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Selecting a region changes the language and/or content on All right, so if I drag it up to video Track three and make a sandwich basically and then I'm going to put the behind body text, which is a title that already created that you could just create a new title. So the air is just thesaurus clip unaltered and Mike trout air riel.

PREMIERE TEMPLATES: YouTube Color Graphic Swipes, 23. Timeline, it will export. And so let's take the marker out point and it highlights this gray and then I scroll to the very beginning and I have my marker in. So I'll have to adjust these key frames. And so now you have this motion and it's jumping around over the effects that I've already added. If there's too much texture than you can grab that entire capacity layer handle and bring it down, we haven't added any. And so I grabbed that X coordinate and move it over to the right All right. MOTION GRAPHICS: Backgrounds: So these are some motion backgrounds that I created and you are free to use them.

12. 1. Right there. But if you select free, you can see some graphics there that they offer. All right, so hopefully that's an effect that you'll be able to use and get created with So what I'm gonna do is I want to scale it down.

Want to cut it into maybe 10 sections? And there are a couple numbers that you can play with here, and I've added these key frames and what it does, is it?

This too. So I'm starting at 2 23 5 40 on the position. 80 p, and then I'm gonna come down here and render at maximum depth. So if I drag it over the video clip, then what I can do is I'll take out the white and you can trim off the bottom of the video so it matches and then click on the mat and go to effect controls and right under here under the opacity. So I'm gonna go ahead and move it. When you are a digital agency, knowing how much you’re worth is important. And so we're just gonna use, you know, a few seconds here of this video, and then you'll grab the video into your timeline, and it will automatically name your timeline group on. I think, um, murder on the Orient Express That movie they used a lot of glowing titles that were blue, and now I'm seeing it quite a bit on TV. So if I just used that eyedropper hit the white and add that effect I had it toggled off. I'm going to go over to effects and choose the Transform folder and select the crop tool and just direct that over into the how to be a strong woman title. You could also animate that by adding in key frames and you could change it.

So if you grab the key frame handle, you can add that key frame for the second position. So it was just the girls and they were talking and it didn't have a new interview track either. This the one I just created. And again it's at 100 the brightness is at 2 55 Now, something else I did which gave me a little control over these is in the title er down here . We just want a slow, steady pace. I wonder. 16. Now, as I move the marker up about every few frames or so I'm going to start cropping out each letter. It's not exactly the same, but I added that, and it gave me an option for linear ingredient. And now I've got my second line and I'll do the same thing. But some of the other motion graphics that I've seen are just super difficult and require after effects are like these complicated templates. Now the other trick is to position these. So I'm gonna position it off.

And then select this show background video icon.

TITLE FX: Stranger Things Titles Opener: - So now let's look at the first title that comes in here. Look with this. All right, so I'm only going to work with scale, so I'm gonna lock the beginning down, and then I'm gonna scale him up to about 1 16 and then bring him back down. Sometimes if you know you're finished, you could just compress that video file with all of the effects in there already and then start again.

Adobe Presenter (licensed) Adobe RoboHelp family. And I have a few questions here just to pique your interest before we get started. Now, if I don't want to add, you know, 20 or 30 of these over and over again, I could just copy the four that I've done and then, you know, hit command, see to copy it and then hit Command V where the marker is, and then it will place those new key frames in there, so you can just duplicate that now. Now there are some other filters that you can use to make that a little different.

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