back to the future 2020 reference

For a list of movies and television shows that were referenced in the Back to the Future trilogy, see Homage.
This is a nod to the Stanley Kubrick movie Dr. Strangeglove, and it was a fictional piece of radio equipment on the B-52 bomber. The next line mentions that “all I wanted to do is play my guitar and sing” — just as Marty dreams to do.

Remember me saying how I just noticed something for the first time when I most recently watched Back to the Future? But the inclusion of “Back In Time” has a bit of a meta/inception-ness to it.

This is an interesting movie choice to display because of its connection to BTTF, science, and science-fiction movies. When Doc has to reattach the cord in 1955, he breaks off a piece of the ledge almost falling to his death. What kind of 24-hour scientific services are needed? It’s not just a movie with good storytelling, but it’s good filmmaking as well. Apparently, 80% of the movie was filmed until they figured it just wasn’t capturing the tone they wanted. They had progressed so far with the filming that Tom Wilson – who plays Biff – talks about how they were discussing the next projects they would be working on – that’s how almost complete the movie was. What we’re going to do instead is look at the real nuts and bolts of this movie and then some obvious – and not so obvious – things you may not have caught throughout the movie.

So if Marty is listening to the lyrics of this song, what the hell would he be thinking?

This is a reference to Back to the Future Part III where the scene is exactly the same, when Clara stops the train. And wouldn’t you know it, that was the one included in Back to the Future. Blame it on crappier VHS copies of the movie we had to watch growing up, but seeing it on Blu-Ray, I never noticed that Goldie Wilson has an actual gold tooth. Before they landed on the Delorean for the time machine, there was debate over how Marty would be able to travel through time. This page is for references to the Back to the Future trilogy. Thomas Wilson also mentions that the fists grabbing his collar in the cafe are actually Stoltz’s and not Michael J.

Except one. Fox joined. Not only was Michael J. I always thought George was eating some sort of cereal but it turns out to be a box of peanut brittle. They played around with the idea of using a refrigerator but then there was the fear that kids might start locking themselves in their fridges. Movies Television Video games Anime Comic books Literature Music Internet Others Obviously, this is where he got his name from and I thank the HD gods for revealing this clarity. This is actually actor Harold Lloyd from the movie Safety Last.

This is interesting too as the destruction of the CRM 114 amp in Back to the Future nearly prevents Marty from missing the phone call from Doc – and he may never have ended up meeting him at the mall….
BONUS FACT: You would need to see the deleted scenes to catch this one, but the hairdryer that “Darth Vader” is using in this scene, is actually Doc’s from 1985.

I love the Honeymooners and I had seen every episode ever. The problem was this 14th episode aired on New Year’s Eve, 1955. I understand I may be losing it here but I always found it compelling how it’s a self-referential song that would have to startle the fictional Marty McFly. When I was a kid, I always thought this scene was set at breakfast for some reason but it isn’t and I was (am) an idiot. This is the same line that Doc Brown delivers after he pulls the blow horn multiple times as well. Since you are an avid fan I don’t need to go over any of the plot or discuss how the time travel might not be accurate. Used Cars was a movie that Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale made in 1980. This seems to be a Wizard of Oz reference to the character of the scarecrow and to give us the understanding we’re in a whole different place. The Statler family has a long-running tradition of providing transportation for the citizens of Hill Valley. It also explains why in 1985 Mayor Goldie Wilson is using the same campaign style as mayor Red Thomas from 1955.

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