Simone Alexandra Johnson: 7 Facts about Dwayne Johnson’s Daughter

To be born in the right family is half the battle. It is like a winning ticket that everyone wants to get. The elder daughter of Dwayne “The Rock”, Simone Alexandra Johnson.  Johnson has met this challenge since the very moment of her birth.

Johnson has repeatedly admitted that he loves his daughters madly, so despite having two little daughters from his second marriage, he maintains very friendly and warm relations with the eldest daughter.

In general, the Johnson family looks like a good example of relationships and mutual support that you should follow if you think about impressing a Russian girl. After the breakup in 2008, Simone’s parents have moved to another level in their relationship and begun to work together.

So, Simone is lucky to have such a wonderful father who loves his girls very much and believes that he is surrounded by strong female mana.

Everybody knows about the most significant achievements of Simone’s father, and what about her own ones? Does she have much to be proud of?

  1. Simone Alexandra Johnson is a Golden Globe Ambassador.

Until this year, a daughter of a Hollywood celebrity got the title Miss Golden Globe and the right to meet award winners on the stage, to accompany them and give an award. In 2018 that title was withdrawn, and Simone became the first-ever Golden Globe Ambassador.

Besides, Simone Alexandra Johnson made an announcement that she’s joined with GlobalGirl that is focused on the empowerment of young girls from disadvantaged groups and providing them opportunities to reach their career aspirations.

Simone Alexandra Johnson Golden Globe Ambassador.

Caption:- Simone became the first-ever Golden Globe Ambassador in 2018.

  1. Simone Alexandra Johnson has a Strong and famous family tree.

This girl has a celebrity family, and it’s not only about her gorgeous father. Her mother, Dany Garcia, is also a hard nut to crack. Do you know that this woman is the co-founder of Dwayne’s production company? Besides, she manages The Garcia Companies, which provides creative consulting, strategic marketing and corporate branding. In addition, Simone’s grandfather, Rocky Johnson, was also a famous wrestler who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Simone Alexandra Johnson Golden Globe Ambassador family tree

Caption:- Dwayne Johnson with his family.

  1. Model career.

Despite the fact that you can find many different articles on the Internet where people discuss Simone Alexandra Johnson’s appearance and consider her far from being a model, she’s been working as a model since 2017 when she signed a contract with the well-known model agency IMG Models. If you want to find photos from her photo sessions, you can visit her page on Instagram.

Simone Alexandra Johnson model

Caption:- Simone Alexandra Johnson started her career in modeling

Source:-IMG Models

  1. Active social user.

Like many other girls, Simone likes social network, and she is its active user. You can also find her fan page there. Her profile on Instagram is filled with many photos and selfies. Here you can read about her worries, feelings, and desires. It’s quite hard to find a teenager who doesn’t care about the Internet. However, she becomes more popular thanks to her achievements and her family. She really is her father’s daughter.

  1. Feminist.

Simone Alexandra Johnson is a strong feminist who uses social networks to express her thoughts, often uploading pictures in support of feminism and racial equality. On the one hand, it is possible to say that she is quite young for such things, on the other hand, maturity isn’t always related to age. She is also an active supporter of the Time’s Up movement.

  1. The strong bond with her dad.

Usually, after a divorce, children start living with their mothers and their fathers stop taking part in their bringing up over time. However, Dwayne is a loving and caring dad, who maintains a strong bond with his elder daughter.  Often, Simone Alexandra Johnson accompanies him to many events, including the red carpet.

  1. Big wrestling fan.

Dwayne Johnson Big wrestling

Caption:-Simone Alexandra Johnson loves wrestling.

Source:- Highsnobiety

Like father, like daughter. She says that she is more interested in wrestling than in modeling. So, there are high chances to see her in the ring one day.

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