bitten season 4

James Williams directs Santos to recruit more Mutts to attack Stonehaven. On January 11, 2014, the first episode of season one was aired, and the season's last episode was aired on April 5. $7.79. It was announced December 9, 2015 that the third season would be the series' last. Konstantin declares his plan to take over and become the only Alpha in a worldwide pack. Jeremy extends dominance over the wolves in his territory while Elena's world is turned upside down. Santos is now revealed as the leader of the Mutt uprising. Logan returns Stonehaven to help Jeremy and the rest of the pack fight the Mutts. Bitten originally came out on Monday, January 13, 2014. Clay and Elena are at Philip's apartment, waiting for Jeremy and the pack to arrive. Truth, Changes, Everything . Together, they track down the Mutt to a warehouse, but find themselves in a sticky situation when it transitions into a wolf. The pack rallies around Jeremy when the Spanish alpha tries to blackmail him into killing the Russian alpha, but Savannah's visit derails their plans. In a flashback, we see the day that Ruth gave birth to Aleister. They argue and Sasha and runs off, vowing to get revenge. On June 30, 2015, the show was renewed for a third season. Searching for Aleister, Elena and her cohorts discover his nefarious plans for Savannah with his helper Clara. Back in Stonehaven, Jeremy's control over his fellow werewolves is challenged. As of October 2020, season …

Space does not have plans for the next season, but we can never be sure.

Rate. Philip arrives back at his apartment and proposes to Elena. Elena then kills him and frees Clayton; together they escape the Mutts. Meanwhile, Elena and the pack learn a dangerous way to get rid of Aleister, with some consequences for Clay. Under James Williams' orders, Santos and Victor head to Philip's apartment in search of Elena. You may also visit Bitten’s official website and IMDb page. 2. Season 3 of Bitten will be the last season. Sasha and Alexei go to bury Katia. Trapping Clay's mind in its own subconscious, Aleister possesses his body and infiltrates Stonehaven in a bid to kidnap Savannah. One test includes almost deafening her. Season 3 of Bitten will be the last season. Elena navigates her life between the human world and the werewolf world as the only female of the species. When does Bitten season 4 come out? Based on the best selling novels by Kelley Armstrong. Its name was taken from the series' first book.

Elena and Clay face off against a deadly new threat while a secret about Rachel changes the playing field. When does Bitten season 4 come out? Rate. Santos reveals his original intention was to capture Elena and use her as a pawn to force Jeremy to relinquish his control as Alpha, as ordered by James Williams. Meanwhile, Clayton is tortured by Santos and his group of Mutts. The evening ends with Philip demanding the truth about Elena and Clayton's relationship. Elena, Clay, Sasha, and Alexei hide in an old factory. Elena reveals that the pair were former lovers and also engaged. The series currently has a 7 out of 10 IMDb rating, based on 15,781 user votes.

Nick and Katia are captured by two of Roman's men and taken to a farm to await the Albino. Elena and Clayton fall back into old patterns from their former relationship, which alarms Elena who wants to forget the past.

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