benq el2870u best settings

Lagom’s tests for viewing angle tests were used to further explore colour consistency and viewing angle performance.

While everything is sharp, there are some issues with colors.

The following observations were made.

When viewing suitably high resolution images, movie content and in particular games you can see some clear benefits of this excellent pixel density. Außerdem bietet er eine mittig angebrachte VESA 100-Aufnahme. We’ve used both of these titles extensively in our testing of other HDR monitors, so we know that they can put HDR screens to good use and highlight distinct strengths and weaknesses in HDR performance. A minority of game titles that support HDR will only run in HDR if this setting is active in Windows and if you wish to view HDR movies on a compatible web browser, for example, you’ll need to activate this setting as well. This effect is a bit more pronounced using the ‘Cinema HDR’ setting. Dirt Rally provided a similar experience. This title didn’t really have the contrast-rich and cinematic look it craved, but that is only really presented well on models with much stronger static contrast (e.g. It’s one of the most affordable ‘4K’ UHD displays on the market, bringing with it a 3840 x 2160 resolution spread across a ~28” screen. Facebook Pro-AV . On Battlefield 1 (BF1) the monitor provided a decent contrast performance overall.

There are also varying degrees of trailing behind the UFOs, varying most notably as the ‘AMA’ setting is changed but also with a degree of variation between the different background shades. To achieve this, it would be attractive for a monitor to have hundreds if not more dimming zones on the backlight – something referred to as FALD (Full Array Local Dimming). The ‘4K’ UHD experience

On Battlefield 1 (BF1) there was a moderate degree of perceived blur. As already noted the backlight does not have any sort of local dimming and as usual for a ‘Dynamic Contrast’ setting the backlight is controlled as a single Backlight Unit (BLU). Due to the aforementioned viewing angle limitations, we will not be providing colorimeter-based analysis of the colour temperature uniformity of the monitor.

You may wish to run the monitor at a non-native resolution, especially if you’re connecting to a device such as a games console which doesn’t support the full 3840 x 2160 (‘4K’ UHD) resolution of the display. It’s one of the most affordable ‘4K’ UHD displays on the market, bringing with it a 3840 x 2160 resolution spread across a ~28” screen. There was a degree of dithering evident but it was well-masked on the shades shown in this test. The technology worked in much the same way on all of these titles and any potential issues you might come across on one title but not another would likely be down to the game or graphics driver rather than the monitor itself. A relatively low price for a ‘4K’ UHD model, with the resolution providing excellent desktop real-estate and clarity benefits for high resolution images, games and movies. On some monitors interlace patterns can be seen during certain transitions. We also observed our Blu-ray test titles where there were no real stand-out weaknesses.

Contrast It also eats away at vibrancy potential more than lighter screen surfaces, but not to an extreme degree. Darker greys represent lower luminance and therefore greater deviation from the central point than lighter greys.

VA panels). This can be set between ‘1’ and ‘5’, with higher numbers increasing the speed of response to changes in scene brightness. Download.

Either for the sake of viewing comfort or simply because it brings things closer to their own size preferences.

A bit of graininess from the screen surface, static contrast a bit below specified value and no local dimming support or suitable peak luminance for HDR The first is ‘Full’ which will use an interpolation process so that all 3840 x 2160 pixels of the screen are used. Finally, we made some observations using the Blu-ray of Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder.

As usual, if you’re running the monitor at 3840 x 2160 and viewing lower resolution content (for example a Full HD video over the internet or a Blu-ray, using movie software) then it is the GPU and software that handles the upscaling. Note that we have no way to accurately measure input lag of the monitor running HDR content or with FreeSync doing its thing in a variable refresh rate environment.

Grund zur Beschwerde gibt es aber auch hier wenig – man kann den Monitor mit einer Hand vor und zurück kippen – er verharrt sofort in der gewählten Position. The monitor offers flexible scaling functionality via HDMI and DP, including the ability to run 1920 x 1080 (Full HD) at various refresh rates including 60Hz, 50Hz, 24Hz and 23Hz. Dim by default and a warmer tint than the factory defaults.

When running the monitor at 1920 x 1080 or 2560 x 1440, there is a bit of softening compared to running a screen of similar size at that resolution natively.

