It weighed up to 1.4 tons (3086 lbs). Allosaurus was a heavily built dinosaur like Tyrannosaurus. It was first discovered in 1869 by Ferdinand Hayden and was later named in 1877 by Othniel Charles Marsh. Over sixty individuals from one species have been found.

The teeth were likely easily lost during feeding and rapidly (and continuously) replaced, according to the 1976 analysis. This name was chosen by Othniel C. Marsh in 1877. This formation is situated in western United States. Othniel Marsh described this Allosaurus for the first time in 1877. Along with T-rex, it is arguably the most popular dinosaur in popular culture. New York, This genus is known from more fossil remains than any other large, predatory dinosaurs. For instance, paleontologists have found an Allosaurus tail vertebra with a puncture wound that matches the shape of a Stegosaurus tail spike, and a Stegosaurus neck bone bearing a U-shaped bite mark that corresponds to the shape of Allosaurus jaws, according to a paper published in The Carnivorous Dinosaurs (Indiana University Press, 2005). They had sharp teeth which could crash the prey at once. You can also check Walking With Dinosaurs in BBC television.