adobe incopy vs word

I’m kind of hoping that Microsoft keeps expanding Word so that non-designers like me (Word fluffers? And EPS’s work ok, too.

Once you install it, the entire computer gets a lot slower, at least on Windows. Graphics tend to “fly off” to other pages (in the words of one of my clients) because you’ll place a graphic on page 3 today but when you open up the document tomorrow, it could be on page 4 or 5 or 19. Who knows! OK it isn’t easy to learn – but at the end of the day it is worth the effort. Join for free today! Incidentally, with its new GREP search features, InDesign has become my new best friend for search-and-replace. The worst thing about Word is its undocumented limits and tendency to corrupt. No. give me related tutorial link.. hi, I have question about TOC feature. (We just added this section to the WordsFlow product page, and thought it was worth sharing here.). For me, there are five reasons why any software is better than MS Word: But while I think that it makes no sense to force a professional designer to use MS Word, I think that InDesign is a bad choice for people without some kind of design background. And it comes with tons of predesigned templates. Use MSWord for opening other people’s docs. I once had to assist a magazine editor whose computer consultant convinced him that Microsoft Publisher was the industry standard…. The word layout flow problem is related to the printer that’s installed on the machine. A rude awakening. So, I decided a change needed to happen–both for clarity and marketing to the customer. Cost! But even then I knew that the only output that I should be using would be to the laswerwriter printer.
I know nothing about indesign. I get that Word is not an easy program to use if you need to format things nicely, but I think the “hate” that I saw is really unfair (to say you’d rather walk on fire than to use Word). I’m a graphic designer well-versed in InDesign. When MS word finally reaches 2000 in terms of functionality, it will become a great program, I guess at MS they are still in fear of Y2K! One such question is: Why should I use Adobe InDesign instead of Microsoft Word? Especially in headings, this can look extremely bad. Traditionally, it has been done in Word, and I understand why: the abilities of the “designers” and the ability for anyone to work on it in the office.

URGENT How do i persuade my client to not use Publisher for newsletters and more? Three options to suggest, if editors need to edit documents after they’re laid out in InDesign: Bravo to Bevi for this explanation. The other option is to purchase Adobe InCopy. With good planning, this could give the editors the access they need without forcing the production team to mutiny just before your press deadline. Adobe InCopy is meant for writers, as it is a word processor. Another comment. But it’s sort of like the argument between ID and QuarkXPress: QX has some features I want in ID, too, but when you look at the whole of the package, ID is the clear winner. I use Word for opening other people’s files and for doing find/replace …. InCopy is the preferable option as it allows the editor and designer to work simultaneously without overwriting each other’s work. (cause that what their clients what?!) Sorry, Michael! if any changes are made on the Microsoft Access file the should automatically update the indesign files too further this should not disturb the highlight and font variations already given. Text in a built black (process builds of 60-70-80-90 for example rather than 100% black) is too small for offset presses to print: you’ll end up with yellow or magenta or cyan halos around the text and it will appear as if it’s out of register.

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