net worth. Sherri has a huge amount of net worth which she is handling well and spending wisely for her two children. The TV personality Sherri Shepherd has a net worth of $10 million

Image of TV Personality, Sherri Shepherd net worth is $10 million

TV Personality, Sherri Shepherd net worth is $10 million

Shepherd was nominated numerous times for Daytime Emmy Award and won one in 2009 for the best co-host on The View.

Sherri Shepherd Children

Sherri Fought for the custody of her children with bravery. Being a single mother these days is hard. She even mentioned in instagram in one of her post with her elder son JJeffree that right before she was leaving for an interview Jeffree came down with huge fever and body ache. But without her working the house she built would fall down as she will not be able to feed and educate her sons properly. Being a single and working mom is hard and heartbreaking to leave your child especially when they are not feeling well. But gotta do what you gotta do right. 

Image of Sherri Shepherd with her son Jeffrey Jr

Sherri Shepherd with her son Jeffrey Jr

Jeffree and Lamar Sally Jr. is the best thing that has ever happened to Sherri and she proves it with the love she provides to them on social media too. Her son Jeffree is now 14 years old whereas her younger son Lamar Sally Jr. is of 5 years old. Both of them are really happy living with their mother who loves them very dearly.

Sherri Shepherd’s Divorce with Husband

Just like how we mentioned that there is no information on how Sherri’s husband Jeff and Sherri first met and fell in love, similarly, we have no idea on what were the reasons that caused unfortunate divorce between Sherri and her two husbands.

Sherri Shepherd’s Husband Jeff Tarpley’s Death

The rumors are spreading wildly about Sherri’s ex-husband Jeff Tarpley’s death. Though we would like to confirm that Jeff did not die with any of the reason and is living his life the fullest. 

Unknown Facts about Sherri Shepherd

  • Sherri had her own show which went by her own name Sherri but ran only for 13 episodes. 
  • She worked as a legal secretary and did stand up comedy.
  • Sherry lost more than 30 pounds after the divorce.

Quick Facts about Sherri

Name Sherri Evonne Shepherd
Age 52
Birthdate 1967, 22nd April
Birthplace Chicago
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Profession TV actress
Spouse No
Net Worth $10 million
Height  5’1
Weight N/A
Marital Status Currently divorced
Children Two
Social Networking Instagram



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