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Are. Not really. Along with the twelve new players in the game we’ll get one Veteran player, either Jason Roy or Jozea Flores. Thank you for scaring me straight Super Sha! I thought I read that viewers will play a part in noms… Not sure I like that. Rick is from a small town in North MS about 50 miles south of Memphis. LOL, Hahahahahahaha!!

So sad it was you she chose to bully. Yeah the fix was in — we were talking about it all season long and there is lots of evidence and they even talked about it multiple times. Alex was meant for a season like BBOTT and wants to be remembered as a gamer. This isn’t like a spoof reveal and the much more interesting and possibly entertaining cast will be revealed later tonight? With that being said, let’s bring in the trash! Follows @hamsterwatch? I’d much rather let the HG fight amongst themselves for that coveted position. ;). He may in fact avoid the hurdle of social awkwardness that has plagued his archetype.

( as a joke). For more information, see main article BB Takeover. They’ll probably do something. I wish they (production) would bring back food comps! Only the leader of the clique is able to express independent thoughts while her/his minions agree with everything she says. Lol! A Shane and Danielle power duo might work pretty well, but I don’t really expect that to happen.

Its easy and free (just two simple steps) by clicking the little man all the way on the right of the menu bar (or in the sidebar on our forums page). Cornbread needs to find someone to align with quickly – I don’t want to see another ostracizing Donny situation. From what I read in an interview with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, they intend to make sure HG are up and about to ensure the feeds are entertaining for the entire season of BBOTT! Has anyone found out Neeley’s real age ?? NO sleeping all day (Michelle!) So in order to help support us in our coverage of Big Brother this season please consider: Getting the live feeds from us here or becoming a Patreon, making a pay pal donation, or starting your online shopping by clicking the ads in the side bar to the right like with Amazon. I like the idea of more feeds, i.e watching all the comps. Or if you miss things you can rewind and watch using Flashback. . Gold stars for Shelbs. A coloured girl. “Which Big Brother Houseguests do you like the most and least? Its not noticeable if you’re not paying close attention. These sites, especially this one, should be a safe place. Of the seasons I missed, not counting season 1 (tried to watch it, 7 episodes in I gave up… Didn’t like it at all!) NO, SHE just about ruined my love for this site…and for Survivor. Cast. A nerd, a hunk a pretty dumb girl. And the $250,000 grand prize isn’t likely to change either. Cornbread makes Dan Gheesling look like Joey Van Pelt.

Read on Twitter (MissCleoBB) that the bumper cars were moved out today and Tokyo was wallpapered over. . This may be A LOT more exciting than any of us even realized!! I might not ever be able to see him on the feeds but I’ll still be rooting for him anyway. If I get the feeds I’ll become addicted :D His video cracked me up. Okay, I think that’s everything we know so far.

Agreed. The pre-show producer interviews stated that it wasn’t planned that way and that they didn’t even realize it until it was pointed out.

Jason is team feeds and is “out on these BB streets.” BBOTT is a place for Jason to shine in a season for the feedsters. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me right now. We’ll do it together. Yeah this cast has a strong southern lean to it. Big Brother 17 (also known as Big Brother: Takeover ) is the seventeenth season of the popular American reality game show Big Brother. She’s got the most god awful laugh I have ever heard, but that’s Johnny Mac upside in my book. New season starts Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 10PM ET (7PM PT) and airs exclusively on All Access so you will need to sign up to watch the episodes, live eviction shows, the Live Feeds, and everything else! . She reminds me of a young Jennifer Aniston, ala Friends era and pre-Brad. 30 Episodes (2009-2009), Julie Chen She’s a miserably unhappy person, and I feel sorry for her. Game History Week 1 In today’s premiere, 14 new houseguests moved into the season 2 house, only to find out there were 2 veterans entering the game. I hope you’re a cornbread fan. I have another crazy suspicion l feel strongly about; I suspect production uses a more sophisticated, less detectable (to us the audience) form of tampering with the players through subtle hypnosis.
which season stands out as the most memorable to you all between seasons 2-9? That sound good?

I really thought Helen might take it all b/c she really had a finger on the pulse of how the game is played; was bummed when she was evicted. It took two years for a national English-language version to finally be realized. He really needs to begin game talking with various HG to see where it goes, check where heads are at. But it’s just not doable right now. It’s ran its course. So there you have it.

:), I’m looking forward to your comments as well Dan. I hope the ex-friend from Survivor Fandom is no longer commenting there too. Well, of course–another country boy. I would never hurt anyone on purpose. 30 Episodes (2009-2009), Braden Bacha Remember from Survivor Tom the goat farmer? 30 Episodes (2009-2009). Twelves housemates for ten weeks. Season 6. Just like season one of the US and all the other international versions, minus Canada, huh??? At least he was a little coy about it. Alex is more of a stunner on paper than on tape, but she’s not drawing dead by a long shot. Seriously! I hadn’t thought of that—but now that you point it out—YES! And hey, one could argue that Nick was the real winner of BBCAN4 so let’s not count Morgan out yet. Totally cracked me up!

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