Enemies, trees, houses and other objects stand out in a more distinct way, for example. But still some decent depth overall. There were also a slim number of transitions that were performed at slower than optimal speeds, leading to some conventional trailing. In fact, the screen used for that article used a slightly older variant of the panel used in the EL2870U. Contrast G= 94 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made using the “Buy from Amazon” links on the site. Interpolation and upscaling You can also counteract this to an extent by increasing ‘Sharpness’ in ‘Picture’ section of the OSD to something significantly higher than the default (we found ‘9’ worked nicely).

As with all relatively affordable monitors without complex backlight solutions, the HDR performance of this monitor left a lot to be desired. No eye-catching vibrancy for car liveries and some forest greens appearing less lush and saturated than ideal, especially lower down the screen.

Either for the sake of viewing comfort or simply because it brings things closer to their own size preferences.

The monitor was able to perform most of its pixel transitions fast enough for optimal 60Hz and 60fps performance, meaning things looked as good as you can expect from any 60Hz LCD in this respect.

This is demonstrated in the OSD video earlier on in the review. This is related to the viewing angle dependency of the monitor’s gamma curve, a typical TN trait. Lagom contrast tests

There was a bit of graininess to the image and moderate diffusion of light emitted from the monitor. This was most obvious when moving your head backwards or forwards whilst looking at the monitor.

One of the best scenes we found for testing HDR contrast involved a bright moon in the sky at night shining through a dimly lit stable, with some bright lanterns providing additional sources of illumination. This gives lighter shades such as white a bit of a grainy appearance, but not the ‘heavy’ or ‘smeary’ graininess seen on some rougher matte screen surfaces.

This title has a lot of high-contrast scenes where bright elements such as explosions and light sabers are set against the deep dark depths of space. Pixel responsiveness was good enough for a respectable 60Hz performance, overall, although there were some weaknesses in the form of some slower than optimal pixel transitions giving a bit of extra trailing.

The video below summarises some of the key points raised in this written review and shows the monitor in action. The static contrast was a bit below the 1000:1 specified, although was quite typical for the panel type.

In the images above you can see that the UFO itself appears soft and unfocused.

There were obvious vertical gamma shifts that affected detail levels in dark scenes when comparing content displayed higher up vs. lower down the screen.

Further up the screen they were too readily blended and a fair degree of detail in these dark scenes was lost. Things simply looked flooded and universally bright, which is not what a true HDR experience is about at all. The higher pixel density also reduces the need for anti-aliasing, although a bit of anti-aliasing and the use of high-resolution textures and special effects certainly enhance the visual appeal. This gives an idea of what things look like where pixel responsiveness isn’t really a limiting factor. The following observations were made from a normal viewing position, eyes around 70cm from the screen.

While it’s color accuracy in SDR mode is great for a TN panel, its HDR performance at the time of this review was poor, making it difficult to recommend for those buying this for HDR content. The perceived gamma changes noted earlier affected perceived saturation levels and made things look relatively unsaturated lower down the screen and too deep further up the screen. From there, we will go on to the overall feel and whether the monitor is worth the purchase based on real world use. Unless otherwise stated, assume default settings were used. Older games may have small issues even if they support 4K resolutions.

Note that if you go to ‘Information’ in the ‘System’ section of OSD, the ‘Current Resolution’ will show a refresh rate that corresponds to your frame rate with FreeSync active.

This certainly helps things look more appropriate and enjoyable to view than on models with significant gamma calibration issues, which fortunately this one didn’t have. Ein Betrachtungswinkel von 45° – egal ob von links, rechts, unten oder oben – lässt das Bild noch normal erscheinen. This capability would allow the monitor to correctly display intricate mixtures of bright and dark content. The video below summarises some of the key points raised in this written review and shows the monitor in action.

As usual we tested a range of titles using FreeSync on this, including; Hitman, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dirt Rally and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

There was no ‘IPS glow’ or anything of that nature, so at least that was avoided.

The bottom of the monitor (including the B.I.+ sensor unit) clears the desk by ~87mm (3.43 inches) with the top ~482mm (18.98 inches) above the desk surface. It also eats away at vibrancy potential more than lighter screen surfaces, but not to an extreme degree. Although we’re focusing on PC games for this section, our observations here are indicative of what you can expect when watching HDR movies and also when playing games on HDR capable games consoles.

When the frame rate rises above 60fps, the monitor will stay at 60Hz and the GPU will respect your selection of ‘VSync on’ or ‘VSync off’ in the graphics driver.

This indicates a strong viewing angle dependency to the gamma curve of the monitor, typical for a TN panel. FreeSync requires a compatible AMD GPU such as the Club3D Radeon R9 290 royalAce used in our test system.

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